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  1. Exactly. In most work environments not everyone likes everyone. I think the important guys have cam's back and that's what matters.
  2. No I'm not going to say, other than he's no longer a panther
  3. I know of one player specifically who didn't care for cam but they are no longer on the team. Kalil and that crew wouldn't have made fun of his b day video if they didn't like him.
  4. Goes in mj''s pocket. Doesn't affect the salary cap. But say they gave him 3 million dollars, he could potentially use that money to pay the light bill or the luxury tax. At least Part of it after signing Hayward. I know they won't but if the hornets managed to get him they would be legit contenders.
  5. Getting money to pay some luxury tax!!!!!
  6. They probably wanted hart, then took the first offer for the pick after he was gone
  7. Pumped. I think we can get another guy that can help this team. Don't see how this isn't a playoff team next year. If they can some how trade 31 for a proven bench scorer cho will be forgiven.
  8. My brother bought some from amazon. I don't think they were very expensive and you monitor from your cell phone. I can ask him what brand. I think they whole 6 camera set up was less than 600 bucks
  9. See, Anderson should be our starter. -signed some moron.
  10. Yeah that's what I used to purchase my ether. I'm looking at a few right now but all have to be purchased with btc and that's a pain
  11. It also can't be shorted. In my short experience the stock market is much more heavily influenced by big money. I'm researching the next potential breakout in crypto and going to put money there and leave it for at least 2 years. Most of them are just such a pain to buy
  12. I bought in to ethereum at 10 bucks per coin in January, sold at 40 a coin in march and thought I did well. 3 days ago it was 400 per coin. Oops.
  13. If it's raised to 15 across the board how many people like myself are immediately going to there employer asking for a substantial wage increase as well? My guess is the vast majority of the "middle class" would demand compensation as well. Increase minimum wage solves nothing. There should have been a steady cost of living wage increase every year the past what 16 years since it was raised to 7.25. Cost on just about everything have increased in that time period. The ball was dropped badly imo.
  14. 900 million is what my friend said. I would laugh all the way to the bank with both middle fingers up.
  15. I could hook you up with my directv sunday ticket info if I decide to keep it. I think you can rewatch games off there but I'm not 100% sure.