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  1. How's that deep run? Just curious. Move the topic, ban me for a day. Totally worth it.
  2. Tonys is pretty damn good.
  3. The robinhood app has free trades and no commission. Look in to it. They do hold your money for a few days and collect interest but it's a good deal.
  4. Hmmmm what can't teddy check down and bradford do..... throw the deep ball. What is Cam best at? Same reason ginn excelled here is the reason johnson has a good chance.
  5. That was my first thought as well. If you just want that pick why do the trade now. Wait until draft day and do it then once you make sure the player that you want is still available. The only thing that makes sense is using this to trade up. I just hope it's not to move up from 8 to 3 to draft fournette. This draft is too deep to turn 2 or 3 picks in to one. If mccaffry is the guy I would rather them take him at 8 or trade down.
  6. QB

    #banhammer jeez, someone clean this poo up. It's everywhere
  7. Serious question. Is Josh Gordon still suspended?
  8. Patterson or Wright I guess...
  9. I didn't see your post.
  10. How? By hitting oher in the head with a baseball bat? You don't think oher was serviceable when we went 17-2?
  11. You aren't pounding the table, you are crying like a child. It''s done man. Get on board because complaining until September isn't going to do you any good. Kalil made the most sense. Yes it's a gamble but we had to do it. Oher impending retirement forced this. People saying he didn't address left tackle is silly. He just signed Oher (who helped us get to the damn superbowl ) to an extension. Sorry he couldn't see into the future.