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  1. I'm not yet allowing myself to believe he'll be on the board. If he is though, man... That's quite a choice. Hugh Freeze, as you'd admittedly expect him to, just gave him a heck of an endorsement.
  2. I've gotta say I'm enjoying ESPN coverage a whole lot more. They spend a lot more time showing each pick, showing highlights, talking about the player. Etc. NFLN shows a brief package and then dives right back into "the issues."
  3. Does anybody know the name of that instrumental piece that played during Buckner's highlight package on ESPN? I've heard it a number of times and can't find the name. I love it. Terrific tune.
  4. This was kind of projected to happened after Philly moved up. If he actually did something stupid as recently as a half hour ago, then you've got to verify your sources.
  5. Dallas is going to pick Ramsey and NFLN is going to spend the next five months talking about how he "compares" to Deion. Just a fair warning.
  6. Thankfully I did think SD would be unpredictable and had them going Buckner. So there's still hope that this doesn't totally annihilate my projection.
  7. Welp my mock is messed up
  8. ESPN vs. NFL Network

    ESPN is a much better option during the latter rounds. They actually cover each pick and Trey Wingo's team isn't so bad. NFLN will spend all of day 3 talking about whoever the cowboys pick. The nostalgia the selection jingle invokes is nice as well. I'll be watching NFLN tonight though mostly
  9. That article says that "insiders" believe were going OT tonight which literally everyone here would agree has absolutely no chance of happening so yeah.
  10. Is Dodd missing because he's presumed to be gone or are they just not interested?
  11. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    Courtney Rivera
  12. SPOILING PICKS = BAN HAMMER $@^$%@*^&%

    Can we make this apply to every pick?
  13. If he was there, I'd feel pretty good about it. Even if he's a little samey, he's got legitimate talent.
  14. Wed actually have to have a deal in place with somebody else for this work. Denver would no doubt ask them about it.