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  1. This is textbook cherry picking and doesn't really speak as to what actually happened on Sunday
  2. "Pass rush" and all its variations, is the in-season version of "trade down." People heard an NFL man say it one time glowingly and then reflexively march it out as a fix-all for any issue because it sounds so clever.
  3. This whole "we've got to rush the QB better" thing completely misses the point. A vast percentage of Ryan's passes yesterday were 10 yards or less. Our divisional opponents have quite literally built their offense to counter our rush. Their rosters are constructed to beat the 2013-2015 Panthers which are in most ways defensively the 2018 Panthers. Quick QB who throw quick passes to quick WRs on the slants and outs. Quick offenses. What we need is a true star in the secondary. You get just one and everything else falls into place.
  4. Growl


    well that's definitely not what I'm saying
  5. If learning 3 different positions is what is keeping Moore off the field then the solution seems pretty obvious
  6. Growl


    Shaq Thompson is starting to concern me a lot. The upside to spending a pick on him was always "well at least we've got one less hole to plug when TD leaves" but there's a substantial drop off when Thompson is in there in Davis' place and I think it hurts what Kuechly is able to do as well. Maybe you just accept the drop off and build elsewhere. Maybe that's even for the best. But after watching Davis and Kuechly completely dictate games for so long from the LB position, that's a tough pill to swallow. In any case, I don't think we should be rushing Davis out the door. Let Thompson develop as much as he can.
  7. This transcends staffing changes now and its hard to put it on anybody but Cam By extension, Rivera is at fault for this being an issue 8 seasons into a career.
  8. If I compiled a highlight package of the last few Atlanta games there'd be next to nothing to distinguish them. We are the same team every year, we look the same down there every year, and to top it off, we get screwed out frequent no calls on them holding for no other reason than they are the "mighty" falcons offense and NFL officiating crews are slaves to their own preconceptions
  9. lol at not calling a timeout. Ron's ready to get on home.
  10. When was the last time the panthers had a play like that A huge play exactly when they needed it. I really don't remember. A staple of the Rivera era is that if the panthers come out looking like they're gonna win they will. If they look like they're gonna lose, they will.
  11. This is a carbon copy of every game in Atlanta the past 3 years laughable missed holding calls, wide open WRs on 3rd down, identical defensive gameplan
  12. Didn't throw the flag until Cam was writhing in pain, made sure we received no yardage out of it Willed Atlanta down the field to ensure the game was tied What way will they find here to try and coddle Atlanta further?
  13. Growl

    Panthers sign OT; IR Williams

    Okay I'm just giving you the opinion of licensed physicians who have actually spent time with Olsen's foot