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  1. thefuzz added a post in a topic Buying a Car for the first time from a dealership   

    The net has made it harder and harder for them to get one over on you, everyone....well most folks are just too educated.
    I would spend a little time on finding out the best financing for your situation, and what you should get toward a trade in if you are going that route.
    Personally, I don't let 1000 stand in my way if I want a specific car.  If I found exactly what I want, I buy it, now I'm not saying spend an extra 2000 or more, I'm just not one that feels like I need to get one over on the sales guy to be happy.  Some people are, and they miss out on things all the time.
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  2. thefuzz added a post in a topic Fells has parts of foot amputated due to MRSA   

    I wonder if they can do some type of nightly "fogging" for this type of thing nightly when everyone is out of the locker rooms?
    Don't have a clue, but there has to be some way.
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  3. thefuzz added a post in a topic Good Electrician in Charlotte?   

    What type of work?
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  4. thefuzz added a post in a topic How often do you unplug from work?   

    Unplug, almost never, even when on vacation.
    Just worth too much to miss one.
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  5. thefuzz added a post in a topic Seattle 6.5 Point favorites over the Panthers Sunday   

    Nah, only a few players can move the line of any game more than a couple points....none are on the defensive side of the ball.
    6.5 is a lot, but the Panthers don't normally play well off the bye, we are on the road, we are sitting with 0 losses, and their season is on the brink.
    It won't be an easy out.
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  6. thefuzz added a post in a topic What do you think is the most improved aspect of Cam Newton's game   

    Take what the defense gives you.  Trust those around you to do their job.  Trust your defense.
    I'm going to go with Big Picture, Cam is starting to really understand situational awareness, and it's showing up on game day.
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  7. thefuzz added a post in a topic let's take a quick glance at turnover differential   

    Man you guys are something else.
    I can't say that I wouldn't have done the exact same thing.  He was going to be drafted very high, no. 1 overall in 11 or 12.  He wanted to finish his degree, wanted a shot at a title, and wasn't like most kids who can't pass up the paycheck if he was injured.
    In addition to that, his father played in the league, and still had very close ties to many in the NFL.  We had just fired our HC, but had not cleaned house and let the GM stay.  We didn't have a head coach, offensive coordinator, etc....Luck, and I'm not talking about Andrew, knew this may be a wild franchise for a while, and in the best interest of his son, probably told him to stay and come out next year.
    Not shocking, and he has been to an AFC title game, but the tides seem to have turned, and Indy is back to it's old ways, while we are building a long term contender.
    I'm glad he stayed, but I'm not so sure that he is any longer.
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  8. thefuzz added a post in a topic Part of Gettleman's MO   

    You and I will never agree on the bolded part.
    Hurney seemed to be solid in the 1st, but after that.....whew.
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  9. thefuzz added a post in a topic How do you guys feel when an announcer says insert fan base here travels well?   

    I think that you will notice that teams with lots of recent wins, and/or National Titles or SB's will always "travel well".
    Most of them arrive via bandwagon.
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  10. thefuzz added a post in a topic At least 16 killed at Afghan hospital after U.S. air strike   

    Said it before, and will say it again, if laws were broken, make them stand trial.
    Ooops, sorry, I promise we will do better....just doesn't cut it any longer.
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  11. thefuzz added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    I also don't think that as many people owned guns as what we see in the movies.  Yes, there probably was 1 shotgun per family, but probably not if they lived in town, or didn't have a man around.
    Awfully expensive tool back then unless you were out and about a lot.
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  12. thefuzz added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    Start with no plea deals when using guns or weapons to commit a crime.  Mandatory real sentences.  I prefer to enforce the laws on the books first before adding more.
    Second, to purchase any firearm you need to have a mandatory wait time to receive those firearms.
    Third, track any and all purchases in a federal database.  If you sell firearms, you must be a member of said database, and keep real records.  Track any and all purchases.
    Maybe a little crazy, but supply DNA and fingerprint when purchasing firearm, and the authorities have however many days in the "cooling off" time to process it with the serial numbers.
    I don't like the idea of gun roundups, but I would be OK with State/Local governments paying a heavy "reward" for bringing in firearms and turning them over.
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  13. thefuzz added a post in a topic Ted Ginn Jr. Appreciation Thread   

    Probably aught to get accustomed to it to be honest.  KB and Ginn are never going to have elite hands...just not their game.
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  14. thefuzz added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire 2013 Towson highlights   

    I'm going to remind myself that it's one game, but we do need some help with our pass rush, and I hope he can be that.
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  15. thefuzz added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    He said that he would "go get her smokes"...implies cigarettes.
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