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  1. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    It's always a matter of time when you draft poorly, and overspend in free agency.
  2. Coleman

    Man, tarheel fans are the absolute worst.
  3. Should Dex be banned?

    I don't drink soda, and I don't drink tea. Prefer to go coffee (black), water at least 100 oz, then beer (IPA), then a glass of good red wine with dinner.....remove clothes, sleep, repeat.
  4. HVAC question

    You know more than me then. Don't speak in absolutes, they often bite you in the butt. 1: Termite bond in place, and can be transferred. 2: You are in the business of building. 3: Home is undervalued, and no matter what is wrong it's not enough to make up for the valuation difference. 4: You are going to tear it down and rebuild within the next couple years. There are many reasons some buyers wouldn't want to drop 450-700 on a home inspection, it's normally the folks that don't care, or have the resources to fix any and all issues.....or they know exactly what they are looking at. Just saying, not all buyers are the same.
  5. HVAC question

    I'm in the business and bought mine with no inspection, no repairs, and offered a 20 day closing. I wouldn't say I'm bad at my business.
  6. HVAC question

    DO NOT TOUCH IT. They are just looking for ways to bring you back to the negotiation table. You start messing with it, they back out anyway, now you may need extensive work, or a new system. They want the house as much as you want to sell it.
  7. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Thought of that as well, but not sure what to make of it.
  8. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Wow. That's pretty wild.
  9. At least we can kinda afford it now with a much more explosive offense. Years past would have meant many lost games.
  10. Trump vs. Hillary

    I'm getting more nervous by the day that Trump could actually win this thing.
  11. Probably Good

    I'm not so sure this is the deal. More people have the ability to be heard these days. I think that as a whole, the human population has been stupid for some time.
  12. What happened to Netflix?

    Agreed. Also the David Attenborough stuff is fantastic.
  13. What happened to Netflix?

    Gotcha, I just started season 2 the other day.
  14. What happened to Netflix?

    Terrible to be honest. I was so disappointed.