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  1. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    I know I wasn't speaking to a D tier poster like you, go hop on another teams bandwagon palio
  2. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    lol at anybody pulling for Minnesota because of "tiebreakers" or some garbage. Were coming to take a bye week. Minnesota losing benefits that.
  3. I knew they'd run this into the ground
  4. Its really weird how obsessed people are with this guy around here we don't get updates on mike remmers or other obscure former players but there's a thread about this guy every week and the OPs seem consistently convinced that he is posting something that others are going to be completely fascinated about I don't know if its his name or his status as a former first round pick or the usain bolt thing but the obsession is really weird
  5. Getting two all pros on one side if the ball in November is big.
  6. I get that playing the "objectivist" card seems like a great way to boost your cred in the long haul but doing it here just make a you look like a dweeb "rabble rabble I can't believe Olsen is gonna *watch* their game rabble rabble how would you feel if other players could watch our game rabble rabble"
  7. this is literally addressed in the article.
  8. all black unis

    I'm not sure what sauce is slang for this week
  9. Thank you Veterans

    imagine my surprise to see a veterans day thread moved to the TB you can always count on the huddle to let you down
  10. well Daryl I'll shoot straight with you buddy You're not very good. You spend the whole week working as the starter, you start, then the other team targets you the entire first drive as they easily move down the field and score points. Then the coaches realize the mistake they made again and put other guys in.
  11. all black unis

    Its going to be in the 40s Monday Night lol If you can't muster the courage to face the "heat" when its above 39 degrees then its time to just write black out of our color scheme entirely Then of course you'll have to change the mascot too
  12. all black unis

    Gene steratore is doing our game Monday, let's wear bronco jerseys instead
  13. all black unis

    There's a few that would look cool but there's still so much thread on the two new looks we have and the team refuses to embrace them. I wonder if we will ever even see the all blues again once the NFL stops forcing us to wear them.
  14. We're playing on Monday Night and I'd like to see these things. They'd look great under the lights. We ever gonna wear these things again or what? Its been a couple years now. Have they been buried too deep inside the vault at the Vault? Plus what better way to troll Dave dameshek
  15. This has got to be some elaborate ploy by NBC to sabotage the Thursday night package, this is horrible.