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  1. CARuthless

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Not gonna speculate on what "could have" happened. Just pointed out a gross statistical difference. We will play the falcons twice so we'll see how he does then.
  2. CARuthless

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Yes, he is bad, but not 300 yds to Julio Jones bad. It will be hard for for a DB to have a worse game than Benewikere. Gonna be hard to forget that game.
  3. Page 14, picture #2. Cams point and laugh will be awesome to edit.
  4. I want to see some stop n go double moves with Ted Ginn, those have worked out pretty well in the past. He's so fluid with that spin move on his fake curls.
  5. Seeing Josh Norman redeem himself vs EJ Manuel. That game still haunts me but it did give us Riverboat.
  6. Just above than the extension Matt Ryan signed lol
  7. The kind that doesn't like to start threads. I see so much hate here about new threads, thought i'd bump. Isn't the title pretty clear its from the past tho?
  8. any kno how Star's doin now?
  9. I like buying packs or boxes... something about the suprise. I have a ton of Topps cards. Jeremy Shockey, Mike Tolbert, Cam rookie, Pilares rookie, Joe Adams rookie practice worn jersey insert, and a bunch of dope players from other teams as well
  10. Cant wait till christmas. Gonna get a ton of cards...
  11. Got a rookie Ray Carruth.... was gonna change my xbox tag to CARuthless just for shits n giggles.