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  1. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Panthers sign DE Ryan Delaire, Cut Cole
     Looks great on the hoof with an NFL-caliber 3-4 outside linebacker build. Posted high-end production over two seasons at Towson with 32 tackles for loss, 22.5 sacks and five forced fumbles. Was able to play end in even front and outside linebacker in an odd front. Gains ground with his first three pass-rush steps. Sinks hips around the corner and uses well-timed rip to challenge the edge.WEAKNESSES
     Lacks awareness at times. Gets fooled by playaction and spends too much time playing man in front of him rather than finding ball. Pass rush get-off stymied by noticeable false step at snap. Needs a pass-rush counter move. Played with inconsistent motor. Didn't play with desired passion when forced to chase play rather than having it come to him. Needs to improve angles to the ball when disengaging from blocker.BOTTOM LINE
     Delaire could add weight and look to become a base end in a 4-3, but he flashed the athleticism and strength to warrant a look as an edge-setting 3-4 outside linebacker with explorable traits as a pass rusher. His NFL Scouting Combine and personal workouts might determine whether or not he is drafted.
    So is he gonna play, or go to the PS, I'm a little confused...
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  2. SetfreexX added a post in a topic I really wish Shula would steal GB playbook.   

  3. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Speculation....when will they pay 24   

    Can't say I buy this as there have been no examples of paying the D-Line to date. 
    We can only glean so much from the Hardy tag, but aside from that there is no pattern, or reference that says their stance is to pay the DL. 
    Your comment of if there is a DE out there that they'd break the bank on him goes against a already defined pattern of acquiring guys via the draft and grooming them to the teams culture. 
    We haven't brought in any high end free agents, and I doubt that changes with contracts on the horizon for Star (5th year option), Short, and most recently Norman. 
    If anything I'd bet we tag Norman and look at a DB early the next two drafts if one fits the BPA we've stuck to under Gettleman. 
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  4. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    Good ol' Bersin falling again, geezus, man this kid can't escape the DERP 
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  5. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    Damn, Funch!!!
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  6. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Rivera: "Feel really good about Norwood this week, will play 20 plus snaps."   

    Baldwin, Kearse, Lockette, Matthews > than Panthers receivers while Ginn and Brown are the starting options. 
    I mean guys here were just obsessed just a month ago by an UDFA named Philly, "I mean Corey, wait I mean Philly" Brown.
    So yeah I can definitely see posters excited over a receiver with seemingly more pedigree, size, and potential. 
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  7. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Kevin Norwood The Black & Blue Hope*   

    You forgot the other 'X'
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  8. SetfreexX added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Kevin Norwood The Black & Blue Hope*
    Now many of us felt our hearts sink to the pits of our stomach as we all received the final word on Kelvin Benjamin’s season ending injury. For the first time in years we looked ‘’pretty damn good’’ at receiver, I mean seriously Benjamin, Olsen, Funchess, followed by role players in Cotchery, Ginn, and Brown. We finally had some quality depth.
    Fast forward to the death of Corey “Oops My Bad” Drown, and Ted “Drop Da Touchdown” Ginn and we are left looking like one of the worst/if not worst receiving unit in the NFL with them as our starters. But in the works, behind the scenes aside from the development of the unknown Bunches of Funchess we have the ‘’Pisser of Excellence’’ Kevin “From Northwood” Norwood. Could he with the continued development of Funchess, Cothchery in doses with the occasional Ginn or Brown sighting be enough to raise us to a respectable status….? I think so here’s why….
    Kevin Norwood – (courtesy of that thing called the internet & links)

     Solid build. Good hands and concentration -- extends outside his frame and makes the difficult catch. Fine route savvy -- sells his routes with stems and nods. Understands how to get open. Good sideline awareness -- dots the "i." Established rapport with the quarterback is noticeable (is the first receiver sought on broken plays) and keeps working to come free. Very solid personal and football character. Trustworthy, accountable and dependable.
     Has short arms. Does not pop out of his breaks or create separation with burst and acceleration. Struggles some defeating the jam. Can show more urgency as a blocker in the run game. Breaks few tackles after the catch.
     Rounds 6-7
     Quicker-than-fast possession receiver with trusted hands a quarterback cherishes in critical situations. Could develop into a reliable, third-down option route runner. Is best with free releases in the slot.
    I think what Norwood brings is somewhat of a combination of a Cotchery and Funchess love child, he’s got the high 4.4 speed of Funchess, but at the height of Cotchery 6’2. He possesses athleticism similar to Funchess with a 33 inch vertical, but seems to have the surer hands of Cotchery. When we begin to dig up the film on Norwood you begin to see the potential that was never realized given how deep Seattle believed themselves to be at receiver as he was behind Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, and Matthews in a run dominant offense.
    But courtesy of Dave ‘’Bup Bup Bup I Believe’’ Gettleman he may have added a player who can produce just enough to move Ginn and Brown into roles they can better succeed at as the third and fourth receivers where their match-ups would be more favorable. So let’s take a look at some of the plays we can hope to see Norwood make as it seems he’s primed for play this week, and hopefully beyond.

