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  1. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Big Cat is gonna owe me some money after I have to start going to therapy tomorrow.
  2. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    If Shula calls another delay handoff up the middle again for the rest of the game, we should leave him on the runway at the airport.
  3. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    How many times are our O Lineman gonna fall for the spin move?
  4. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Are we gonna run the same play on first down 95% of the time?
  5. A Madden Prediction for the Game

    Any chance Fox will hire this guy to replace Joe Buck and Troy?
  6. Hornets vs Jazz Viewing Thread

    Kemba finished with 52 points and is now the holder of the record for most points in a game in franchise history surpassing Glen Rice's 48.  Also the first 50+ point game in franchise history.
  7. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    If we can play against a team that doesn't have a RB, we may have a chance.
  8. Just saw this on Fanduel, Cam is probable.

    It's not the only source just one that came up when I searched on google.  She also has an Instagram account where she's wearing a Cam Newton jersey in one pic and all of the pics only show from the chest up.  No shots of her stomach. This is her Instagram account if you want to check it out.   Not saying that he is a dad now but there are signs that it's possible.
  9. Just saw this on Fanduel, Cam is probable.

    Well there were rumors back in July that Cam's girlfriend was pregnant.
  10. Zod what is this black bat nonsense?

    Unless Josh carried the bat onto the field once the game started and was beating the hell out of OBJ with it, this should be no deal at all.  The Giants, OBJ, and all of OBJ's nut huggers have realized today that the media, fellow players (past and present), and fans of the game of football have turned on him.  Now they have to do something to try to make excuses for why he acted like a jackass. 
  11. I love how all of these media guys haven't given two poos about this team most of the season but now that we are 2 games away from 16-0, they are all concerned about our players health.  Who they trying to fool?
  12. My view of the OBJ helmet to helmet

    If it would have been the other way and Josh speared himself into OBJ's head, Roger Goodell would strapped on a jet pack and flown onto the field to personally hand Josh his lifetime ban letter.
  13. Where Is This Team Headed?

    I know that it's still relatively early in the season but I have some questions about the team and in what direction you guys think it is headed.    1. I think re signing Nicolas Batum has to be the number one priority of the team right now.  With that said if he continues to play like he has so far does he deserve a max contract?    2.  Al will be returning soon from injury/suspension.  When he returns does he resume his roll of starer who averages 30 minutes or are his minutes cut with the emergence of some of the other guys?  What do we do with him?  Do we try to work out a trade or just keep him the rest of the season and let him go in free agency or do we re sign him?   3.  The team is currently in 7th place in the Eastern Conference but only 3 games out of 1st place.  I think we have had some good wins but I also think we have had some loses against teams that should had been wins.  Where do you think we finish?   4.  Do we make any moves by the trade deadline and if so what moves do you think me make?   5.  Do we re sign any of the other players that are going to be free agents at the end of the season?  Marvin Williams, Brian Roberts, Tyler Hansbrough, and Troy Daniels.  And do we pick up the team option of P.J. Hairston?
  14. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    I would head to the closest FedEx Kinkos (are those still around)  and make 1,000 copies and then put them all up on eBay.  Somebody has to make some money from all of that hard work you do.     Or, I would keep one and donate the rest to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame when the Panthers finish 19-0 and win the Super Bowl.
  15. Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    What are the odds that one of this weeks power rankings will have the Cardinals at #1 and us second?