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  1. SetfreexX added a post in a topic 2015 Carolina Panthers Final Roster Projection   


    Cam Newton

    Derek Anderson

    Joe Webb

    I think Webb is the future back up when Anderson finally retires, I really like the way this QB back-up situation has played out.


    Jonathan Stewart

    Cameron Artis-Payne

    Jordan Todman

    Fozzy Whittaker

    (Wegher to practice squad) I really think he’s more talented than Fozzy at the 4th spot, but with the concerns of picking up the blitz he’s likely looking at a practice squad designation.


    Mike Tolbert


    Devin Funchess

    Ted Ginn Jr.

    Jarrett Boykin

    Corey Brown

    Jerricho Cotchery

    Bersin or Player via cut

    (Byrd-practice squad), with so little experience I just can’t see Boykin not making the team, aside from Cotchery, and Ginn he’s the only receiver on the roster with a decently impressive resume. I’ve never been sold on Brown and the pre-season hasn’t helped that.


    Greg Olsen

    Ed Dickson

    Brandon Williams

    If Simonsen is eligible I think he hits the PS, Williams coming back with three years under his belt gets the nod especially with his special teams back ground.


    Michael Oher

    Andrew Norwell

    Ryan Kalil

    Trai Turner

    Mike Remmers

    Darryl Williams

    Amini Silatolu

    Chris Scott

    Nate Chandler

    No need to keep Folkerts as Remmers is being groomed as the back up, with Williams starting by the mid-point of the season.

    26 Offensive Players


    Charles Johnson

    Star Lotulelei

    Kawaan Short

    Kony Ealy

    Wes Horton

    Mario Addison

    Kyle Love

    Dwan Edwards

    Rakim Cox

    I think keeping a 5th DT is over-blown as people over  react a bit to the Star injury, but I do think we keep a 5th DE.


    Luke Kuechly

    Thomas Davis

    Shaq Thompson

    A.J. Klein

    David Mayo

    Adarius Glanton

    I really can’t see us moving Mayo to the PS, I don’t think any draft picks under DG have not made the 53, why start now?


    Josh Norman

    Charles Tillman

    Bene Benwikere

    Teddy Williams

    T.J. Heath

    Melvin White is the odd man out IMO, sub par last year, and doesn’t seem to be making plays consistently in the pre-season. We keep 5 with Colin Jones’ ability to back up the nickel.


    Kurt Coleman

    Roman Harper

    Trey Boston

    Colin Jones

    Not much to see here aside from a guy like Marlowe hitting the PS.

    24 Defensive players

    Special Teams-3

    Graham Gano

    Brad Nortman

    J.J. Janson

    One of the best units in the NFL, and over looked by many. 

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  2. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Shula: KB's void may be filled by committee, talks up CB   

    You are a blind homer, the guy that steps up IMO will likely not be Corey Brown. I could see it being Boykin before Brown. My WR group post injury would be...
    Ginn JR. 
    Bersin out as Cotchery is kept to help stabilize the receivers room with veteran presence. KB's absence allows Byrd an opportunity to make the team and see snaps, and perhaps opportunities as a returner, consider him Ginn Jr. and Todman insurance. 
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  3. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice   

    Team Facebook issued a post saying the ''initial'' diagnosis is a knee sprain heading to Charlotte for an MRI. 
    For additional reference-

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  4. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Damiere Byrd Turning Heads   

    Ok so Brown made a team with Avant, Cotchery, and Bersin as I believe we only kept 5 receivers last year. 
    Of that group Brown, Cotchery and Bersin are left, out of this group only Brown offers the potential for play making ability. Last year Bersin was the 2nd big receiver of the group, drafting Funchess makes him more expendable. 
    Byrd offers more bang for your buck in one to two plays a game vs Cotchery or Bersin in three or four. I mean we were so bad off last year at receiver overall tha we had Cotchery in the pistol as the pitch replace him with Byrd, and put Brown or Ginn back in at that slot position and that is a recipe to really for the defense to choose vs that set. 
    Or even as a bottom of the roster guy I'd rather see a young player continuing to develop vs average players like Bersin, or Cotchery if it came down to those three for a final spot as I don't think Byrd will be hidden on the PS after the pre-season begins. 

