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  1. Interesting you say that, because I can 100% confirm this with an interaction I had with Steve Smith while attending a "VIP Training Camp Experience". Not trying to drag the guy, but I personally lost a lot of respect for him after that. For sake of reference of time period, this was during the days of Hardy, who, from my experience that day, was pretty good dude.
  2. With JR out, and now Shula right behind him, how much was JR the reason Shula overstayed his welcome?
  3. Predict Mike Shula’s next job

    Owner, Carolina Panthers
  4. When asked about experience for replacement - references many years in NFL and previous years long ago in College - its Norv.
  5. I just want to stop listening....
  6. He's right - The offense certainly didn't do anything special to be special last week...
  7. According to Gruden on MNF, he is the best CB on the team. LMAO
  8. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    Clearly, the pilot is a saints fan.
  9. Eagles just got better.

  10. Curtis Samuel won't play Sunday

    Muhammy Muhammad....So Hurtis Samuel....??
  11. Curtis Samuel won't play Sunday

    If only he could stay healthy and we had a coaching staff that knew how to use talent, might be a different story
  12. Curtis Samuel won't play Sunday

    Anything to keep Shula from having to think.