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  1. I wouldn't count on any game as an easy win. This team, even in its current iteration, has a tendency of making backup QBs look like starters. Sucks for the Packers and the NFL in general. Whenever you lose one of the most electrifying players in the sport for the season, it's a bad thing.
  2. Game etiquette

    Stand and get loud on third downs. Jump up and cheer for TDs or big plays. Sit down for pretty much everything else. Standing the entire game doesn't make you a better fan. Being considerate of the people around you does though.
  3. We've got three sacks and a strip. Gtfoh
  4. These are two evenly matched teams. The Eagles scored on a quick change. They're supposed to be one of the hottest offenses in the league and we're tied at 10. That final play was infuriating but not losing hope yet. We were dominating until that turnover and they got the momentum back. We have to come out after the half and take it back.
  5. Gameday Menu

    How have you been around here for this long and never had Mac's? Interesting.
  6. The Myth of the Ball control offense

    It's stupidity or arrogance. I think it's stupidity in this case. Believing in your defense is one thing, but believing that your defense can shut out a desperate opponent for almost two quarters is ridiculous. Belichick never stops trying to score. Andy Reid never stops trying to score. Mike McCarthy NEVER STOPS TRYING TO SCORE.
  7. From the Philidelphia Inquirer

    "The Panthers will run the ball whether it's working or not..." Yep :(
  8. Hello - Eagles fan here

    LOL, this guy has to be a regular poster's alt account.
  9. Dannon Oikos has dropped Cam as a sponsor

    Did you happen to catch Oprah's first segment on 60 Minutes a couple of weeks ago? She did that focus group, and the guy that selected the members was none other than Frank Luntz, hair piece yearning to be free of the top of his sweaty head. How someone can have a shirt that is both wrinkled AND bursting at the seams is perplexing as well.
  10. Dannon Oikos has dropped Cam as a sponsor

    Well, if they bench him to start the game on Sunday, at least Tolbert isn't here to deflect an easy pass into the arms of a waiting defender like last time.
  11. The email I sent to Scott Fowler

    Didn't you send a letter to Jake Delhomme's house one time? I'll bet he had his address removed from the Mecklenburg GIS Lookup after that.
  12. Librarian Refuses Dr. Suess

    God Damn you're late! My 90 year old grandma forwarded me this like a week ago.
  13. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    Awww, but it started out so well for you! Thanks for stopping by!
  14. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    I get a kick out of getting join date shamed by someone that hasn't even been around since the board was called Panthershuddle.com.
  15. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    You're dumber than I thought.