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  1. Eh, Ginn normally seemed to catch the bullets and tough catches in traffic when here... it was always the wide fuging open balls where he usually had to track the ball over his shoulder that he seemed to always be 50/50 (or worse) on. Brees and Cam are obviously by far the best QBs Ginn has ever had throw him the ball, and that's reflected by him having his best seasons with those QBs, but I don't think using Cam's lasers against him is a very good argument in this specific case. About every Ted Ginn drop I can remember during his time here is with the dude streaking across the field for a sure TD and Cam puts it on the money, dropping it into a bread basket and Ginn just flat out drops it. I mean, Brees or no Brees, Ginn is just having one hell of an outlier season catch-wise for him. Dude is leading the fuging NFL in catch percentage. Ted fuging Ginn Jr.
  2. And just in case anyone was wondering, former Panther Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess are down at #31 and #39 respectively
  3. Bleacher Report says Greg will play vs. Jets

    Well, as long as Bleacher Report says it... But seriously though, pretty sure he's been expected to come back against the Jets from the moment he was put on IR way back in week 2.
  4. Brady's never had an elite defense? Lol what? Brady's had a top 10 defense for most of his career bro. Some crazy poo like 13 years he's had a top 10 defense to back him up. Several of those years it was top 3 in the league or outright the best in the league. Brady has also had the greatest thing a QB could ever have his entire career too. An elite head coach. And not just any elite head coach... but possibly the greatest fuging head coach of all time. And Brees had a pretty damn elite defense in 2013. It was like top 3 or top 4 in nearly every category that year IIRC. They finished 11-5, 2nd place in the division and got knocked out in the divisional round. Had a top 5 defense in 2010 and finished 2nd place in the division, 11-5 and knocked out in the wildcard round. Hell, speaking of coaches I'd take Mr. Vicodin over Rowboat Ron any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  5. Hope they at least pull one more out their ass against the Falcons. I ain't wishing injuries on anyone and hate that happened to them but honestly, it's about fuging time some poo like this happens to Seattle. Team has been consistently one of the most fortunate teams I've ever seen in my life... in basically all facets of football the past several years. They've somehow managed to stay pretty damn healthy all these years.
  6. Haven't really extensively watched many of the games this year from an analytical perspective but the Dolphins game was one of them... just to get a grasp of what was going right. Cam, to me anyways, for the first time this year finally looked fully comfortable and confident in the offense similar to the same level he regularly showed back in 2015 when he legit consistently looked like one of the best QBs in the league that was taking advantage of all aspects of the game: pre snap calling audibles at the LOS, using his cadence to draw the defense offsides, going through progressions and looking off safeties with his eyes combined with pump fakes and throwing with anticipation before the route was finished, etc. etc. We had of course always seen flashes of this from him all throughout his career, and even prolonged stretches over the course of several games... but 2015 was what seemed like the "Ah ha!" moment and the lightbulb came on and stayed on. And obviously Monday it translated to the stat sheet with a 2015 type of statline and his best game statistically since that season. Hopefully he can keep that same rhythm, confidence and comfort-ability going forward... because when he's utilizing the QB game to the fullest at a high level combined with his absurd physical gifts then the dude is literally hands down the best player in the league and we become damn near unstoppable. There's always other factors of course, but sometimes he just let's poo snowball, begins pressing, lets himself become one-dimensional and begins making silly mistakes and everything that adds up to make him an all-time great caliber player goes out the window.
  7. Never really understood the Funchess hate. After being somewhat hyped for him after the draft I was a little ticked at him the first half or so of 2015 because he dropped like twice as many footballs as he caught before he finally settled down, but he's obviously always had potential and was young as poo. Once I actually saw him move on the field in a live NFL game and start comfortably making hands catches in traffic I've always thought he had the potential to be a better WR than KB. Devin is easily the better athlete between the two. Also KB is already close to turning 27 in his 4th year. Devin just turned 23 in his 3rd... same age as rookie KB. Funch is already pretty much just as good as KB if not better and barring some unforeseeable BS Funch is going nowhere but up from here on out while KB basically is who he is at this point.
  8. Who to root for/against, Week 11 Version

