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  1. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic My take on Kaminsky   

    You can revise it after the fact all you want to.  Everyone who was around during that time remembers all the crap you were talking about the pick.
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  2. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic My take on Kaminsky   

    This coming from the guy who bitched from the rooftops last year about the KB pick, I'd take it with a can of salt.
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  3. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Why didn't Clifford play Vonleh??   

    "I think we've seen the best Cody will be..."
    The dude is fuging 22 years old, and he too has had limited play time.  I don't know what the hell some people's deal is with Zeller, but he showed a lot of promise last season (you know, his 2nd damn season in the league... but yeah, "the best" he will be) until he got injured.
    I have no clue how some of you come to the conclusion that a sophomore 22 year old 7ft big man that can somewhat shoot with great athleticism that is still developing is already as good as he's going to be.  Let Cody add a more consistent mid range jumper, a speck of a post game, and passing and he will be a really damn good player.
    He's one of the few players we have worth keeping on the team.
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  4. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Top 5 since Jordan?   

    ​He is.  That whole "Kobe is clutch and LeBron isn't" is one of the biggest myths in the NBA.  In nearly every clutch statistic you can find LeBron is better than Kobe.  Game-winner percentage, less than 2 minutes, less than 4 minutes, 4th quarters in general, numbers when trailing and making a comeback, etc.  It became this popular narrative that was repeated ad nauseam until it became a circlejerk.
    Hell, even further than that LeBron is one of the best in the league in clutch situations IIRC.
    Yeah, he's had his moments where he failed in crunch time.  As has literally everyone else.
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  5. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    Lebron's standard is so ridiculously high that anything less than greatness night in and night out brings out the haters. And even after the great performances they still find something to nitpick or bitch about.
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  6. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    If the Cavs win this with no Kyrie or no Love... then for LeBron this will hands down be one of the single greatest accomplishments in the history of the NBA.  Maybe the greatest.  Losing your 2nd and 3rd best players - two All-Stars - and still making it to the Finals, and even win a Finals game (almost fuging 2-0 up on them) against a fully healthy Warriors team, at the toughest place to play, against one of the greatest teams statistically of all time...
    Dude is leaving it all on the floor right now.  He's averaging 41.5/12/8.5 in these first two games.
    And lol at the fuging irony of Kobe fans talking poo about someone going 11/34.  Guess what his statline was with that 11/34?  39, 16, and fuging 11.  He's doing everything on offense right now while letting all the other guys go hard on defense... while still defending his ass off as well.  He's literally playing PG, SF, SG, and PF all in one right now.
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  7. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    Thomas, you're a pretty good poster man... but holy poo that all goes completely out the window whenever you talk about LeBron.  You're probably more irrational about him than those Cam haters you see stinking up the comment sections of Yahoo, PFT, and Facebook.
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  8. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    ​I thought it was stupid as fug when it happened.  Two #1 overall picks in Wiggins and Bennett, AND a future fuging first?  For a player that was going to hit FA in one year?  A player that said he WANTED to play with LeBron... which meant you could've fuging got him in FA?
    Goddamn that whole thing was just... completely moronic and short-sighted.  Ignoring the fact they very likely would've had him a year later, that was a king's ransom they paid for him.
    Wiggins could very well be the best player in the world 10 years from now.  You know who is also going to be gone 10 years from now?  The current best player in the world, LeBron James.
    You fuged up Cleveland.
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  9. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    ​The Cavs without LeBron went immediately from a 66 win team to one of the worst teams in the league.  I also don't see Miami in the playoffs this year either even after discovering a budding superstar big man in Hassan Whiteside, which LeBron didn't have while there - which was also their biggest need by far the entire time he was there.
    LeBron goes back to the Cavs, who were still one of the worst teams in the league, and now has them about to head to the fuging Finals.  Without Kyrie, and without Love.
    Lol, he's pretty much carrying that garbage ass Knicks team to the Finals that was supposedly "so bad" that even a "superstar" like Carmelo couldn't make it to the playoffs with.
    Even if he doesn't get a ring this year, something needs to be said for just how much better he instantly makes a team.  He's by far the best player on the planet.
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  10. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    ​We're not talking about styles, we're talking about legacy, and where he'll rank among the all-time greats.  Of course Kobe is the more apt comparison to Jordan's style... he literally copy and pasted nearly every single one of Jordan's moves and mannerisms.  He tried his damnest to be a carbon copy of the man.  I also agree LeBron is more Magic than Jordan, but that's still a lazy comparison.  LeBron is LeBron.  There's never been a LeBron.
    But realistically, from an individual player-to-player standpoint, LeBron is better than Kobe ever was.  This coming from someone who loves some Kobe too.  The only ones that have a hard time accepting this are Kobe die hards who take it personal that LeBron is better for whatever reason.
    My original comment didn't have anything to do with comparing LeBron and Jordan, I just prefaced by saying "MJ is still the GOAT, but I can't think of another player in NBA history who's done this" in reference to LeBron, basically by himself, with a bunch of role players and banged up to hell and back... having his team up 3-0 in the ECF about to drag his team to the Finals.  IF he wins a title against that Warriors team... this is going to be a season for the fuging ages for LeBron.
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  11. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    Yeah, they're talking about bumping it up sooner if both Cavs and Warriors sweep, which it looks like they will.  Bad news for the Cavs.  That team needs some rest to heal up and whatnot big time.  Not just to get Kyrie back, but LeBron is on his last leg out there as well.
    The way things stand right now, Cavs are walking into a slaughter much like the Heat did into the Spurs in last year's Finals.
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  12. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    I'm a big LeBron fan, but I just don't see the Cavs getting by the Warriors unless he has the fuging series of his life or the Warriors just crumble under the spotlight - which I highly doubt they will.  They seem full of confidence right now.
    The Warriors are just too goddamn good this year.  I'd like to see Steph get him a ring as well, so it's a win-win for me whoever wins.  I'd just also like to see LeBron get a minimum of 3... and no better time than now to do it.
    I had the Cavs at a slim chance of making the Finals after Love went down for the remainder of the playoffs.  Then Kyrie fugs both his legs up and is like an old man out there and it was looking even worse... especially since LeBron has been battling back problems all year.  Then he severely rolled his ankle and strained his back even more last series.  Yeah, I thought it was over for 'em after that.  No Love/Kyrie and a really banged up and tired LeBron.
    fugs his wrist up and tweaks his knee this series, yet they're still somehow about to head to the Finals.  Hats off to Cleveland's role players as well... they're playing as one cohesive unit at the moment.
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  13. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    LeBron with 37-18-13 and 3 steals after starting off 0-10 and playing with a hurt back, knee, ankle, and wrist with no Kyrie or Love all series... yet still up 3-0 in the ECF.
    Dude is literally about to carry a team by himself full of role players and castoffs from around the league to the Finals without a second All-Star level player.  Mozgov, Shumpert, and JR are all from the Knicks and that team was fuging trash.  Really a legacy defining playoffs for him... just needs to go get that ring to top it off.
    LeBron, at the level he's been playing the past few years, surrounded by 4 other guys is pretty much an instant Finals contender.  MJ is still the GOAT and all, but I can't really think of another player like that in NBA history.
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  14. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    That's JR Smith.  He gets hot stretches and can make bad shot after bad shot... until he finally starts missing.  Then he just keeps taking bad shot after bad shot.  At that point it's just bad shots.
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  15. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    Nah I'm pulling for em.

    I'm a Lebron fan, and fug Atlanta in general. It's a double whammy for me.
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