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  1. 17-1 teams are 2-0 in the super bowl, Ron Rivera is undefeated as a man entering a super bowl with 1 loss.  Cam is undefeated as a starting qb with a major championship on the line.
  2. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    Also let me know details on the bus in case I can score a ticket. Hopefully have something in the works
  3. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    Just booked my flight!!! Hoping to get to the game but will be at the riot watch party if I can't pull off a miracle.
  4. Official Super Bowl Program

    I got patches off eBay. They aren't the official rubbery shiny ones but they look good. However they are gigantic and don't fit on the cheapest Jersey, has to go on the sew down ones.
  5. That's some crappy artwork.
  6. #ThrowbackThursday "The New Logo"

    When it came out I wasn't thrilled with it. But looking back now the new logo is a million times better.
  7. Sent one yesterday as well. Might want to check your pm's cat
  8. Sure ill sell them. How much you paying???
  9. Where are we watching the game in SF?

    Two tickets to the game should do it
  10. Fly me out to Colorado then. Problem solved.
  11. When are you gonna use some of that and buy something else from me.  I have some super bowl patches to sell.
  12. The one I got from eBay looks pretty close if it comes in that way. Shipping out of sc and will be here Saturday
  13. Because they gave you answers??? Wtf do you want?
  14. Where are we watching the game in SF?

    I think I am coming if a hotel falls in to place, don't think I'll have tickets.