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  5. SetfreexX added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Let's Be Bold, Let's Be Brash, but Let's Not Be Stupid - 53 Man Roster Prediction*
    *DISCLAIMER* My goal is to update this week by week, these are picks made strictly by gut instinct, I’m no scout or insider, just a fan who follows the news flow, articles, quotes, etc. (This is listed in depth chart order)


    ·         Cam Newton –The Franchise

    ·         Derek Anderson-The Franchise’s back-up


    ·         Jonathan Stewart-Showed he can be a feature back when fully healthy, let’s hope he stays that way, anyone got some wood?

    ·         Cameron Artis-Payne-I think he will eventually be the 2nd option as he’s more stout than Whittaker.

    ·         Fozzy Whittaker-I think he will reprise his role as a 3rd down, change of pace option for the team.


    ·         Mike Tolbert-Is our starter but I think he will also serve as an emergency runner in the event of an injury (see time in San Diego)

    ·         Lee Ward-We all witnessed the drop off when Tolbert went down, having a true back up allows us to keep our game-plan intact.


    ·         Kelvin Benjamin-Our number one, expecting more consistency, talent added to the position may take away some targets but that’s a good thing.

    ·         Devin Funchess-Could elevate us to another level if he can have a similar impact in his rookie season.

    ·         Ted Ginn Jr.-I think it’s only a matter of time before he takes the number three spot, been hearing he’s made more plays over the top.

    ·         Corey Brown-Showed enough last year to keep a spot, but still somewhat of a question mark to me given the lack of talent from last season.

    ·         Jerricho Cotchery-I’m not a fan of him taking up a spot, but I think he sticks as veteran presence, and possession receiver skill set.

    ·         Damiere Byrd-I think his flashing this early is a sign of what can be, and no other young receiver who’d fit here offers the upside.


    ·         Greg Olsen-No comment really needed, our most consistent offensive skill player.

    ·         Ed Dickson-Showed what he’s capable of in the tail in of the season after Tolbert was healthy.

    ·         Brandon Williams-I just can’t see us going into the regular season without a 3rd TE, make or break year. But how much can you show behind Olsen??


    ·         Michael Oher-The only ??? on the line heading into the season.

    ·         Andrew Norwell-Young promising player.

    ·         Ryan Kalil-Veteran leader of the line.

    ·         Trai Turner-Could become a dominant NFL lineman.

    ·         Mike Remmers-has an opportunity to lock this position down if he can hold of the rookie.

    ·         Amini Silatolu

    ·         Darryl Williams

    ·         Brian Folkerts

    ·         Nate Chandler

    25 Total Offensive Players


    ·         Charles Johnson-The only proven consistent rusher we have.

    ·         Star Lotulelei-The injury is a concern, but he’s expected back during the pre-season, not gonna pencil another DT just for that.

    ·         Kawaan Short-Has the potential to be a premiere interior rusher.

    ·         Frank Alexander-We know he has the talent, but can he get out of his own way?

    ·         Mario Addison

    ·         Colin Cole

    ·         Dawan Edwards

    ·         Kony Ealy


    ·         Thomas Davis-Emotional Leader of the defense.

    ·         Luke Kuechly-All world, perhaps even all time talent at the position.

    ·         Shaq Thompson-Our 1st rounder, I think we’re all waiting to see.

    ·         AJ Klein

    ·         David Mayo

    ·         Adarius Glanton


    ·         Josh Norman-Becoming a premier defensive back if he already isn’t.

    ·         Charles Tillman-Brings size, and turnover ability to a secondary that could use more playmaking.

    ·         Bene Benwikere-Showed he could play outside, but was/is our best nickel option.

    ·         Melvin White

    ·         Lou Young

    ·         Teddy Williams


    ·         Tre’ Boston-We need a play maker at center field, Tre has shown he can be that player.

