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  1. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    I feel that in order to have a concealed carry permit, you should have to complete annual continuing education like you would for a CPA. If you're going to carry a gun on your person in public, you should have training in firearm retention, a firm understanding of local/regional laws for how and when you can use your gun, and be able to hit a tight grouping at 7-10 yards. It's astounding how many people buy a gun and take the CCW class having never fired their gun before the class. It's even more astounding how people that can't hit the broad side of a barn with their weapon are still given their CCW permit. 
    I'm not even going to pretend to have a way to curb active shooters. In a relatively free society like ours, if you have the will to kill and don't care if you die in the commission of your attack, then there's a very good chance you'll be successful. I am more worried about catching a stray from an untrained vigilante than I am from an active shooter. 
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  2. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Huddle Kitten Extravaganza....   

    These are great! Is there going to be a special pictorial for All Pro members?
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  3. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Are we not better than the Lions?   

    Yes. Yes we are better than the Lions. However that will not help us in Seattle with the Refs playing the part of the 12th man. 
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  4. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Did anybody else see this stat about Seattle's O-Line last night?   

    Cam is light years better than Russell Wilson. When Cam scrambles, it's usually through a hole he sees in the defense, or sometimes by shaking off multiple defenders. Wilson hides behind his grabby o line and then runs to the sidelines as fast as he can, holding the ball out to get extra yards. 
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  5. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Did anybody else see this stat about Seattle's O-Line last night?   

    Elusive: When your O line doesn't get called for 85% of their blatant holds, trips and face mask penalties. fug the seahawks and their officiating crew. Their offense sucked ass last night. 
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  6. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Yeah, after what I just witnessed   

    Is anyone is anyone else catching this officiating eff up they're discussing? Looks like the refs robbed the Lions of a chance to win the game.
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  7. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Earlier childhood nostalgia   

    Anyone else have like 100 of these: 

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  8. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic JNo_24 interview on Russillo and Kanell: UPDATE w/link   

    No one except for players on the downside of their career give 'hometown discounts.' If he puts together a stellar year, he'll either get tagged or signed by us to a strong contract. Gettleman isn't afraid to pay people, but giving Norman a top dollar contract based on his current body of work is just silly. I love having him on our team and he's playing his way to a contract like that. He's not there yet. 
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  9. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    Jesus Christ! What the fug has happened to this message board??!?!
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  10. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

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  11. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic LOL Putin gave Obama the finger   

    His nickname is Bibi, and since you guys aren't fraternity bros, you just look like a dumb ass referring to him in such a familiar way. BIBI doesn't 'pwn' anyone. Israel depends on money and weapons from the U.S. His big, giant balls that you admire so much are actually attached to Obama by virtue of the fact that he's the President of the United fuging States of America. Israel continues to exist because the U.S. subsidizes it. What a tough guy! 
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  12. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic My wedding Oct 3   

    Planning a wedding in Greenville, NC* at the beginning of hurricane season is a pretty balls out move. Congrats on your marriage. Hopefully the flooding that's expected in the mountains won't make it all the way to TN. 
    I assumed that you're referring to NC rather than SC due to your 'Gvegas' Location. 
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  13. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Going to be a News-Filled Day According to Bill Voth   

    Or that we've signed Norman to a team friendly deal. #Gettlemagic?
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  14. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Opinions on if CJ's Charlotte restraunt means authing significant   

    Ryan Kalil's LLC owns the property. It's probably a joint venture with several players. I'd bet he's either buying the property from Kalil outright or invested a larger share to secure naming rights. Very cool. So two veteran, all-pro Panthers want to reinvest in the community, and provide a location for fans to meet IN UPTOWN, WALKING DISTANCE FROM THE STADIUM and all some of you people can say is, "Don't do it, it's gonna fail." What the fug?
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  15. PanthersBigD added a post in a topic Charles Johnson to IR designated to return   

    You are, not 'we are.' Most of the rational adults don't feel that way. He's a grown man being paid millions of dollars; he'll work hard to get back in the game. I'd rather he actually do that than just instagram about it. I don't need someone telling me that they're working hard on social media. I do expect to hear about new business ventures that they're working on through social media. I'm glad he's investing in the community, specifically a fan-friendly venture, as he could have just invested in real estate or fast food franchises. 
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