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  1. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic A Saints fan's "Scouting Report" re: Panthers   

    I actually hope they put Browner instead of Lewis on KB.  Browner is a physical corner, which plays right into KB's biggest strength.  Unless they want to throw flag after flag, the refs are going to let a lot of poo slide in that match up since KB won't be being covered by a midget that's gonna go flailing like a Raggedy Anne doll once KB puts his hands on him.
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  2. RelaxImaPro added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    If you didn't think you could love TD any more, think again
    So, in the Dorm Room Essentials video from the Panthers site we get a quick look at TD's refrigerator, which he packed up and brought from home...
    Here it is:

    Dude is a  Panther to the core.  Rocking a Panthers refrigerator.
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  3. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Thank god D.G picked Star instead of.....   

    Forgot running from the cops too.
    And I'm pretty sure having that minor in the car will be classified as kidnapping.
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  4. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Thank god D.G picked Star instead of.....   

    Dude was high and had a loaded gun in the car too... with a minor while running from the cops at speeds up to 143 MPH, and running red lights and poo...
    Yeah, dude is fuged.  That's way worse than any domestic violence case.
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  5. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Martin doesn't sign retirement papers by 4 pm   

    He shouldn't get paid jack poo, it was his choice to agree to join the team and show up to those OTAs, just like it was his choice to dick around and wait until the last minute and then blindside every one with the news of his retirement... and even still dragging out that process so that we instead cut him and he gets some guaranteed money.  The whole thing was just a bitch move, and Gettleman seem pretty irritated about it in his interview.
    As far as I'm concerned, he received some free access to top of the line workout facilities and nutrition while he was here, and has done nothing in his time with us worth getting paid for.  In fact right now he's done just the opposite.  He's causing the team problems.
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  6. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Martin doesn't sign retirement papers by 4 pm   

    Hated the signing when it was first announced, despite needing all the help we can get at OT... hate it even more now.  Dude wasted everyone's time, and suddenly decides to retire literally days before training camp.
    Someone else could've had this dude's spot and minicamp/OTA reps.
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  7. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Mismatch?   

    There are two types of people in this world.  Those who are 6'5", and those who are not 6'5".
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  8. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic RR/Getty PC today   

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  9. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Steve Smith Article   

    Man, this comment almost got me mad enough to sign up and let that Ravens fan know somethin

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  10. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Why your team sucks: Atlanta Falcons   

    Megatron's butthole... lmao
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  11. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Gettleman's Q & A about Cam: "He's developing at a solid rate."   

    People have gotten too impatient with Cam because how good he was right out the gate.
    Does no one remember how we pretty much accepted the fact that he was going to be a bit of a project when we drafted him?  That he was a project with huge potential.
    Then his rookie season happens, and it's like everyone completely forgot all of that.  As good as he was out the gates, and is now, he's still that same project we drafted back in early 2011 that's been learning on the fly.  He's made huge strides as a pocket passer, and is continuing to get better.
    What Gettleman said is 100% correct.
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  12. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Once in a Blue Moon?   

    Anyone know where that phrase "once in a blue moon" comes from?  Just throwing it out there that it doesn't have anything to do with the moon actually being blue.
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  13. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Who will be the worst team in the NFL this year   

    I know SF had one hell of a rough offseason and Harbaugh is gone, but I still don't see them dropping all the way to one of the 3 worst teams in the league.  That team was absolutely stacked before... like ridiculously loaded.  Even more so than the Seahawks.  All of their losses have simply just made them below-average-to-average now.
    They seem more along the lines of the 5-11 to 7-9 range.  4-12 at worst.  8-8 at best.
    This is a weird season to me, because I really can't get a bead on any teams that I feel are the clear-cut worst like I usually can most seasons.  Guess I'll just say the Titans.  Not really feeling Mariota.
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  14. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Panthers sign OT Tony Hills and G Davonte Wallace and waive RB Darrin Reaves   

    Wheelin' and dealin', baby
    Super Bowl here we come
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