    Now in this clip you’ll see the pocket break down, and the quarter back will roll out and begins to point down field, and as if it’s taken straight from his scouting report (Established rapport with the quarterback is noticeable (is the first receiver sought on broken plays) and keeps working to come free.) you can see Norwood is who the quarterback is looking to and just look at that end result. On display is the athleticism Funchess possesses, and the hands of Cotchery.

    In this clip you see his ability to line up inside and run the seven route (corner/flag) from the slot 1 v 1 (as he’ll be learning all three positions here) and go up and win the battle at the highest point (extends outside his frame and makes the difficult catch.), again showing of his ability to high point catches, and maintain possession through contact. Something we need in the red zone which has been one of the weakest aspects of our offense for a couple years now.
    These are just a few examples of what I hope and believe Norwood can bring to the table, and while I’m not looking for him to set the world on fire he seems to possess the ability to win some match-ups outside given his stature and ability to catch in traffic.
    And if that allows he and Funchess to become the starters down the road, with Cotchery, Ginn and Brown playing more suitable roles from the 3rd & 4th spots along with a steady dose of Olsen (I’m looking at you Shula) and our talented backfield I think we have enough with Cam to be middle of the pack when it comes to the passing game.
    So with that being said here’s to looking forward to the debut of our newest receiver and the re-birth of hope after a lack luster performance from our top two threats on the outside last week. 
    Oh, and we could use some of this with Cam’s ability to throw down field…

    Remind anyone of this play from a year ago…

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  9. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Just wondering this about Funchess   

    However, Rivera also confirmed (in the presser -- transcript is on BBR) that when Kuechly went down they lost a sub package (3 total) as they were rotating Bene, Klein, and Thompson. When Klein was forced into full time MLB they lost a package and were down to two sub packages vs the original three. 
    Also Shaq is still learning and it was the 1st real test. I'm sure we'll se more base once the learning curve has run it's course, and health is not an issue. 
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  10. SetfreexX added a post in a topic It's time to start getting Swole on the field   

    All I'm a say is that one of this staffs most track proven weaknesses is not playing young players with talent in favor of veterans. 
    I don't know what Williams brings to the table because I haven't seen him play. Many thought Norman was a goner after 1 1/2 seasons in Rivera's dog house, and now he's our no. 1 who some may worry can we afford him. 
    Tre Boston, better than DeCoud and Harper, Bene better than Cason, Funchess better than Brown, CAP better than Whittaker, this continuous trend to bring young players along SOOOOOO slowly IMO hurts us more early, because after the vets struggle year in and out under this staff all of a sudden a youngster emerges and we're left with the question...
    "What the hell took so long for ya'll to make this change?"
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  11. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Would you rather.. Extend Norman or sign a FA WR   

    Norman, /thread.
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  12. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Norwood and Funch need to be a quick study   

    Well he was our # 2 receiver and it wasn't even close, it's not really rocket science. 
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  13. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Norwood and Funch need to be a quick study   

    James Jones wouldn't have mad a difference here, he's still a possession receiver. 
    He went back to a team, offense, and quarterback he had several years of familiarity with, let a lone a playbook he already knows. 
    If you thought he'd come here and be a number one off the bat you're delusional. He was let go by Green Bay two years ago, and Oakland cut him after one, and he only returned to Green Bay post injury to Nelson which left them twin at the position. 
    Guys need to be patient and let Norwood, and Funchess get acclimated. It's gonna be funny when by mid-season and these guys have a level of comfort what the James Jones wanters will say...
    I'd rather see two young receivers get meaningful reps to prepare us down the road, Jones would be a band-aid. Funchess, Norwood, and Benjamin upon return could be a very formidable group, it makes more sense to get those two involved than hope a 31 year old possession receiver can save our receiving group. 
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  14. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Josh Norman has a message for the haters   

    Norman was not out of position, it was a Cov 3 zone, Coleman was buzzing to the flat, there was no threat to push Norman deep on that side he read the curl from the receiver (it was a running back in this case iirc) and jumped the route and made a great play that gave us the cushion we needed in a game where our offense wasn’t giving us anything.  

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  15. SetfreexX added a post in a topic $20 mill in cap space next year AFTER Cam/Luke signed.   

    This money will go into the cupboard for extending Norman, Lotulelei, and Short and potentially a more responsible deal for Johnson as we are the final year or two of his deal. 
    I don't see us ever signing a high profile free agent, instead we'll continue to add better quality vets in free agency, continue to draft well over all and develop players to stay out of cap issues. But also maintain the cap needed to extend expired rookie deals for core players. 
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