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  1. I think you nailed it here, Cam has the luxury of waiting an extra beat to make sure you get open at the expense of a harder pass. This just happens to mismatch with Ginns skill set (while a player like Olsen has no problem).
  2. The reason Hardy is not in the league is that he was average at with Dallas. Had he played that year as he did for us, he would still be playing.
  3. One could argue that our pass attack was better in 15 worth KB out. We also save $9M to use towards Norwells extention. That's my two straws, let's hope they hold up.
  4. Even if it is Shula and Greg knows it, do you serially think the best way he can think of to support HIS team is to go on at public bashing display? He is a team captain with the owners ear, Shula would be long gone if Greg wanted him to be. That being said, the fact that every play in our book takes at least 25s at the line of scrimmage, even when playing from way behind and time is running out, is on Shula. And seriously, that alone should be enough to get rid of him.
  5. Because someone would take a shot at Cam's head, and not be penalized...
  6. Well, our power back gained all of minus halv a yard per carry. So it is not like it could be worse...
  7. We have laws in most European countries to ban people from soccer stadiums, some countries (UK for one) even mandate you to report to a local police station when there is a home game. I have no idea if you guys have any though, and if course of problem like 1000 fold here (I would never take the kids to our local Swedish premier league team for at least 5 opponents, because at a minimum there will be fireworks in the stands and fights are likely. And sadly enough, my team also have a fan base that fights on away games)
  8. Give them some credit, do you honestly think they "just hanging out" watching the replay. Or could it be that they are watching what the defense are doing? If Turner sees Larsen struggling is that not very good to know so he can help if possible?
  9. And that punt was returned for a td, with us having only 10 men on the field...
  10. Nice headline in the link, I did not know you could talk trash to women if you are a really good passer. You learn something everyday. However, as we apparently played Denver in the championship game, the most interested thing is if we play in AFC or they in the NFC. I need some strong coffee to figure this out.
  11. Colin Jones

    If a player has the speed to make sure he can chase down the returner before he scores, I have absolutely no problem dressing that guy. Even if he never see a non st snap. If still think Jones is that guy, but feel free to disagree if you think he has lost a step. Anyone who thinks we should kick to the one needs to go back and check our kick coverage for the last 15 years. I'll take the 25 any day over the near death experience a kick off was under Crossman.
  12. Cash cut (updated)

    Nothing, a borderline 53 lb coming off an injury was never going to warrent a boomerang as he is very unlikely to be picked up. If we need to bring him back in November we can most likely do it this way. I do see us offering him a future contract at the end of the season.
  13. This should really be reviewable from New York. There will be an injury timeout anyway so it will not prolong the game. That at least takes the individual refs out of the equation.
  14. Play Discussion: 3rd and 6 ...

    The corner is obviously in man coverage and reacts really fast towards Samuel. Which tells us two thing: The defense had prepared for this exact play This is the only variant of it, every defender including the safety comes down real hard before the ball is out of Cam's hand, if it is faked and Shepard takes off on some route down the side line he should be wide open. So obviously, they know that it's not happening.
  15. Long rant without specifying one single play there any of it happened => Auto poo