    ·         Kurt Coelman-I think he’ll split pass and run downs with Harper, but the tone from camp is he’s in line to be the starter.

    ·         Roman Harper-I think we’ll see a three safety rotation with Harper and Coleman on run downs, and Boston and Coleman on passing downs.

    ·         Colin Jones

    24-Total Defensive Players

    Special Teams-3

    ·         Graham Gano

    ·         Brad Nortman

    ·         J.J. Jansen


    Roster total with this count is 52, I left that one spot open as I’m not sure if Bersin or Boykin will stick if Byrd continues to show he can play, he may not add size but if defenders can’t keep up whether the route is short or deep does it really matter? Aside from that all of our tight ends are over 6’4, as well as our top two receivers I don’t see additional size as a need over additional speed, and the potential he may have as a special teams asset.

    We could also look to the OL where we could keep one of the new additions after the retirement of Martin, or what about running back can Todman’s return ability, and elusiveness warrant a spot for a fourth horse in the stable?

    For the concerns over the Star injury do we really carry five defensive tackles into the regular season, when we are slated to still have Cole, Short, and Edwards available, not to mention Ealy’s ability to play inside…Then there’s a special teams blue chipper like Jason Trusnik who also brings position flexibility at linebacker in the event of an injury.

    It can be an exciting and frustrating time as a Panther fan as for the first time in a few years we are going to be cutting players who CAN produce, and many who have proven to do so. I just think it’s important that having that problem allows us to field one of our best teams in a long time over all.

    So huddler’s who’s that final spot go to the choice is yours…

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  6. SetfreexX added a post in a topic A Saints fan's "Scouting Report" re: Panthers   

    Because they have a future HOF QB in Drew Breezus. There was a time when IMO they had even less on offense (with Brees), but with all the issues and changes from this off-season it's hard to put them ahead of CAR, and ATL. 
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  7. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Top 3 Panthers Camp Sleepers of 2015   

    I think I’d like to see Byrd win the KR spot, with Lee replacing Brockel, and as far as Marlowe is concerned I can live with Harper, and Coleman splitting duties at strong safety, while Marlowe develops on the PS.

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  8. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Steve Smith Article   

    Still miss Smitty (wipes single tear).
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  9. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Jags release Ace Sanders   

    We still discussing Ace''who the F is that'' Sanders....
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  10. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Jags release Ace Sanders   

    Ace Sanders-
    Ted Ginn-
    I think my favorite is when Huddler’s just make sh** up, better than Ginn, good lord. Ace has a career avg. of 9.5 yards per catch, and has ‘0’ touchdowns in his career. Even Ginn’s worst year is better than that. Ace had just 55 yards last year….55. Ginn’s career long beats Sanders 12 game total.
    I don’t know why people are so quick to hate on Ginn, and some other players here, but Ginn had his ‘BEST’ year with Carolina in 2013 from a receiving touchdowns stand point, and arguably overall, and we were happy to have him back as a needed deep threat, and returner.  
    You sure you're a Panther fan dang...
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  11. SetfreexX added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    The Panthers, & Cameron Artis-Payne: Explaining the Fit
    It was the third day of the 2015 NFL Draft and the Panthers are on the clock…tic toc, tic toc, and with the 38th pick in the 5th round Carolina selects Cameron Artis-Payne running back from Auburn…(Don’t believe me just watch)

