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  1. Gameday Menu

    Served hot or cold?
  2. Gameday Menu

    Gowise. Just did some steak seasoning on it. 380 for 30 minutes then flipped it for another 30.
  3. Gameday Menu

    Made a roast in it yesterday, it was banging. And much quicker than the oven. Went a little too long but it definitely wasn't dry.
  4. Gameday Menu

    Thinking of trying out this new air fryer with some chicken wings.
  5. Epileptics

    Damn dude that's scary. Glad you weren't by yourself.
  6. Where are the gifs of cuties and jiggling booties? Did I miss those?
  7. Panthers trip

    Damn I should work on my reading comp. My bad op
  8. Panthers trip

    Ummm, schedule has been out
  9. If Washington is going to cut him before the contract is done it will be a designated June 1st or whatever the date is after this season. He's getting 20 million damn dollars this year you can't be mad at him. After this year it's 14 million, then 11 million then I'm not sure about the last year. They cut him and save 9.5 million next year and 6.5 million the year after. They may need that if they franchise cousins again. I would take him back next year if the deal is right. He and bradberry would be nasty.
  10. I wonder if Tampa has considered that the snapper or holder is the problem
  11. Hahaha ha, bet it gets reduced though.
  12. Tickets for Wednesday for sale

    I may could do 50 for the pair. Getting them to you may be the issue. I don't have them in hand yet.
  13. Tickets for Wednesday for sale

    I have 2 as well. 45 yard line row one uppers. Haven't picked them up yet so I don't have the section or the face value. Home side. Make me an offer too
  14. Wednesday Night Ticket Question

    My buddy may be in Raleigh so I might be willing to sell mine relatively cheap. Midfield uppers row one if anyone is interested