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  1. Thorrez added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Wagner gets $43M over 4 years, $56M over 5 for Luke?
    No increase in top inside linebacker market, the Seahawks just did us a favor. 
    I am guessing $56 over 5 for Luke with guarantees in the thirties ($22 for Wagner).
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  2. Thorrez added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    This came up frequently when I worked for Ericsson and were at compability testing events (with engineers from the top 10-20 companies in the business gathered together). 
    We (Swedes), the Finns, the Japanese and Koreans were in the "how can they serve beer at lunch, do they want us drunk" corner (east Asians because they get drunk on one beer, Scandinavians because the concept of just one beer was alien to us). And the French and Italian firmly in the "it is not lunch without wine" corner.
    So all you need to do is to invent a Frensh  great great grandfather and you're safe. 
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  3. Thorrez added a post in a topic Current Google Visitors....   

    How is he your enemy? You are not playing him in the regular season and it is not like your sorry excuse of a roster will even sniff the playoffs.
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  4. Thorrez added a post in a topic Dez Gets a Deal... 5yr $70m ($45m guaranteed)   

    This means Julio will ask for $20M a year. 
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  5. Thorrez added a post in a topic How the Panthers spend: Defensive tackles   

    Rookie wage scale all the way, we might not be able to keep both star and kk on second contacts. 
    Still, let's enjoy it while it lasts. 
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  6. Thorrez added a post in a topic Morons vs Geniuses   

    Ross Tucker - Genius
    King - Moron
    I think Dr Z said it best on when he knew he wanted to be a full time football writer: "When I stepped into the press room at a game for the first time". "Because of the knowledge in the room? ". "No, because I realized noone in the room knew anything about football".
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  7. Thorrez added a post in a topic Hardy sentence reduced, we're getting a comp pick   

    This is just in: Brady promise to cooperate with the nfl if they increase his sentence to five games. 
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  8. Thorrez added a post in a topic Rob Ryan Reboots   

    They don't, Ryan includes the post game dinner is his game plan.
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  9. Thorrez added a post in a topic Luke Kuechly, #14 in the NFL Top 100   

    He did have the leagues highest number in the sacks column...
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  10. Thorrez added a post in a topic Rival Review - Atlanta Falcons   

    Douglas and 2014 white > Hardy and 2015 White. 
    Baker is not coming back so to me it looks like they are banking on Mathews improving for their offense to improve. 
    I see nothing that will scare our d.
    Does Quinn's defense depend on great large dbs? If so the fact that Godfrey was no sent packing is enough evidence they will suck, as usual, this year.
    Given a couple of years of building a d while Julio is still great and Ryan is still solid they will compete. But a year removed from not winning a game outside nfc south?  I am not worried. 
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