    And just like that Carolina had drafted their third running back in three years in the latter rounds under GM Dave Gettleman, the previous two seasons saw Oregon stand-out Kenjon Barner (5th), and Stanford’s bell cow Tyler Gaffney (6th) be the teams choices, neither of whom are still with the team. But this time, maybe, just maybe the player will stick.
    Name: Cameron Artis-Payne 
    College: Auburn     Number: 44
    Height: 5-10   Weight: 212 
    Position: RB  Pos2: 
    Class/Draft Year: Sr/2015
    40 Low: 4.33   40 Time: 4.43  40 High: 4.54 
    Projected Round: 4-5  Stock:   High: 3rd  Low: 5-6th
    Rated number 13 out of 149 RB's     141 / 2303 TOTAL
    When listening to early commentary on (CAP for short) we kept hearing him being referred to a bowling ball creating an image many may liken to Tolbert’s build. Upon further review CAP is more of a mix between the departed DeAngelo Williams (5’9, 215), and current lead Back Jonathan Stewart (5’10, 235), as CAP is listed at 5’10, 212 lbs.
    Per his draft profile -- – CAP’s strengths fall in line with what Carolina looks for in their feature back, a north/south running style, patience in following blocks, burst through the hole, and finishing runs by playing through contact. His listed weakness bring to light a concern in pass protection, a weakness common among many of the non-first round running talents as many colleges utilize the spread and the backs find themselves often out in space, while being asked to pass protect on a fewer snaps.
    Another concern was his top end speed (4.53 40 time - high end) and being able to turn the corner vs NFL caliber defenses, I say to that look no further than backs like Le’Veon Bell (4.6), Doug Martin (4.55), and Justin Forsett (4.62) who have all found fairly high levels of success behind power run, and zone blocking schemes similar to what the Panthers currently employ.
    So now that the preliminary information is out of the way let’s talk about, ‘The Fit’ : Coming out of Auburn’s Pistol attack I think CAP has a niche he’s already accustomed to and well suited for as he pairs with the likes of Cam Newton, and Jonathan Stewart among others in the back-field to show-case one of the more college influenced offenses in the NFL.
    If you take a look at his tape, you can see just how similar our Pistol run game is to the Auburn system he just left-

    That right there is where I think we’ll see the most impact with CAP as he grows as a rookie, in the Pistol, and Shotgun option looks. Just watching that video I see some characteristics that remind me of the way Jonathan Stewart runs for us as he tends to bounce off of tackles, and fall forward through the contact.
    So while I don’t think CAP will be our feature back this season or the next, he definitely should have more than enough opportunity excelling at what he excelled in at Auburn working from the Pistol, and Shotgun as he matures as an NFL runner. So if you don’t believe me just watch…

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  12. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Reggie Wayne a good fit for the Panthers?   

    Won't happen, I'm a Wayne fan, but this team is looking the future in the face already with Benjamin and Funchess. At this point I don't think Wayne offers more than a possession receiver role and we have Bersin, Cotchery, and possibly Boykin all vying for that role, as Ginn, and Brown are locks in my opinion behind the twin towers. 
    However I do think Wayne is an upgrade over Cotchery, Boykin, and Bersin. I just can't see it happening. 
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  13. SetfreexX added a post in a topic How the Panthers spend: Defensive tackles   

    Like a poster mentioned we'd have a substantial amount of room as Johnson's CAP hit will not be 20 million next year, there's also still 12 million in dead money on this season's books, and we're still sitting on 14 million in CAP space. I know we're used to CAP hell/restrictions under the previous regime but it seems we are preparing our CAP to bring back our core young players. Now I'm no CAP/Draft expert, but I'd guess we'd do as follows:
    1)Extend Luke, and Norman by next off-season 
    2)Extend KK in 2017 (iirc last year of 4yr rookie deal signed in 2013)
    3)Exercise 5th year option on Star for the 2018 season, and work on extension
    I think Gettleman has expressed his desire to retain core pieces and I think all the players above fall into that category. Draft quality players, sign less expensive veterans and over-looked talent at UDFA to fill out the roster. 
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  14. SetfreexX added a post in a topic NFC South Recieving Corps   

    The narrative was 'why was he was brought to the team', which is what the comments were related to. Now if you want to discuss his role moving forward you should've clarified that because this video is from THIS off-season. 
    We were discussing his original role, but Ed is NOT going to be the starting fullback, he is the second tight end, but he will see some H-Back opportunities, based on this video. 
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  15. SetfreexX added a post in a topic NFC South Recieving Corps   

    Only a dumb ass would post with no reference. 
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