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  1. Good morning ya bastids!

    Woah, tone down the white supremacist oppression there now Marty McRacist. That grammar was perfectly consistent with my internal dialect.
  2. Good morning ya bastids!

    Holy poo, I thought this was a joke... until I realized it wasn’t. You’re a great poster Philly, but damn you’re really starting to go over the deep end with this white guilt thing.
  3. Chris Simms on ESPN ranked Cammy Cam #6 QB

    Cam bout to be #1 after this season. Can't wait to see what this offense looks like now that motha fuging Shula is gone.
  4. OP is a Falcons fan after all, so being stupid really isn't surprising.
  5. Come on Peppers, don't do this poo again.
  6. Lol for real. He had 7 TDs in 2011 IIRC... and had at least like 7 more where he was stopped right at the goal line. If we had 2011 or before Steve Smith with Cam nowadays? Jeeze. Sucks that Smitty started slowing down considerably after 2011 and that Cam was still raw as fug that year, because Steve was still playing at a top 3 WR level at that point.
  7. I was sitting there watching that and thinking to myself, "Damn, maybe LaFell wasn't all that bad"... then I suddenly started remembering the millions of balls that bounced off his hands right into the waiting arms of defenders and all the lazy ass routes he would run and outright give up on. He could've been a lot better, but he just didn't seem to jive here for whatever reason. Also he could never handle Cam's rocket passes. There was like a 25/50/25 chance of a completion, incompletion, or interception when Cam would fire it LaFell's way.
  8. I mean... you don't HAVE to run to pass the ball well, but running the ball well (key word: running the ball WELL) certainly helps open up the pass game and there's no denying that. It's always worth at least trying to see if you can get in a rhythm running at some point to help take a load off your passing game. On the other hand, running the ball poorly can certainly hurt your pass game really bad if you're constantly in 3rd and long obvious passing situations because you just wasted the first 2 downs running the ball and losing yards or only gaining a yard or two. Passing the ball effectively can obviously also help open up the run game. There. Just saved you all that time of reading/compiling a bunch of rhetorical stats. It's pretty damn basic stuff. Me personally, unless it's the obvious strength of your team, I don't want to be limited in being a run-first or pass-first team. I'd rather go after whatever the hell the opposing team's weakness is and exploit it. That's what the Patriots do. Team showing they're struggling against the run? Run it down their fuging throats. Looking like they can't cover anything worth a damn? Sling that mother fuger like no tomorrow. No discernible weakness? Well keep em off-balance and keep it mixed up or hit them with something new you haven't used before. Sadly, a lot of coaches seem to get too wrapped up in what they want to do ahead of time and don't really develop much of a plan B or C, or adapt to the flow of the game.
  9. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    What's stopping you guys from hitting on her if you see her? Not like Matt could protect her anyway.
  10. lol no. that place overall is still toxic as fug whenever they get even the smallest chance at bashing cam and seem to only begrudgingly show him respect whenever he does something awesome, if that. like the clay matthews thing, as big a place as r/nfl is it was literally one of the last places that whole thing took off at due to users downvoting the poo out of it in attempt to hide it and mods outright deleting it. also, this banner was done for every fanbase. just switch flairs and a different one pops up.
  11. 2015 damn near killed football for me. Like I literally don't even enjoy it nearly as much anymore. Even back during the bad seasons I'd still look forward to every Sunday like a kid anticipating Christmas (well maybe not 2010, but I still begrudgingly waited for and watched every game)... but the ending to that season straight up sucked the joy of the game right out of me. Both 2016 and 2017 have been 'meh' as fug to me. I've even outright missed games after I had like a decade long streak without missing a single one. I mean it wasn't intentional and it was only a couple, but I damn sure didn't completely plan my Sunday's around football like in the past. To go as high as we did that year only to just straight up not show up during the Super Bowl. Even still a pretty damn bitter and tough pill to swallow. I don't know what team showed up in San Francisco for Super Bowl 50 that day, but it damn sure wasn't the same 2015 Panthers I had seen all year. The team must have felt the same way because that poo carried right on over into 2016. It's like we were the exact sorry ass team from that Super Bowl all year in 2016 and it was a constant reminder.
  12. Well no surprise there. If we weren't completely ignored overall as a franchise then it would rightly be put up there with the 2007 Patriots as one of the best teams to not win the Super Bowl for that given season. That team was better than most Super Bowl winners from other seasons and we were without question the best team in the league that year and everyone knew it. We were outright just kicking ass every week, a lot of times blowing teams out by half time, laughing and having fun while doing it. Lol we were so good we kicked off a global phenomenon in the dab. Yeah, Cam didn't invent it but he sure as fug popularized the absolute poo out of it. It basically became synonymous with winning and doing something good - which we were doing a lot of - as it gained pop culture fame. One hell of a season that only comes around to a fan base once in a lifetime. fuging shame we lost SB50. Seasons like that capped off with a Super Bowl win are what make franchises and it would've been remembered as one of those legendary teams like the '85 Bears. Now it'll be forgotten before long and people already seem to have forgotten we also started poo like that 'take a group photo while the game is still going on' trend that teams like the Saints, Eagles, Jags, etc. just straight jacked from us. Lol back when we were doing it all you heard about was how "lame" and "unsportsmanlike" it was, yet now we spawned a bunch of copycats and fans and the media are eating it up.

    Yeah, sugar really is one of the big ones and something that would help a fug ton if you just did something as simple as quit drinking sodas. A serving of Coca Cola has like 28g-35g's of sugar in it and it's one of the lower ones on the sugar spectrum of other soft drinks. One 2 liter bottle has roundabout 100x the amount of sugar that your body should ingest within an entire year span. From one fuging 2 liter bottle of Coke. That's not even counting all the other ridiculous amounts of sugar you get from other sources. So yeah. People on average ingest way, way, WAY too much sugar nowadays... and it's been that way for a while now. But then again, it's every fuging where and in every fuging thing. poo is killing us, but at least it tastes good, right? Now go take you a sip of that ice cold refreshing Coke.
  14. Nintendo Being Nintendo

    what in the blue hell did i just watch
  15. Steve had Weinke, Peete, 157 year old Testeverde, Moore, Clausen, St. Pierre, David Carr, and "Bad" Jake. And "Bad" Jake was just as bad as any of those fugers. Hell, like mentioned earlier, Steve really only had like 3 seasons of "Good" Jake. By the time Cam got here Smitty was 32 years old and Cam was still learning the game. He gets to Baltimore at ass end of his career with Flacco, who really isn't anything special. Steve hasn't exactly had it good QB wise over his career. That's not even to mention we were always one of the bottom 5 passing teams outside of like 1 season or 2 over his entire career here all the while he would always be facing double coverage.