    Tennessee @ Pittsburgh Don't care Detroit @ Chicago Chicago since Detroit is in the running for a wild card Washington @ New Orleans Like you said, obvious pick is obvious Kansas City @ New York (Giants) Pulling for the Giants just to hopefully have them achieve even the slightest bit of momentum to later give the Eagles a loss even however likely that may be. A Giants loss literally has zero bearing on our season so that's about the only reasoning I can come up with. They're already a top 5 draft pick team Jacksonville @ Cleveland Don't care Tampa Bay @ Miami It's a rival but gonna pull for TB here. Their season is basically over already, just gimme that SOV I guess Los Angeles (Rams) @ Minnesota Either or but leaning towards the Rams. Just gonna be a fun game (which I unfortunately won't be able to watch) to watch and enjoy some football. Bonus is our boy Greg Olsen will be commentating. Baltimore @ Green Bay Baltimore is a no brainer here. You want GB to lose as many games as possible so Rodgers isn't activated for our game. Our game is the earliest he can be activated and if they are out the playoff picture by that time then there's a good chance he's iced for the rest of the season Arizona @ Houston Arizona for the same reasons you mentioned Buffalo @ Los Angeles (Chargers) Chargers. fug SOS and SOV here... that BS rarely ever comes into play. I'll take the higher draft slots thank you very much. Cincinnati @ Denver Agreed. fug Denver. New England @ Oakland As much as I hate seeing NE win, I guess I'll take the minuscule SOS SOV perk seeing as we literally have no dog in the fight here otherwise. Philadelphia @ Dallas Kinda split here. Dallas is in the running for a wildcard spot and the NFC is tough as hell this year... but there's a chance we could still fight for the #1 or #2 seed... idk, either outcome is favorable for us. Atlanta @ Seattle Seattle. I don't see Seattle winning a whole lot more games this year after all the injuries they've sustained in the last week. If they can at least win this one to help keep ATL off our tails then it's a nice win in my book. I think the Seahawks are about to hit a taildive in the final stretch of the season. Also I'm operating mostly under the assumption that the Saints win the division. I mean, obviously we still have a shot at the division and more... but we really hurt our chances with that Eagles loss that we should've won and Chicago meltdown. We basically have to run the table from here on out to have a shot at the top two seeds. For the division we either have to beat the Saints and not lose any more than 1, maybe 2, other game(s) or hope for them to have a late season collapse to win the division. We have 3 pretty tough games left: Saints @ NO, Falcons @ ATL, and the Vikings at home. The Saints in the Brees/Payton era are tough as hell to beat at home. Way more so when they're playing like they have been this year. Sorry, but I'm just expecting a loss that game. We could still very easily finish 10-6 so we should definitely be looking at the potential upcoming wild card race.
  9. Cam joins the 4000 club

    Also, funny thing to keep an eye on over the course of his career: Cam, as a quarterback, is on pace to crack top 15 all-time rushing TDs if he plays a full lengthy QB career. 12 of those top 15 rushing TD leaders are HOF RBs with one of them still being an active player in Adrian Peterson. So basically 13 since AP is a sure-fire 1st ballot HOFer. He doesn't seem to be slowing down his rushing TD production much at all and there's no reason to think he'll ever stop being a rushing TD weapon at the goal line. So yeah, interesting thing to keep track of as his career unfolds and if he does hit that benchmark then he should be a guaranteed 1st ballot HOFer. Hell, even right now there's only 6 active RBs higher than him in the all-time rushing TD list: AP, Forte, Lynch, McCoy, CJ2K, and Frank Gore. All 6 of those dudes are either at or nearing the end of their career and Cam ain't far behind any of them besides AP, Lynch and Gore. Lol once they all retire Cam will be the active rushing TD leader and be passing a few of them up in all-time the next few years provided he stays healthy. I don't know for sure but I'd be willing to bet everything there's never been a QB that was the active NFL rushing TD leader.
  10. Cam joins the 4000 club

    He'll never get credit for it outside his fanbase, but like @iamhubby1 said, he somewhat revolutionized the modern QB position after his rookie season. Immediately after his rookie season and the introduction of the read option to the NFL you started seeing the RG3's, Kaepernick's, Wilson's of the world and even now guys like Watson, Prescott, Taylor and Wentz. He's had a lot of ups and downs but Cam was the catalyst for this sudden influx of new age QBs you see in the league today. I didn't include Luck since he was already a shoe-in prospect before we even knew what Cam was going to be but even he is pretty damn similar in play style to Cam. If they take impact to the game into account along with his production and accolades then Cam should no doubt be a shoe-in for the HOF
  11. Curtis Samuel earned his Panther card

    Dude earned his Panther card from me after MNF even though he didn't finish it. He'd already show flashes in his limited snaps all season but it seemed like he was really starting to get comfortable starting with the Atlanta game. If he can stay healthy he's going to be a damn good player for us. That play where he got hammered over the middle, in the air, literally as soon as the ball hit his hands yet still held on was a damn straight up grown man catch. Even one of his kick returns, which wasn't anything spectacular statistically speaking, he showed some real grit stiff arming one dude, spinning off another only to get gang tackled and still fighting for YAC. Almost looks like a Steve Smith lite at times. Hate his season is over, not just because it obviously effects us as a team, but it really seemed like the light was starting to come on and we were currently in a situation where he was going to get plenty of opportunities to showcase his talent. He had right under 50 yards right at the start of the 3rd QTR before that injury IIRC. Hell if he finished the game he potentially could have hit the 100+ mark with the way we started moving the ball around that time. On top of all that he just seems like a genuinely good dude. Get well brother and come back even better next season.
  12. Teams Stats Through 10 Games

    Total offensive stats are misleading. We're one of the only teams that hasn't had a bye yet. Going by per game statistics and our offense is pretty middle of the pack.
  13. General Gameday thread...

    Well... gonna be extremely hard to beat these fugers in the dome. Shouldn't have let them come to BOA and punch us in the mouth because they're always a hell of a lot tougher at home. Especially when they're winning.
  14. General Gameday thread...

    Hurricane Harvey refs