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  1. Greg gets extension

    Was Greg going to sit out this season? Was that the threat? If you felt like you possessed no leverage to make him anything other than the highest paid player at his position, then not wait and see where you're at? A 34 year old player possesses even less leverage than a 33 year old one. If he wants to sit out, then by all means let him and take a TE high. Hurney, tiger, stripes, etc.
  2. Greg gets extension

    Where exactly was he going to if he didn't get this much from us?
  3. Can you imagine the pitchforks if Hurney passed on ridley
  4. Be fine with it. Its not my first choice but it'd be a solid pick that would secure a number of potential future issues. "Rick Grimes" is right about how he is an ideal fit for a traditional Norv Turner offense.
  5. this was the predicted, formulaic response and I'm glad you marched it out as expected, really simplifies things for me, so thanks for playing along. yes, you're right lol-absolutey so. The two best, well ran teams in the league are indeed marching out mid round picks and rookie contracts to start for them. This here is the point. And when it comes time for for them to get their big, meaty deals, I'm sure organizations like the browns and redskins will take no issue providing it to them. Here's hoping the panthers aren't one of those foolhardy teams. Its the OG position. Your own post is an admission of why its regarded so poorly. Because there is always some Andrew norwell or shaq mason or "he's the best in the league right now, hes gonna cash in!!!" waiting to be had for you in the 4th round. There's always an OG, like there is always a RB, and like there is always a next great LB. Let other teams have them and let their fans coo about how their guy is "the best in the league!!!" while they watch other teams win super bowls.
  6. you're right, it would be, because you're still missing the point. This isnt about whatever moronic teams like the jaguars are doing. This isn't about Daryl Williams or ryan Kalil or literally anybody on the team right now. Because even if those are guys aren't on the team-somebody will be. And now, in an effort to explain away the obvious contradiction, you've now rationalized the panthers giving an OG a 70 to 75 million dollar contract. To put it simply, I don't care what the jaguars do. The 4 starting OGs in last year's Super Bowl-you know, the reigning conference champions- are making a ***combined grand total sum*** of less than $60 million dollars. That is total contract worth between four players, and you just advocated for giving out a substantially higher contract to a single player at position of little relative value, all in an attempt to justify your stance inside the standing pretense-that the same people abhorred by getting a 10 year stint out of a TE gleefully cheer drafting a OG who ***shouldnt*** be here more than 5. The reasons for this seem obvious, whether its the age old obsession among fans for drafting the SPA (so called "safest" player available ) or merely a superficial analysis of things like age, 40 time, h'w", etc etc that form a superficial opinion of a more intricate question, the hardened truth still stands that if a 1st round OG ends up having a longer career here than the TE, the panthers have made two mistakes instead of one.
  7. lol what do current or future contracts have to do with this? You're talking about a 5 year contract regardless of any hypothetical financial state because under no circumstance do you value a OG at that level.
  8. your collection of rote 'isms straight from the drafttek blog boards have nothing to do with the point I made but thanks for the insight into your analytical prowess as a whole
  9. oh look, I found one, hey great timing buddy I appreciate this.
  10. there are plenty of reasons you don't draft a OG in the first, but let's analyze the fascinating contradiction in play on this board This board, rightfully, agreed almost in unison with idea of letting Norwell walk because you don't pay OGs that much. Norwell is a former UDFA. Those same people, inevitably, are against drafting Hurst because "he's already 25!!!!" whilst simultaneously endorsing us to use, emphasis here, a **1st round pick*** on an OG that we would only have for how long? Five years. Because if the OG was even good, nobody here is going to want the team to pay a OG the substantially more money that the former 1st round pick is going to command than the former ***"UDFA***. The same people squealing that we are only going to get an 8-10 year career out of Hayden Hurst are either asking for, or at the very least, enthused about, getting what quite frankly better be no more than 5 years out of an OG. To say nothing of how simply stupid it is to blow your 1st round pick on a OG on its own merits.
  11. If Hurney takes a OG in the 1st round it would be the most Hurney thing that had ever happened. If Hurney takes a small school OG instead of a dominating Georgia lineman, the levels of Hurniness would be so massive and prevalent on the Earth that the concentrated remnants would coalesce into small glowing gem which would occupy the palm spot on a bright, gold, gauntlet, and of which the search for said gem would be the central plot of a major motion picture in 2026. The Hurney Stone.
  12. The thing I like about Kirk is the surprising amount of polish for an A&M WR. He's strong, long, and explosive, but he's got twitchy hips as well and incorporates his head into his routes. You can whine about him largely playing him largely in the slot but it's fairly nonsensical to blame A&M for playing him there when you see him run more technical routes like the stick and the out-n-up so well. He ran a pretty extensive tree at A&M and runs physically with the ball in his hands.
  13. Furthermore Ridley is exactly the kind of player at the position we've been looking for while we've tried every cute, oversimplified gimmick that NFL professionals really have no excuse for falling into. "Cam throws high so = get tall guy, wow so easy!" "wow Dave you're so analytical."