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  1. Bonnet and McGee gone

    McGee is gone again. https://twitter.com/AaronWilson_NFL/status/735226011629953024 We had to waive/IR him before, as you can't cut someone while they're injured. His injury sounds minor so the settlement is kinda win/win. He can try out elsewhere, and we don't have to pay him to sit a year.
  2. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    David Newton on the case.
  3. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    No particular order: Cam, Stew, Olsen, Kalil, Turner, Star, KK, Luke, TD, Bene Really tough after 8.
  4. OTAs start Tuesday

    He was just a tryout guy and they didn't sign him. We only have the 3 QBs.
  5. I'm a little late on seeing this but...you figured it out, the waive/IR period is over the second you submit your 75-man roster. That said, on the subject of IRing receivers, I think the practice squad is most likely for these guys. Of our 14 receivers, only Hill and Ginn don't have practice squad eligibility remaining (assuming the two practice squad "exception" spots get renewed for another year, currently that provision has expired after a 2-year trial phase); of course Ginn is likely a lock, and there's really no incentive to IR Hill given that he's a pending UFA (unless of course he actually does sustain an injury). To go back to your example, you can see how we carefully navigated the cut to 75 while safely sending Kelvin to IR and also trading for Norwood all in a 2-day period. 09/01/2015 Injured reserve WR Kelvin Benjamin 09/01/2015 Waived WR Jarrett Boykin 09/01/2015 Waived DT Kenny Horsley 09/01/2015 Waived S Robert Lester 09/01/2015 Acquired WR Kevin Norwood in trade 09/01/2015 Waived WR De'Andre Presley 09/01/2015 Waived/injury settlement DT Micanor Regis 09/01/2015 Waived/injured T Davonte Wallace 09/01/2015 Waived/injured CB Melvin White 08/31/2015 Waived WR Paul Browning 08/31/2015 Waived WR Avius Capers 08/31/2015 Released T Tony Hills 08/31/2015 Waived DE Steve Miller 08/31/2015 Waived LB Kevin Reddick 08/31/2015 Waived TE Dallas Walker 08/31/2015 Waived FB Lee Ward 08/31/2015 Waived P Matt Wile It's important to note that the above events are first listed by date, then alphabetically by player name in the transaction. Normally that's fine, but not really indicative of how this would've had to happen. In this case the Norwood trade is out of place, though everything else would fit. The true order would be the 8 cuts from 8-31, then the 7 from 9-1. At that point we submitted our official 75-man roster to the NFL. Then we were allowed to safely IR Kelvin; and, with the open spot created, officially/finally trade for Norwood. The Seahawks were basically waiting on us to finish so they could finally submit their own 75-man. Then there's the quick, 4-day turnaround to the final 22 cuts to get down to 53. Of course it was 21 for us, as Miley instead went to IR. Basically once we get down to 75, you're looking at probably under 10 guys who won't be on the team in some respect (53 on roster, 10 practice squad, a few on IR).
  6. OTAs start Tuesday

    Oh! And the punter battle!
  7. OTAs start Tuesday

    Still really intrigued by Rockhead and how he's used. I don't think they gave him the biggest UDFA signing bonus in the league (think I read second-highest ever) to try and stash him. Bubble guys at DE (Miley, Cox, Webster) and Safety. TE and WR battles as well, but that's been discussed a lot.
  8. Sporting News most hated NFL players of all time

    I can see how they wouldn't be completely synonymous, but they're certainly not mutually exclusive. Carruth, OJ, and Hernandez. Ok, totally different animals from most of this list, I get it. But Rice? Is he really that different from Hardy? It's just inconsistent, that's all.
  9. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Sorry, can't get rid of this damn quote box. We've kept four TEs for the last few years, though one of them could be more accurately be designated as a FB. For this reason I viewed Rockhead and Bonnet as competing for the same spot; even if the positions are officially different, the roles would be similar. But now with Bonnet out of the picture, the fourth TE (Simonson) could be replaced by an extra, more traditional fullback. Basically I think 8 spots will be divided between RB, FB and TE.
  10. Darren Sproles??

    Boykin? Initially... Can't lie, it would be pretty awesome to watch Sproles run over the Saints.
  11. Bonnet and McGee gone

    Oh and, more receivers...I just knew when we were at 88 players we were gonna bring in one more to get us to 12 (Capers), but then we add two more.
  12. Bonnet and McGee gone

    I had hopes that Bonnet would take over the "Brockel" role that is still vacant. Feels like good news for Sandland and Rockhead. So three of our already league-low 7 UDFAs from after the draft are already gone (Stoshak and these two), leaving only Cash, Johnson, Garrett, and Norris. Though we have added a few others.
  13. Sporting News most hated NFL players of all time

    They explained why he and a few others (OJ, Rice, Hernandez) didn't make the list. Not that it made much sense.
  14. Share Your Offseason lols