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  1. The effort of putting up an appearance that it actually takes effort to beat the bucs twice a year would put anyone to sleep. I'll give him credit for trying ;)
  2. Does anyone have a good link to a story why the classic fb iso died? I'm guessing things like the SS can play the box and both cover the fb and limit the play if it is a run? Athletic lineman catching the runner from behind? Lbs to good to shred the block? Would be interesting to get more knowledge.
  3. I would not trust the left side of our line to block Everett Brown right now, before they prove otherwise let's not pretend where isn't an elephant in the room.
  4. It's a zero sum game and the other 31 teams also had owners that WANTS to win. The problem is wanting something and being able to achieve it is not the same. And business success had absolutely nothing to do with football success. Let's just hope the guy is not a "I know best because I'm the owner"-guy and I'm happy
  5. Mike Florio had a good take on this (he is a former labor lawyer). Yes, but the league did not use that right as they put "should stand" in the conduct rules (shall would have been binding, should its just a recommendation in law terms) and tvice stated they support the players right to not stand for the anthem. Now the employees, players, have that right and it cannot be taken away by the employer, league, without a bargain agreement. So the skinny is the league have given up the right to have a rule on the matter.
  6. Thorrez

    Our projected LG from NFL.com

    At least safety is the (only) position with decent options still available. So we can call if the suicide watch until after the summer vacations
  7. Neither will Jones, to the point where he just took over himself! Problem is they haven't sniff a championship yet. There is no luxury tax option, so he is bound to the same cap as everyone else. That leaves firing gms och coaches, tell me again which franchisee successfully uses the tight leash approach.
  8. Thorrez

    Players signed from Tryouts?

    I remember we had a center that was an acceptable backup on the 53 a couple of years ago, name escapes me though.
  9. You don't get drafted in the 3rd, even as a reach huge needs guy, without some huge factor talking for you. Usually "athletic ability" (like 4.3 guys with size gets, not sure what it is in this case). So I would not credit this to hard work for a lack of talent guy, more so the ego of coaches think you will be the one figuring out how to make the physical talent show on the football field (after others failed again and again).
  10. It is obvious most of you guys don't remember just how awful Nick Hayden was for us in 2010. Any time he was not blown 5 yards of the ball was considered a win, and it didn't even stand out that bad as the guy next to him was almost as bad (cannot remember how). Any run up the middle basically guaranteed a 4 yard going for our opponents. Most amazing thing is he manged to create a nice 3 year carrier with Dallas.
  11. Patriots 2nd TE: Allen, 86 regular season yards Eagles 2nd TE: Celek, 130 regular season yards I am just going to leave this out there...
  12. It is not a right to play in the NFL, but it is a right to be evaluated for the job, or any job, without collusion being involved. That being said, I agree Reid does not really have a case as pointed out. Unless of course if someone goes through the trashcans from the owners meeting and find hand written notes from Richardson about not signing him
  13. Igo man crush of the year incoming ;)
  14. I re-watch the saints game and that was basically I toss up even on their court. I think we are in better shape than most. A tackle prospect we can groom a year at LG would be a good fit and can hopefully be had in the 3rd. Other than that, I think this is a BPA draft for us.
  15. If you had seen him play you would not make this thread, guy is awful.