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  1. Playoff Thread

    Same ole selfish lance blew indys comeback momentum. He plays his best basketball as a pacer but he killed them jacking up several atrocious shots last night.
  2. Have you watched him play?
  3. No punishment for false claims? There should be... she would need that video time stamped for me to believe it though.
  4. BattleBots

    The original battlebots from like 20ish years ago was good. This version sucks imo.
  5. Kawhi Leonard

    We better wait till after the lottery to make that trade. Our luck we trade it unprotected and the spurs end up with kemba and the number 1 pick.
  6. Playoff Thread

    Monk can be a slightly better outside shooter. Right now Mitchell is 1000 times better at getting to the rim. I think that has mostly to do with monks frame not necessarily his skills. When given playing time late in the year he showed out. Granted on a bad team with nothing to play for. I'm excited to see what he can do with a new coach.
  7. Playoff Thread

    Monk does have the potential to be just as good if not better. He's a better shooter, just needs to get that man strength.. Mitchell is much older isn't he?
  8. I bought a bike. where should I go v2.0

    And race him, and win. Lol
  9. Just to piss the NFL off

    I'd like option 3. We'd win a championship provided the players have to play out their contracts.
  10. I bought a bike. where should I go v2.0

    Bet you it won't break down after 500 miles. Haha
  11. Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    I don't really like any of them but Frank is the most insecure baby. God forbid anyone ever dare disagree with him. Listeners, cohosts, call in guests... doesn't matter, he blows a gasket like a child.
  12. Playoff Thread

    Sixers look like the best team in the east to me.
  13. Need a little financial advice

    It'll be gone before the warranty is out
  14. Need a little financial advice

    fug no, don't stink up the Benz.
  15. Need a little financial advice

    I'll come pick you up for work... I got you fam. Lol