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  1. you found some statistics online a few weeks ago and it made you feel clever, as if you discovered a hidden kernel of knowledge, countermand to the status quo. Taking it and going against the grain makes you feel clever. But at the end of the day calling Jarvis Landry a bad football player is still a laughably dumb thing to say, and its hard to blame them for feeling pressured to keep an elite player and the face of their franchise from going to new England. Again.
  2. this is the worst post ever made on this forum, congrats
  3. the muted color obsession is nothing more than teams trying to chase the Nets model and become more "hip" and "urban" and create a simple branding that will look good on hats and sell lots of merchandise. Its a shortsighted decision that will look bland when big bright and bold colors come back in vogue in 5 years time. You can't win at this game. Trying to "look modern." There's no such thing. The only way you can consistently "look modern" is becoming the bills or jaguars or lions and changing your whole motif as often as possible and having everybody make fun of you for using your uniforms as a ploy to stay relevant.
  4. I've always thought the head logo complaint was fair but the others are stupid. Loading up on Nike pro combat garbage that is going to look laughably dated in 10 years isn't the right approach for anybody, much less a team that is trying to build its own legacy as a respectable,long tenured organization. I genuinely think our uniforms are some of the cleanest in the league.
  5. There's nothing novel about this. We've known since the announcement that Hurney's contract ran through the draft how this was going to play out. Can you really hire another GM and tell him he's not allowed to run the draft? It made no sense for Richardson to be hiring the next GM anyways. Hurney will be here until the new ownership arrives and he may back his happy butt through another season but this will be his only offseason running things, which we've known was going to happen. Richardson likely just figures he's going to do one last solid for a buddy. If he was really as committed as keeping Hurney involved with the organization as some believe then he'd stick him in a position that he actually had a chance of hanging around in.
  6. Let them. Norwell is good but he isn't that. Especially not when you have last year's 2nd rounder sitting there and the deepest OG class in recent memory. This would feel like Gettleman's ego going full... Well Gettleman. We've got an OT to pay anyways.
  7. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    You could've just said "yes a huddle thread"
  8. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    lol are you getting this from a huddle thread Let me ask my grandma's friend's daughter's niece who was only three weeks from being born when her parents went out to dinner with somebody who had a friend whose father was dropping off the team's pizza in the war room that night what he knows, he's really reliable.
  9. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    I'm not sure why this has to continue to be stated, but Hurney never offered a future first for Clausen. Literally minutes after the pick happened he stated that he was approached to do so but didn't go for it.
  10. This is the crap about getting a new owner that worries me. Some outsider with no regard for the brand trying put the Panthers "over the edge" (not in any real football sense of course) and turning us into a joke with cosmetic changes as often as possible. Its the opposite extreme of never wearing the black pants.
  11. So he has no sourcing whatsoever? lol I cant tell whose headline is worse, yours or his
  12. Y'all have been ridiculous throughout this entire process If Richardson was determined to keep Hurney around, he'd place him in a job that he has a chance of sticking around in under new ownership.
  13. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    I'm so tired of that not being us.