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  1. Yeah I'm dropping him like a bad habit.  Peace Voth
  2. You need to read this

    Yeah its a bitch.   The NFL can't even figure out what the hell a catch is.  Fix the problem of shitty officiating crews pshh yeah right  
  3. The majority of sports media is hot garbage.  That goes for the super bowl pageantry and fluff bs that we are basically forced to watch.  I say fug em.  Is not important anymore.  We are already on the global stage.
  4. I approve this thread      °~°) > (■_■)
  5. It's still surreal

    Yes, yes it is. I've cried tears of joy all yr long but I think part of me is holding back because we still have one more game.  I won't let me get too excited.  We hAve to finish what we started.
  6. Off topic but didn't want to start a thread.. Can someone find the spanish broadcast calls of the Philly Brown and Teddy Ginn tds.  I've been searching but can't find them.  It has to be somewhere on the webs. Thx in advance      
  7. Conor Orr

    To be fair, it doesn't say what he is an expert at.  He could be like an expert at knitting or something.  
  8. Breathtaking.

    It's officially  gone viral, I love this team.   All is right in my universe
  9. It's CJ's time to step up, or get out

    I like to think he saved all his sacks for this game, maybe 8.  That would be roughly $2,222,222 per sack this yr.  Thats a bargain.   95 lighting fast big black cat go kick some ass!!
  10. Technically not a candybar,  but Whoppers  are my least favorite and also licorice flavored candy. Love me some butterfinger.
  11. Good article on Gettleman

    To be a fly on that wall that morning..
  12. Breathtaking.

    Have him drop the mic at the halftime show.  Done
  13. Don't do it ☺
  14. Quick passes and setting up their wrs for mismatches against our secondary.  That should be arizonas game plan. Limit their big plays and play bend don't break.  Our power and speed up front should control the game like last week.    
  15. Snow Storm Saturday?

    Rain sleet or snow 28 still gunna walk all over em.