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  1. Stewart Plants a Redskin into the Field

    I was watching the game with my wife's folks at their thanksgiving.  When this happened I yelled, "GET THE fug OFF ME!!!!" Everybody got really quiet. 
  2. These guys look like they're about the drop the hottest AARP mix tape.  
  3. Caption this Official....

    He's even more beautiful than I imagined....
  4. Walking Dead Season 6

    I wonder who's going to get it.  
  5. What did I say about talking about going undefeated?     Never. Talk. About. It.  
  6. No one will believe me, but I swear...

    I was driving to Charlotte with my then girlfriend.  I was sooo fuging hungry and I wanted Chinese food really bad.  It was completely silent no conversation just listening to the radio.  I turned to her and opened my mouth and she looked at me and we both said "Chinese food" at exactly the same time.  It's when I knew she was the one.  I still get chills thinking about it. 
  7. One year ago...

      Because I'd never be able to sleep in my own bed again after making a trillion jokes about trying to remove the stick out of my wife's ass.  
  8. Bad Juju

    It's ok, I shaved my beard before the Seattle game.  You see what happened there.  
  9. I met a stripper on Friday ...

    Two years later and this is still gold. 
  10. Trai Turner is not nice.

    If my pull out game was a strong as Trai Turner's, then I wouldn't have two kids....
  11. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

      Totally understand that reasoning but this is when the individual franchises have to step in and say no.  Regardless of "innocence" in the eyes of the court, we think it's best that you look for employment elsewhere.  Goodell shouldn't have to suspend him again because no franchise should want a woman beater on their team.  
  12. Color Rush Unis?

    We're gonna look like blue raspberry airheads.    With silver helmets.
  13. Something Incorruptible