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  1. Message boards are dying Igor. I would change strategy coming into the fall.
  2. Remember when we hated Peppers?
  3. Scenario: Saltman and L-Town had a gay adopted kid who they taught foozball. He liked football instead and eventuallly found both cheetos and the greatest game. #Panther
  4. I love wide ends and tight receivers. That may be backwards...
  5. He reminds me of Joel Bitonio. A guy people view as a guard that can be a long term starter at tackle anyways. Kinda of similar in style as well and after last years draft that was a guy we learned the brass was very high on.
  6. I wonder when the report was actually finished...just not yet released to the public. If it was before the draft, something seems fishy.
  7. I would suspend Brady half the season and a $1 mil fine. Straight up giving himself an advantage through bribes to the ball handlers/locker room guys. Giving yourself an in-game advantage should get games taken away. I think hell will be raised if there isn't one.
  8. I went and saw some funny stuff...what's even more interesting is the threads talking about Colt players not happy with Dorsett coming in. Dramaaaa
  9. It's what is inferred from the tests in the report
  10. This McNally will be making some headlines.
  11. Those texts between Jastremski and McNally. Just wow haha
  12. I have submitted a twitter message with the hashtags and such
  13. So breakdown: Shaq 54 Funchess 17 Daryl Williams 60 Mayo 55 Artis-Payne 45
  14. To be fair about the drop rate, wasn't KB's above 9%? Funchess is below 9 in the high 8s if I'm remembering correctly.