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  1. A trade is like to see tomorrow

    You can trade compensatory picks now. As to your second point, the ideology goes that we know we have a 3rd incoming so we trade the future three we currently possess. Still I don't see any players hangjng around who are worth a future 1st.
  2. A trade is like to see tomorrow

    I'd rather just do a trade similar to last years.
  3. Vernon Butler was already a Panthers fan

    *draft night* "hey Vernon, how would you like to be a Carolina Panther?" "Whoa wait what you mean like the NFL team? Ma come get a load of this."
  4. Jeremy who are some of our targets at 32 next year
  5. Vernon Butler was already a Panthers fan

    Am I missing something?
  6. Top 30 players left after Round 1

    The question is what OT wins this year's Morgan Moses award and makes it all the way to the 3rd after being a "lock" as the Panthers 1st round pick
  7. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    BTW the falcon apologists in that thread are gloriously cookie cutter homers One guy seemed to insinuate that yeah sure we were good last year but if we had more injuries then we wouldn't have been so take that panthers.
  8. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    What if we move up for Dodd. Or even Jack.
  9. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Because trading down, especially out of the 1st, is almost always a terrible idea.
  10. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    This is a subpackage pick like Shaq was last year. I don't have strong feelings on it either way. We were always in a weird spot at 30, its what happens tommorow that I'm interested in. Move up. Get Shepherd, Henry, Dodd. Don't care. Just add some of that talent and I don't really care what we did at 30.
  11. That Ifedi guy sure does act like a seahawk
  12. I cannot wait to hear Prisco cry
  13. GB knows they have to pick somebody before that clock hits zero right
  14. I'm starting to get really anxious.
  15. Here's the WR run.