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  1. I feel like we bust out the no huddle early on in this one, catching the Saints off guard defensively, start executing a bit more of this "evolved" offense and drop 41 on em.
  2. It's just a taaad bit too early to go by this I think, but I've always found DVOA to be pretty damn reliable as the season begins getting underway. Usually the teams at the top of these lists really do look like the best teams in football and a lot of times have the records to match... with a few anomalies once in a while. So yeah, it's something to be hopeful for I guess.
  3. Defense | Too Legit to Quit

    Defense is all world while the offense is all pop warner. Hell, that may be a sleight to pop warner offenses
  4. Damn what a joke of an offensive performance
  5. Check out this evolved offense everybody
  6. Seen him catch the ball and stay on his feet like 3 times in that entire highlight video. Lol looked like a 6'6" 250+ lb slow ass Philly Brown.
  7. And beat probably the greatest team of all time. I don't like the Giants, but damn I respect 'em.
  8. Big day tomorrow....

    lucky sob
  9. All it really did was remind me of the Super Bowl... and then became a Cam dabbing, etc. highlight dance video with a shitty rap song playing in the background. It had potential for a second, but that's about it. Nothing close to goosebumps,
  10. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    Yeah, I remember the dude. I did my fair share of neg repping him back then.
  11. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    Either that, or you're like some Peppers propaganda aggregator shitposting bot that compiles together everything Julius Peppers related on the internet and dumps it off on random unsuspecting forums for whatever reason. Bring back neg rep plz
  12. Maybe I just haven't been following it good enough, but it seemed like he hit the ground running early on in training camp... but I literally don't think I've heard hardly anything else about him this past week. Basically ever since Cam stopped throwing.
  13. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    You've got a seriously unhealthy obsession with Peppers, dude. You've literally been doing this same exact poo for years, on multiple boards at that. I'm genuinely worried for your health when Peppers finally hangs it up.
  14. How many INTs has Bradberry had so far this camp? Maybe I'm just misremembering past training camps... but damn it seems like a disproportionately huge amount compared to DBs from our other camps.
  15. I know exactly what you mean, man. I was there too and have tried to describe the experience of that game (and the tailgating all day leading up to it) to everyone and can never do it justice. I also still hear the "SU-PER BOWL!" chants in my head from time to time. That fuging stadium was rocking in the 4th quarter. Lol at one point the thought actually crossed my hammered drunk ass mind the son of a bitch might collapse with all those people jumping up and down acting crazy.