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  1. Agreed, but we moved down at CB and stood pat at DE. Regardless, my concern is that we didn't add any fresh personnel that offer us anything new schematically. Second TE, gadget player, rush linebacker, anything that allowed us to evolve from what we were last year.
  2. e Lol where did I say I was going to expend any effort changing your opinion? I just know you.
  3. Josh Norman was the best CB in football last season and it wasn't even close. To suggest he was anything close to "just good" or that three mid round picks will be better or even anywhere approaching the level of play he gave us last season is silly.
  4. I'm not even sure what you're trying to say your opinion is but I'm sure it will change by the end of the hour.
  5. I'm concerned that we are almost identical to what we were last year in almost every regard. If we had bolstered some of the areas we were weak, it'd be more palatable. But we regressed at CB and that's pretty much it.
  6. Panthers Tango with Cash

    I forgot how insufferable it is to have a local guy.
  7. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Wait I'm confused, so where the pundits say players should go is mega important when we get them late, but not if we pick them early, correct? Alright I was just checking.

    Nepatriotsdraft used to be the best place for this but apparently the secret is out because the site is bogged down.
  9. As the last pick approaches

    I'm pretty sure he projects more as a OLB. Regardless I was referencing the mini-"piece" ESPN did on him.
  10. As the last pick approaches

    Never mind I want Eric Striker.
  11. As the last pick approaches

    Imagine dialing up a 9 route for this guy, Cam getting to the end of his backdrop, screaming "GERONIMOOO" while he cuts it loose down the field.
  12. As the last pick approaches

    Did you people not hear me this guy's NAME is GERONIMO.
  13. As the last pick approaches

    I hope we draft Geronimo Allison. I mean I don't know anything about him, but who cares. Geronimo.
  14. Falcons Produce UDFA Recruitment Video

    "Look at our players rocking out of the tunnel to play in this game they lost"