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  1. Keep an eye on this... Possible trade down....

    Broncos screwed us....again.
  2. How about "You're a tremendous player and we believe you would be a great fit in our system. We wish you the best, but in the rare event you aren't drafted, please consider our team." Boom. Problem solved.
  3. Skip (the master troll) Bayless is leaving ESPN in August

    Rumor has it the man studied in his early years under Andy Kaufman. The man is a genius
  4. Interesting "Consensus" Big Board

    A lot of variance for Corey Coleman. I wonder if there is any chance he could fall to 30. I was also very interested to see that German WR on there, but unfortunately he wasn't.
  5. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    Definitely a dumbass move but I think if they talk to him and he admits how dumb it was it will absolutely be a non-issue moving forward and won't affect his roster spot at all. I for one think there's no chance in hell he's cut this year unless he absolutely bombs in camp and preseason.
  6. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    I did 140+ in my Neon at about 3AM on I-485 at his age. Dumb, but not the end of the world.
  7. OK. What's the bet? When's the deadline until you admit you're wrong. Guaranteed, 100% Greg will never play in a Panthers uniform again. I have ZERO clue how on earth anyone could make that assumption based off of recent events.
  8.'s 7-round mock draft

    We draft Henry with Corey Coleman still on the board? Lololololololol
  9. Josh Norman hiring new agent to be lead on his new deal

    And last year people claimed he don't trade picks. It's still too small of a sample size. Smitty's dismissal wasn't $$$ related, it was his attitude. CJ's was $$$ related, and now he's back.
  10. Josh Norman hiring new agent to be lead on his new deal

    This could potentially be good news to us. Perhaps his new agent will listen to our offers and Josh's wishes.
  11. Panthers trading out of Round 1 more likely

    Bruh. Good find.
  12. With the Browns moving back to the 8th pick in the draft, and the Eagles and Rams surely taking the two QB's on the board, the Browns will most likely grab whatever blue chip player is left, but certainly won't reach for a QB at #8, as none of the prospects left warrant that type of pick. This means that the Browns could be a likely candidate to select a QB with their first pick in the second round, but with several teams needing a backup to groom (Dallas, Chargers, etc), or simply a full time starter, (Browns, Broncos, etc), in addition to the added value of the fifth year option (especially for a QB), it would make sense for the #30 pick currently held by the Panthers to be sought after as several teams could wish to jump in front of the onslaught of teams vying for a QB after we pick. Would you trade back 1-5 spots for an early 3rd? Would you be OK with the Gettle using that pick to trade back up again into the mid second round? Imagine securing players like Hunter Henry ANDSterling Shepard with our first two picks without giving up any of our original picks.
  13. Heathered Gray Draft Hats - Hot or Not?

    Kinda off topic, but does anyone know where I can get the all black hat with the gold Panther? I have a pic of TD wearing it, but don't know how to upload from my phone.
  14. I'd be uneasy with taking him in the 2nd round. Henry will NOT go in the first. He will most likely fizzle out in the pros. I can't wait till Thursday when all the shocked faces of those on the Henry bandwagon are left scratching their heads wondering "How can this be?" Commence thy hate.