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  1. PanthersBigD

    17 Year Old Shot & Killed by Police in East Pittsburgh

    Maybe the kid was a POS who shot someone, but there's enough of a chance that he wasn't that he deserves due process. This isn't supposed to be Judge Dredd where the cops get to be judge, jury and executioner. You can't shoot an unarmed suspect in the back. This sounds like straight up murder.
  2. I can enjoy Smitty's amazing career as a football player and still acknowledge that he's an asshole of a human being. The two aren't mutually exclusive. What's hilarious are the posters that somehow believe that his amazing career somehow justifies/excuses him being an asshole of a human being. It's like some of you have to believe that everything you like is right and good, LOL.
  3. PanthersBigD

    17 Year Old Shot & Killed by Police in East Pittsburgh

    The cop should not have shot a fleeing suspect. That's not proper procedure at all. It says in the article that the officer that shot the boy had just been sworn in hours before the incident, so he was new and inexperienced. To me, this situation underscores a leadership/training failure. Why would a brand new police officer feel that the proper response to a fleeing suspect was to shoot that suspect in the back? Who failed to teach him the proper handling of this situation? This guy will have to live with killing a child for the rest of his life.
  4. PanthersBigD

    17 Year Old Shot & Killed by Police in East Pittsburgh

    I understand the nihilism, but I still think things like this deserve discussion. My views in my 20s were almost the polar opposite of what they are now. Repeatedly being confronted with people that disagreed with me was a tough experience, but it challenged me to search myself and the validity of my views. It took over a decade for my views to change in any meaningful way, but not before I spouted a lot of hateful stuff on this message board and out in the world. It's exhausting to tell others that something is wrong when so many people are telling them that everything is fine, but in my opinion that's when it's most important.
  5. PanthersBigD

    Westworld Season 2

    I'm thinking maybe 001 was Logan. He was the first one to get into Westworld, and invest in it. Ford would have had a vested interest in keeping close tabs on him since he was basically giving up ownership to Logan's family. I don't think William is a host. I think he's probably wondered during bouts of paranoia in the past and cut into his arm to make sure. I think what we saw was another instance of him checking to make sure.
  6. PanthersBigD

    Westworld Season 2

    William told James Delos in the 'Fidelity' episode that Logan died of an overdose.
  7. It's a game. It's a contact sport, not a combat sport. Steve Smith sucker punched several of his teammates, and broke multiple facial bones. It wasn't like he gave someone a black eye. I don't care how good of an athlete you are, if you can't keep your sh!t together, then you need to go. There are plenty of fiery players on this team who've never had to blindside one of their teammates during practice. It was a lack of leadership, not a lack of aggression that lead to our meandering path as a team. Maybe if Richardson had focused on holding his coaches accountable and taking a hard line with players like Smith rather than judging asses on Jeans Day, we might have a Lombardi right now. Sounds like maybe you'd prefer the XFL.
  8. PanthersBigD

    WTF have we become

    It's crazy that we still have people governing in 2018 using a fairy tale that's been garbled over and over through millennia as their guiding light. Morons.
  9. PanthersBigD

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    Conceptually, I'm 100% in favor of reparations. Practically, the realities of seeing them through were dizzying to me, and at first I struggled with how the rest of Americans would respond to free college tuition or interest free loans i.e. the inherent 'fairness' of it relative to their own costs, etc.. Then I remembered that we give our service men and women 'free' college, and preferential rates on loans, etc., etc., etc. and none of those same Americans that balk at reparations have any problem with those entitlements. Those same people probably never had a problem accepting farming subsidies from the government. I'm in for Philly's $4,000 if it will help level the field. I honestly don't see how releasing a ton of capital back into the economy in the form of reparations could be a bad thing economically.
  10. PanthersBigD

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Slowly and consistently increasing the pressure. That's how it's done if you want to win the fight.
  11. PanthersBigD

    LOL at Hannity

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I had no idea about his MMA aspirations. Those videos are hilarious. Thank you for that. I would love to roll or spar with that douche.
  12. PanthersBigD

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    I'm optimistic because what's the point of being pessimistic about a past time we're supposed to watch for enjoyment. The hip flexibility thing makes sense. We'll see if he can overcome it and get back to Pro Bowl form.
  13. PanthersBigD

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Someone posted in another thread about Franklin Graham era Christians getting tuned out by millennials. I was trying to think of a way to challenge that assertion, but these tweets did it for me. I've noticed many of the Christian, Gen X/Millennials from my facebook page, friends made back when I was being raised in that evangelical nonsense, have swapped out the bible studies for WODs or wine and paint parties, but they still believe the same hateful poo.
  14. PanthersBigD

    Westworld Season 2

    I think they possibly were there as a sort of border patrol before they woke up. I think now, they're rounding up hosts to rescue, which is why the leader of the war party told Maeve that they were on the same path and to come with them. She was just too conditioned from past traumatic events to ever trust him. Also, do you ever remember the warriors killing Maeve and her daughter, or was being chased by them simply the preamble to hiding in the house that ultimately is where William always killed her?