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  1. E but don't like the picks (besides possibly henderson) or trading back into the first round
  2. Hrblock online was like 110 for me this year. They do the same 35 dollar charge if you take it out of your return which is ridiculous. They at least tell you before you select that option though. Seems they have gone up every year and an actual tax preparer would be cheaper buy I waited to the last minute as well.
  3. I haven't ate there since they started this campaign. The commercials are annoying plus there food is awfully bad .
  4. Anyone know somebody in need of a dining room table? It's by no means super nice, more of a college guys table. It's taking up storage space in my house. Just want to give it away to someone who needs it. You just need to be willing to come pick it up in charlotte.
  5. Qcb went off the air begging for people to come out.
  6. They are plugging this "only a few tickets left" wayyyyy too hard. Guessing sales didn't go to well. Good news if you want to get trashed on Corona
  7. She also weighs in at maybe 100 pounds.... and he knocked her the fug out. Please tell me how on earth he was in any physical danger to make what he did anywhere close to ok?
  8. They will have a pretty good chance at making the playoffs again this year so you are not getting a top pick next year it's another mid 20's. I'd want a first and second this year and their next 2 firsts.
  9. What are the chances of detriot on Thanksgiving. .. that would be cool since I missed out on Dallas.
  10. I'm with yes too... Chicago / Detroit. .. I'm doing one or the other even if we just do the tailgate package and hunt yall down Saturday night.
  11. I would cream my jeans if the board set up that way. Then puke all over the place if that's the pick we make with Adams hooker and several dline guys just sitting there.
  12. @Saca312 you're on the clock
  13. Colts select running back D'onta Foreman Texas
  14. Good one. Isn't there a ban for April fools jokes.
  15. Get your tiara yet bigcat? If not I got you man. Just pm me or text me if you still have my cell number. .. I have them at work not a personal collection