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  1. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    you must be quoting the wrong person something because nothing you said has any pertinence to anything i said in that post
  2. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    No, it isn't. and this yearly rubbish is the reason so many of us are weary of this ride as a whole.   Ryan Kalil himself was on television explaining how rubbish this opinion is. This isn't the 1980's and it doesn't take teams 7 or 8 years to come together (it never did though honestly but it especially isnt the case anymore) We are now roughly halfway through this tenure's time here and have absolutely nothing to show for it. It's exhausting and this trope makes it even moreso
  3. did this jackass really just decide to defer any measure of blame to somebody else   fire this imbecile
  4. To get this far and for the eam to simply not show up? why is that worth so much of my time or money or words?   I waited 12 years for this team to get back. I gave them 12 years and they couldn't just do it once. I could never bring myself to completely lose interest but I think I just need to take some steps back as well.
  5. i feel the exact same way.   I'm just not in the mood to get back up for this. it just feels like it isnt worth the investment      
  6. To my point,   1) a sizable bulk of it came on defensive scores 2) an ENORMOUS amount of it was a beneficiary of the defense's ability to produce short fields for the offense.   'I'm game grinding a point now, but I am saying there is justifiable cause to fire our offensive coordinator.   "But that creative running game, Growl!" ..was, by Shula's own admission this week, largely of Cam's own implementation, as he was involved both in the creation of the plays and their implementation within games. This is a legitimate talking point that, to our detriment, won't happen but very much should
  7. how do you get two weeks to devise a gameplan and the best you can muster "let's run straight into a wall of defenders every single play for no yards."     it's not like we were trying to impose our strength either. for all our prowess in the run game, we have been awful  running the ball from undrer center this year and we have been awful running the ball right into a wall of defenders in the A gaps.     like literally any poster on tis board couldve called  a better game tonight and i sincerely mean that. it was that disgraceful of a performance in the annals of NFL history.   this team is going to fall back on "fire him? look at the offensive ranking, and given full context of that number there is no justifiable number for keeping him or even defending him on an internet forum
  8. you know how you to yourself "how did this man even get this far" sometimes, and it's largely just hyperbole.   i actually wondered how somebody with such a small and limited football IQ could make it this far   obvious his last name is the answer to that question, like how could you be so dense. it's baffling. i literally cannot find the words to describe what i watched tonight
  9. mike remmers is fuging awful. he cost us an undefeated regular season and he was one of the driving components in a loss today.   I don't care if he makes funny jokes, Ron. Get rid of him. If Williams is the man, then he's the man. if he's not, then spend some money on something worthwhile. make the weak links on this roster take some accountability for themselves.
  10. hard to win a game when the defense knows exactly what to defend on first down. killing every drive with generic placalling will always be a bigger transgression than a couple isolated plays by a collect few of players (who i assure you I'll give enough blistering heat to as well, but the point still stands
  11. just curious how it feels knowing nobody gives a fug about your constant edgy #hottakes? like, is it exhausting logging into to find out nobody cared about some scorching remark you posted garnerd no attention whatsoever after you thought for sure was going to change the landscape of the internet as you knew it?   guess what? next year there will be hundreds of threads about things the media said about our team. nobody will care csx didn't approve. go shitpost somewhere else
  12. Fire that fool.   They woh't though. This organization is too terrified.
  13. momentum swings our way aaaaaannnndoh look a run up the middle on 1st down for no yards
  14. we haven't let Cam do his thing all game. this is a full on mike shula offense. if we run up the middle on first down, i will no , longer be livid, just laugh.