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  1. Here's what REALLY scares me

    We've got franchise and transitional tags, plenty of cap space and an owner willing to spend. We've taken care of players that take care of us i.e. Olsen, Davis, etc. We've got a WR1 that we'll get back next season, an emerging bookend for him in Funchess. We've got a great line made of young players locked up for several years. Even with the lowest selection in each round, we've got a proven GM and Scouting dept that can find long term talent. Dude, I'm sleeping like a baby after this season. It's only up from here. 
  2. Richardson Backs Chargers/Raiders Plan for LA

    George H.W. Bush lived in Compton at one point:
  3. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    Not nervous, just tired of fans of sub-par teams knocking our season. Our team is playing really good, fun to watch football, and all people can talk about is how we're the 'worst 9-0 team out there...' We could go 15-1 and they'd be like, "They were who we thought they were!!!1!" Dumbasses.
  4. I heard Go Pack Go several times, right in my section, but we were louder overall. The KEEP POUNDING call and response chant at the end of the game was chilling. I don't know how any defensive player could not be totally jacked when their fans start that. The sound effect it creates is one of the best chants in football right now, though I realize I'm a little biased. It's special because it's not based on a meaningless 'rah-rah' type of message. I'd like to think somewhere, Sam Mills is smiling. 
  5. 2 games in 5 days...

    Watching the Panthers beat down the Redskins at one of the Asheville breweries with friends, then heading to the lake to spend Thanksgiving with the in-laws who are also die hard Panther fans. My side of the table faces the 70 inch TV, and the sound will be on if we happen to still be eating. I may have to scrape some food off of the ceiling if we score on the Cowboys while I'm still eating...
  6. Timing is everything (re: Gettlemagic again)

    We have all-pro offensive and defensive leaders locked in for the next 5 years. We have money to retain most of our FAs next year, money to sign some of our DTs to long term contracts and we'll have 5 or so draft picks to bring in behind the starters. This team is being built to last. I am so excited about the future thanks to the current GM and coaching staff. They see the long game and have had the patience we lack, and it's starting to pay off. 
  7. bP's Breakdown of the Skins

    Thanks! And I'm glad our players take their team much more seriously than I'm able to take their fans. 
  8. Next OC of the Carolina Panthers

    I think Shula's going to stick around. He's probably still a little gun shy from his spectacular failure at Alabama, even though he walked into an unwinnable situation there. I say he probably pulls more of a Jim Johnson/Monte Kiffin move, and stays long term with the team that he's made his name with. You never know though...
  9. #9 Trolling Videos to Entertain the Masses
  10. Anyone watch Narcos?

    Great show! Binged watched in two days. They must be dovetailing Escobar's story into the story of the rise of the Mexican Cartels next season, because this season ends about three quarters of the way through Escobar's life. Looking forward to next season. 
  11. No one will believe me, but I swear...

    Unsurprisingly your pet bird has more respect than the seahawks fans I could hear yelling "SEA! HAWKS!" during the moment of silence. 
  12. Cam-Mania has to stop

    The 'Strength of schedule' argument is such a load of poo. Every team we've beaten is weaker due to the fact that we've BEATEN them. Look at the poo show division that the Pats are in, and you don't hear the same garbage about them.  
  13. Can we talk about The Weeknd?

    I heard this song, bought the album, and thought it was pretty good. It's in my rotation. 
  14. Carolina Panthers 2015 Season In Review: 2nd Quarter

    I know, KNOW, that I shouldn't get this excited over a game that I'm not even playing in, but I can't help it. Great video! Gave me legit goosebumps for a minute there. Very exciting time to be a Panthers fan!
  15. One Panther makes pffs all worst team

    NOOOOO! Our backup tight end has bad stats!!1!