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  1. RelaxImaPro

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    It was Jeremy’s tag on here for a long time... hell I thought it still was tbh
  2. RelaxImaPro

    Observations from camp today...

    On a completely unrelated note... why have we played the patriots in preseason game 3 so often here lately? Didn’t even realize it was them this year again until it was mentioned here.
  3. RelaxImaPro

    Video: Moore smokes Jackson

    Looks like Cam throwing it to me. Has his jersey rolled up like he normally does at training camp and looks like the same body movement Cam does as he's loading up to throw a pass.
  4. I cuss like a sailor and have defended Cam since day 1, still do, and will continue to do so as long as he’s our QB and catch the ridiculous amount of flak he has so far throughout his career. I don’t give a flying fug about cussing. ... That being said this is flat out just not a good look. It’s not about the cussing, it’s about the way you’re consciously conducting yourself (it’s a recorded video that he recorded and uploaded himself so he obviously made the decision beforehand to do it) as the face of a franchise and broadcasting it for the world to see. He’s doing it in every video nowadays. I didn’t say anything at first, but it’s starting to become a little much. No need for all that extra. He has millions of people watching, listening and tuning into him. He’s the face of our franchise, a superstar, one of the faces of the entire NFL, is paid very handsomely in the process, and yes, he’s a role model to countless children. I don’t think it’s too much to expect him to handle his words with a little more professionalism when he’s on camera, especially when he’s on camera by choice. All that poo aside, I really don’t give a damn if he drops 100 f-bombs in every video from here on out until the end of his fuging career, it’s just my 2 cents. I just personally don’t think he’s doing himself any favors by doing so and it’s gonna be a big deal to a lot of people.
  5. RelaxImaPro

    Brett Kollmann is doing a McCaffery video

    Don’t know who the hell that is but it sounds dope
  6. RelaxImaPro

    Scott Turner discusses Cam Newton

    Cam gonna hit 5,000+ all purpose yardage this season, 65%+ completion, and 2nd MVP. Gonna bust out some new celebration that takes the world by storm again as he styles his way all the way back to the Super Bowl. Gonna finally raise that Lombardi in his hometown of all places. Lol it'd be so awesome to win the Super Bowl in Atlanta.
  7. RelaxImaPro

    Julio Jones holding out

    The salary cap is what makes the league perennially competitive. The NFL would be a whole lot worse without it.
  8. RelaxImaPro

    Julio Jones holding out

  9. RelaxImaPro

    NFL Top 100

    In their preview last week they showed a small clip that had Cam and Rodgers in it and the statement "a former #1 makes his debut on the list next week". So I'm kind of expecting to see Cam on it now since A-Rod is likely going to be higher than the 20s. Either Cam is on it tonight or he's not on it at all.
  10. RelaxImaPro

    Maybe one more after 2018...J. Peppers hints

    Kevin Greene is in 3rd place with 160. Peppers is at 154.5... so if he doesn't pass Greene this year I could definitely see him coming back again. He doesn't really have a shot at 1st or 2nd place unless he places 3-4 more years at the level he did last season.
  11. RelaxImaPro

    The Last Jedi

    I read a couple of reviews and this one is supposed to have a pretty dope lightsaber fight in it. But yeah, the Darth Maul fight is probably my favorite in the series after Vader vs. Luke in ESB.
  12. RelaxImaPro

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Man I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. Probably like 2 hours in total... bout to get ready and hit the road to Charlotte
  13. RelaxImaPro

    One Carolina

    Damn, that's pretty impressive. I checked just for comparison's sake and it's nearly even with the Seahawks and Steelers twitter and a few 100,000 off from the Cowboys and Packers. There's only a handful of teams with more followers than us that I saw... those 4 and the Patriots. Patriots way up there ahead of everyone with 2.2 million. This team, fanbase and culture has done some serious growing this year.