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  1. Well, if you're 5' 7" or under and 175 pounds, then it's probably not that big a deal. If you're 6' 5" and 240 pounds, you'd probably rupture your own spleen. Looked bad at the time, but the first replay told a different story.
  2. Maybe I could see the recent memory thing, but every player in the NFL knew what Cam and the Panthers were doing last season. The entire NATION knew what Cam and the Panthers were doing last season. Von Miller had a pretty good season. Nothing spectacular at all - just pretty good. I don't think anyone will put him ahead of Watt, Cam, Gronk, and Brady just because of one game - albeit the biggest single game in all of sports. Tell you what, take away the Super Bowl and where would you have Von in the top 100? Probably not even in the top 20.
  3. i doubt it. Von Miller had a better Super Bowl than Cam, but he didn't have a better year. JJ Watt will likely be ahead of Von Miller. Gradkowski might actually be higher to be honest.
  4. About those corners...

    I think 'Eight O Clock' is for the more refined coffee drinker that actually enjoys a good coffee. Not just sugar and caramel. Sort of like a tall cold mug of Guinness.
  5. Panthers Select Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma in the 5th Round

    I sure as he'll hope our WRs ball out with KB back.
  6. KB_Fan is a legitimate football nerd! But you're our nerd, and we love you! This is good stuff.
  7. Heck yes. This kid was the best WR in the SEC for the last 2 years. Would hate to see another Alshon slip through our fingers.
  8. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    Not that hard to do in the right car if you're not paying attention. Was doing 95 mph a couple of weeks ago in my old 2007 r350 minivan/SUV crossover before I looked down at the speedometer. I'd imagine acar actually built for speed could hit 105 without you even noticing.
  9. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    This is a different real estate market than in 2005. Real estate does not appreciate that fast anymore. And the more expensive homes are always more difficult to sell, so you'll likely to a hit unless you've lived there for 10+ years. LA celebrities/actors take hits when selling their homes all the time.
  10. Sterling Shepard Highlights

    A WR that actually works back towards the ball instead of waiting on a defender to pick it off.

    Warm TGI Friday's Whiskey Cake is the TRUF!!
  12. The Panthers were the highest scoring offense in 2015, but they really weren't an explosive offense - sans the back breaking runs of Cam. Many things can be attributed to having the highest scoring offense, including turnover differential. big play WRs make an offense explosive. Not QB runs.
  13. So what kind of difference would a Steve Smith type WR have made in the super bowl?Meaning a WR that could get off jams, create consistent separation, and actually catch the football...
  14. Not sure why anyone wouldn't want to upgrade this corp. I think you have to watch other games to get a feel for how pedestrian our WR Corp was last season. Mind you I think they played their hearts out, but they just aren't very talented for this level - as a group.
  15. "Scary Interest" in USC S/LB Su'a Cravens

    370 bench and only a 385 squat. Looks like someone went missing on leg days.