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  1. RelaxImaPro

    Julio Jones holding out

    The salary cap is what makes the league perennially competitive. The NFL would be a whole lot worse without it.
  2. RelaxImaPro

    Julio Jones holding out

  3. RelaxImaPro

    NFL Top 100

    In their preview last week they showed a small clip that had Cam and Rodgers in it and the statement "a former #1 makes his debut on the list next week". So I'm kind of expecting to see Cam on it now since A-Rod is likely going to be higher than the 20s. Either Cam is on it tonight or he's not on it at all.
  4. RelaxImaPro

    Maybe one more after 2018...J. Peppers hints

    Kevin Greene is in 3rd place with 160. Peppers is at 154.5... so if he doesn't pass Greene this year I could definitely see him coming back again. He doesn't really have a shot at 1st or 2nd place unless he places 3-4 more years at the level he did last season.
  5. RelaxImaPro

    Good morning ya bastids!

    Woah, tone down the white supremacist oppression there now Marty McRacist. That grammar was perfectly consistent with my internal dialect.
  6. RelaxImaPro

    Good morning ya bastids!

    Holy poo, I thought this was a joke... until I realized it wasn’t. You’re a great poster Philly, but damn you’re really starting to go over the deep end with this white guilt thing.
  7. RelaxImaPro

    Chris Simms on ESPN ranked Cammy Cam #6 QB

    Cam bout to be #1 after this season. Can't wait to see what this offense looks like now that motha fuging Shula is gone.
  8. OP is a Falcons fan after all, so being stupid really isn't surprising.
  9. Come on Peppers, don't do this poo again.
  10. Lol for real. He had 7 TDs in 2011 IIRC... and had at least like 7 more where he was stopped right at the goal line. If we had 2011 or before Steve Smith with Cam nowadays? Jeeze. Sucks that Smitty started slowing down considerably after 2011 and that Cam was still raw as fug that year, because Steve was still playing at a top 3 WR level at that point.
  11. I was sitting there watching that and thinking to myself, "Damn, maybe LaFell wasn't all that bad"... then I suddenly started remembering the millions of balls that bounced off his hands right into the waiting arms of defenders and all the lazy ass routes he would run and outright give up on. He could've been a lot better, but he just didn't seem to jive here for whatever reason. Also he could never handle Cam's rocket passes. There was like a 25/50/25 chance of a completion, incompletion, or interception when Cam would fire it LaFell's way.
  12. I mean... you don't HAVE to run to pass the ball well, but running the ball well (key word: running the ball WELL) certainly helps open up the pass game and there's no denying that. It's always worth at least trying to see if you can get in a rhythm running at some point to help take a load off your passing game. On the other hand, running the ball poorly can certainly hurt your pass game really bad if you're constantly in 3rd and long obvious passing situations because you just wasted the first 2 downs running the ball and losing yards or only gaining a yard or two. Passing the ball effectively can obviously also help open up the run game. There. Just saved you all that time of reading/compiling a bunch of rhetorical stats. It's pretty damn basic stuff. Me personally, unless it's the obvious strength of your team, I don't want to be limited in being a run-first or pass-first team. I'd rather go after whatever the hell the opposing team's weakness is and exploit it. That's what the Patriots do. Team showing they're struggling against the run? Run it down their fuging throats. Looking like they can't cover anything worth a damn? Sling that mother fuger like no tomorrow. No discernible weakness? Well keep em off-balance and keep it mixed up or hit them with something new you haven't used before. Sadly, a lot of coaches seem to get too wrapped up in what they want to do ahead of time and don't really develop much of a plan B or C, or adapt to the flow of the game.
  13. RelaxImaPro

    Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    What's stopping you guys from hitting on her if you see her? Not like Matt could protect her anyway.
  14. RelaxImaPro

    The Last Jedi

    I read a couple of reviews and this one is supposed to have a pretty dope lightsaber fight in it. But yeah, the Darth Maul fight is probably my favorite in the series after Vader vs. Luke in ESB.
  15. RelaxImaPro

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Man I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. Probably like 2 hours in total... bout to get ready and hit the road to Charlotte