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  1. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    Not nearly enough time to judge Norwood.  Plus, no one knows the terms of the conditional pick.  Could be like the Kenjon Barner conditional pick of a couple years ago when he had to be activated on game day for at least 4 games to claim the pick.
  2. Why would you not flex the Sunday night game?

    $$$. Big markets in the NFC East. 
  3. Panthers Inactives

    Not going to risk kalil in a non-conference game. Big loss though. 
  4. If there was ever a week to use Norwood...

    You have two things factoring into this. He has to learn the offense and no one knows how far along he is. Also, you have a GM who values draft picks and no one knows the terms of the conditional pick. I think Norwood was brought in to help with the lost red zone production from KB and if that is more valuable this season then the draft pick to DG that's my guess as to where he's used.