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  1. PanthersBigD

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

  2. PanthersBigD

    My Apologies

    What the hell are you even talking about?! Complete non sequitur response on your part.
  3. Sorry to say, he's done in the NFL. He had a chance to redeem himself in Dallas and we all saw how that went down.
  4. PanthersBigD

    lol Chicago...Rahm Emanuel an Obama appointee..

    He always gives himself away by embedding dad rock youtube videos in his posts.
  5. PanthersBigD

    political censorship, new part of the lefts platform

  6. I'm not surprised that an elite NFL defensive end is mopping up the floor with UFC athletes. And no, I don't think Mark Hunt or Brock Lesner would give him that much trouble with a little more boxing under his belt. Neither of them could hack it in real professional sports. Remember when Lesner tried to walk on in Minnesota. No disrespect to them, but the UFC is where the sub-elite athletes go when they can't make it into organized professional sports like football, basketball, soccer. I have empathy for Greg Hardy. I used to see him out at clubs and he was always chilling by himself while his friends enjoyed his VIP table. He's a strange dude, and may have some emotional issues. It wasn't right for him to lay his hands on his girlfriend, but she's not blameless either. I feel sorry that he has to waste his talents in the octagon rather than killing it for us on the football field.
  7. PanthersBigD

    lol Chicago...Rahm Emanuel an Obama appointee..

    Unhinged Jangler is the funniest Jangler. "Go suck Hillary's dick!" lmao
  8. PanthersBigD

    Advice from Charlotte locals

    I was born in Charlotte, I've lived here over 40 years. Trust me, if you can avoid staying in the suburbs and can get an AirBnB in South End, do it. There is nothing wrong with the suburbs, but if you're here for a long weekend, you're wasting your time commuting back and forth.
  9. PanthersBigD

    lol Chicago...Rahm Emanuel an Obama appointee..

    The internet never forgets...and it never forgives.
  10. PanthersBigD

    Advice from Charlotte locals

    What Casillas said. We live in a suburb adjacent to South End and it takes us about 20-30 mins to walk to the game from our front door to the stadium turnstiles. Anything in the area you mentioned should be around the same distance or closer. Along the way you pass about 6-8 breweries, tons of restaurants and bars and you get dumped out right in the middle of a bunch of Panthers tailgaters to walk into the stadium with. I wouldn't take the light rail, I'd recommend walking. The trains get packed with people, they're slow and they make a lot of stops. Walk the large sidewalk that runs along it, the 'Rail Trail' and you'll be able to stop in at bars, grab food and commiserate with other fans.
  11. PanthersBigD

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    The only place you can live out this fantasy is in self-made cartoons. Sad!
  12. PanthersBigD

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Misleading title. The kid died from his head bouncing off of the curb during the fall. It's pretty hard to kill someone with one punch.
  13. PanthersBigD

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    That article was full of dead links and if they weren't dead, they were all from different years. In one of the articles the VICTIM states, "I consider this an isolated attack by a depraved individual, and I lost no sleep over it." You have to be a real rube to believe anything you read on clashdaily. It must suck to go through life so afraid of everything.
  14. PanthersBigD

    King of Debt

    It's telling that 'conservatives' want to adjust down capital gains for inflation, but won't adjust up the minimum wage for inflation.
  15. PanthersBigD

    King of Debt