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  1. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic MGS 5 launch trailer   

  2. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Epic Twitter response from @Panthers   

    Some Falcons fan posted a picture of Paul Worrilow's scrub ass saying he was better in response to the Luke pic
    Lmao.  The bad part is you can't tell if he's joking or not, because some of them homers extremely, extremely overrate the fug out that guy.
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  3. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    Holy poo, Matt Ryan is not an elite QB.  He's not even a consensus top 10 QB.  Good QB?  Absolutely.  There's nothing about him that's amazing, but he's decent to good at a lot of things... he can slice a defense up if you let him, but at the same time he has his own share of flaws.  He's very inconsistent in sensing pressure - downright oblivious at times, if you rattle him then a lot of times he'll beat himself, he's damn near useless if the line breaks down and defenders get in his face, and his arm strength is mediocre at best.  Not to mention he seems like a huge pussy when it comes to contact.  Seen him avoid going after fumbled balls that he could've recovered, gave up on trying to stop pick 6's he could've stopped, and sliding mere feet away from the endzone when the team was down and it was 3rd/4th down.
    If Manning continues to play like he did towards the end of last year then there's really only 3 elite ones in the league right now unless someone steps up to join.  Those 3 would be Rodgers, Brees, and Brady.
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  4. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    Damn right you will, and very much deservedly so
    Lol no
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  5. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   


    Wait... you were serious?
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  6. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Rookie report cards   

    Round 1 (25) Shaq Thompson, OLB, Washington - A+++Round 2 (41) Devin Funchess, WR, Michigan - A++++Round 4 (102) Daryl Williams, OG, Oklahoma - A+++++++Round 5 (169) David Mayo, LB, Texas State - ARound 5 (174) Cameron Artis-Payne, RB, Auburn - A++
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  7. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic This Jarrett Boykin highlight vid makes me feel good..   

    Wouldn't get too excited about those highlights.  We still have Shula, who's about as offensively adept as your typical goldfish.
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  8. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Can we once and for all retire the name "Philly"?   

    Better yet, can we once and for all retire the dumbass caring about other people preferring to call him Philly?
    It's his fuging nickname.  His middle name is Phillip and he's from Philadelphia, home of the Philly Cheesesteak.  His twitter handle is phillybrown, he introduced himself as Philly, the coaches and teammates call him Philly.
    One blown out of proportion comment in passing that he said one time months ago to the media, who are supposed to be professional anyways, doesn't mean "OMG guys he hates the name Philly!  We shouldn't call him that!" you sensitive PC mother fugers.
    This has to be the most annoying thing that's constantly brought up on this forum.
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  9. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    Well CBS, that does it.  You're not invited to my Super Bowl after party.
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  10. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Does Charles Tillman have a chance at Comeback Player of the Year?   

    All Eric Berry has to do is make it through the season to win.  It's his award to lose.
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  11. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    Haha that Cam thread with TRD and TruCatzFan going back and forth.  Sorry, but the huddle is at its best and most entertaining when you have a couple of dumbasses like that to spice things up.
    I think I was one of the few that didn't hate the Kuechly pick at the time, but I wasn't particularly ecstatic about it either.
    I hyped Lamont Bryant up like crazy after that one preseason game where he looked pretty good and had that great catch.  Started calling him a Megatron level athlete, and the only reason he went undrafted was character concerns, and wasn't on the roster because he didn't know the playbook.  Was convinced he was going to be a stud... but I had to keep rationalizing and rationalizing why we weren't using him until he was cut and no one else signed him either.
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  12. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic So the Metal Gear Solid V initial reviews are rolling out...   

    Apparently pachinko machines, the virtual story themed slot machines, basically print money over there in Japan.  Their reasoning was to "trim the fat" so to speak.  Console games cost way too much to develop and produce with too little of a payoff.  Mobile games cost next to nothing to make in comparison along with a short dev time and is pretty much guaranteed to rake in a profit.  Pachinko machines even more so.  You just set them up at locations and it rakes in money.
    Yeah, it's pretty shitty business on their part and a huuuge slap in the face of every fan of any of their series that bought their products and made them into the company they are today.  Hopefully it'll backfire and the pachinko market crashes horribly... but Japan seems to love quirky poo like that, so I dunno.  Company will probably make more money than ever.
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  13. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic So the Metal Gear Solid V initial reviews are rolling out...   

    A new CEO took over and he's putting all the company's chips into some kind of dumbass Japanese virtually interactive slot machine business... that and mobile games for tablets and phones and poo.  But mostly slot machines.  They've basically shutdown the console game division from my understanding.
    They cancelled all games in early-to-mid development including those from the Silent Hill and Castlevania series.  MGS5 would've gotten the axe too, but it was too far along in development.  They've also shown no willingness to sell the rights to those series to other game companies to keep them alive.
    So, any future installment of MGS/Silent Hill/Castlevania/etc will either be on a cell phone... or a fuging slot machine... exclusively in Japan.  Sad end to one of the most influential and iconic video game series of all time.
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  14. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Since it seems the infection has already run its course it shouldn't take very long at all for a place as densely populated as LA to fall... much less for everyone to be seeing or hearing about Walkers with much more frequency.
    170 people die in LA per day on average.  In an unsuspecting metropolitan area it probably wouldn't take more than a dozen walkers to do some serious damage in less than a single day's time.  Much less 170.  Each one of those 170 are going to kill a few to multiply that number... so on and so forth.  The walker numbers should theoretically be in the tens of thousands within a single day in a huge city.  That was even noted in the original Walking Dead IIRC when they talked about how quickly Atlanta fell, a far less populated city by comparison.
    The pilot itself seems to take place over the course of 3 days or so... with the first known instance of a walker happening on that first day, yet all that time later... still hardly nothing.
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  15. RelaxImaPro added a post in a topic So the Metal Gear Solid V initial reviews are rolling out...   

    And for what it's worth, this is the last one.  Hideo Kojima, the creator of the series, has parted ways with Konami... and apparently Konami is pretty much abandoning console gaming altogether once this is released.
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