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  1. Giants game

    Just bought four tickets in section 224a. I debated between those and tickets in 332. Price difference was too small and I went with the better seats. Nate at the moment I have one extra ticket of those four.
  2. Giants game

    Yeah I know, I've been there. I'm trying to figure out the train from philly to metlife. It looks like about 100 stops I've seen anywhere from forty bucks round trip to 150 one way. Any insight?
  3. Giants game

    When's the tailgate start?
  4. Giants game

    We have four in our group but only three in the hotel room.  Discussing hitting ac Saturday night instead of staying in philly
  5. The Patriots are the worst undefeated team in the league

    The Tony romos are the best undefeated team. Duh
  6. Giants game

    If anyone is interested, flights in to philly Saturday and out Monday is 56.50 round trip. Just booked a flight. Trying to convince a friend to go with me and split hotel.  I have a ride from philly to Jersey if anyone is thinking of making the trip and isn't a psychopath.
  7. I'm just here so I won't get fined
  8. Doesn't the cowboys game do cobbler and the Detroit game do the turkey leg?
  9. Josh Norman coming up on Sportscenter

    They'll probably skip it
  10. Gameday Menu

      Shout out to dilworth neighborhood grille, they do a bang up job every home tailgate!!
  11. Oh I didn't think you'd read the rest of the thread. Oops, color me embarrassed.
  12. And a couple skins fans will pay a pretty penny for them. Profit margins!!!! 
  13. Question of the day? Re: women and tattoos

    My thoughts exactly, tattoos anywhere near your chest are awful, thighs or really anywhere on the legs I'm not big on. A sleeve can be incredibly hot, hips and sides are good too
  14. Question of the day? Re: women and tattoos

    Not enough room? You can shorten to kp and explain it.
  15. Still hate the spinless play call with a chance to win the game taking a knee