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  1. toldozer

    Advice for young men coming out of highschool

    Can't tell if you're joking or serious. Good job either way.
  2. toldozer

    Advice for young men coming out of highschool

    What are you talking about, he manages my finances.
  3. toldozer

    Positive Ludwig story

    Still never got paid yet.... I hope there isn't a written test.
  4. toldozer

    I am now a Jay Cutler fan.

    Pretty sure starting nfl quarterbacks don't have to punt, they just drop the balls wherever they'd like.
  5. It was awful radio, I turned it. Cam can't lead a team because he said fug. That was his basic premise.
  6. Check out Greg's rap from his Miami hurricanes days. Much more offensive than Cam's message. I think they both do great things for kids, could care less about the video and the rap is hilarious.
  7. toldozer

    World Cup General Discussion

    I don't think you come back from 2 down In 30 minutes without urgency. They took Japan lightly but were able to turn it on the last half hour and get that the win. That's impressive to me. We will find out.
  8. toldozer

    World Cup General Discussion

    If they are ejecting them I think its fine, injecting would be another story.
  9. toldozer

    Black bears roaming in and around Charlotte

    Waiting for 4corners to ask why they have to be black bears.
  10. toldozer

    Becoming a realtor

    Not sure, but when I sold my house a monkey could have done it. Listed and had an offer in six hours. Sold in 2 days for over asking.
  11. toldozer

    World Cup General Discussion

    They are changing to 48 teams. We were just giving a suggestion to a better way it could be done........
  12. toldozer

    World Cup General Discussion

    Yeah that sounds stupid I like my idea much better. 12 groups of 4. Top 2 of each group qualify. 8 teams with the most points earn a bye.
  13. toldozer

    World Cup General Discussion

    How will the 48 work? 24 teams qualify for knock out with the top 8 getting a bye? I'm good with 48 but I don't think concacaf deserves more than 4 teams. Same with southeast Asia or whatever that group is.
  14. toldozer

    World Cup General Discussion

    I hope Mexico gets eliminated. Winning their first two games and not advancing would make me laugh... also we finished 5th in shitty concacaf. Panama was by far the worst team in the tourney and Costa Rica won't win a game. Honduras lost a play in series to Australia who managed last place in their group.
  15. toldozer

    Rumor : Kemba to LA

    Hell no to ball and his blowhard dad