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  1. Uh Oh...

    Kk, cj, and possibly Mario were without ties too. Guess the dline is gonna struggle today huh.
  2. Gameday Menu

    Had some deep dish from giordanos now drinking beers on the way to wrigley.
  3. If they lose 6 of the next 7 are they really going to bring him back at 5-8, I wouldn't.
  4. Good god, this is amazing...

    I played Cooper last night in fantasy, what's better... lynch going for 9 yards for the other team.
  5. My man my wife cheated on me with

    Of all the things you've ever said, the fact that someone married you is least believable.
  6. So you're coming to Chicago

    Ok @Squirrel I'm staying by ohare (free shuttle to and from the airport) so ill be taking the el train 4 times total. Twice to the city and twice back. It'll be cheaper for me buying tickets each time instead of that 20 dollar transportation pass right?
  7. Because Norman didn't understand the zone scheme. Wanted to jump every route and was out of position. Not the same situation.
  8. If we trade Anderson to green bay ill be pissed. He's looked bad but everyone is going to feel pretty stupid if he sneaks them into a wildcard and Rodgers comes back.
  9. Helping green bay would be beyond dumb. Last thing anyone needs is green bay squeezing into the playoffs and Rodgers coming back. So that's what we'll do.
  10. Hmmm, someone getting traded to green bay? That's the only way this makes sense
  11. They shouldn't have brought him in, the trade helped both teams. Should have traded him to an afc team
  12. When fozzy was down (I think it was him) the eagles fans started chanting let's go eagles. So I assume it was in response to that. The first time I joined in because I didn't see someone down. The second time I was pretty embarrassed by it.
  13. Sunday Games Thread

    I wanted lattimore or hooker. I won't hate on him.
  14. You know as much about football as you do about women if you think Turner is average.
  15. Selling PSLs

    There seem to be a TON for sale . Where are your seats?