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  1. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    I wouldn't dislike him any more than I dislike Matt Ryan. I would judge his game and not his personality like every other non Carolina QB. So...actually I might like him a little until he played the Panthers.  But honestly that isn't a fair question. I wouldn't know him like I know him now. I wouldn't know how hard he works to be great. I wouldn't know how much his team mates love him. I wouldn't know everything he does outside of football for children and others that need a little help. I would only know what ESPN and NFL Network decides to feed me. For that reason, I only judge players by their game. I'm old enough to know that the media almost always has an agenda.
  2. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    I agree you were not going to contain Von Miller with any tackle in the NFL for the entire game - one on one. But you could have schemed him out of the game. Whenever he was on the line, always assign a RB chip or a TE to his side. Even having a RB cross his face on a screen or wheel route would make him have to respect it and keep him out of the backfield. Run at him (off tackle) in double TEs where he would line up outside of the TE. After the first strip sack for a TD, there is no way I wouldn't have accounted for him on every play from there on out. And there is no way I would have left Remmers one on one with him again in the entire game. Oher was fine when Von went to the left side. Remmers is not athletic enough to block Von Miller at a rate higher than maybe 25%. Every one on the team knew it, including Cam and Remmers. 
  3. Who Should Go or not resign

    This game wasn't lost by the players as much as by the coaches. Our personnel has been better than everyone we've played this season. Finally, a game that required a little adjustment on the offensive side and you see what happens. My frickin wife said why don't they do something to stop #58 from getting in every play?! Nah, Shula and Ron just closed their eyes and hoped the boogie man would just go away when they opened them. Nope, it wasn't a dream, the boogie man was still there! 
  4. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Seriously gentlemen, there aren't many right tackles in the NFL that were gonna block Von Miller for 4+ seconds in the Super Bowl. As an OC/HC, you have to know who your biggest threats are and do your damnest to neutralize said threats. Don't leave a MFing undrafted free agent by himself on the most athletic pass rusher in the NFL!!!!
  5. Positions we need to upgrade

    How in the world could Shula/Rivera not make an adjustment to Von Miller really blows my mind. I seriously can't even believe they allowed Von Miller to completely disrupt the offense for the second time in as many games against the Broncos. I've completely lost confidence in this coaching staff. A simple and obvious adjustment would have meant a Lombardi trophy in Carolina. Damn...
  6. Only issue I have with the play calling is he didn't account for the one player that was killing you all game long. They just allowed Von Miller to dictate the game by leaving Remmers on him one-on-one for most of the game.  I don't blame Remmers. He's an undrafted free agent that was cut/waived by 3 or 4 bottom dweller teams in 2 seasons, before coming to Carolina. Von Miller could have easily been our #1 draft pick in 2011 if Jimmy Clausen didn't suck so bad in 2010. That's just not fair. And actually pretty stupid to not game plan for him. 
  7. We need more Funchi!!! Or we need more, Funchi!!!

    Yeah. Hopefully Tre Boston, D. Williams, and Kony Ealy start next year as well. Gotta kill this loyalty stuff!
  8. If you meant Cam didn't play well enough to overcome horrendous play calling, then I agree. If you're blaming the fumbles, drops and interception on Cam, then no I can not agree with you.
  9. I don't think I saw the same game you did. I mean if you want to dumb it down as much as possible,  then maybe ok.
  10. Destiny - Luke Kuechly toddler pic

    That sofa set was the first one I ever bought after graduating from college. 
  11. Born and raised in Columbia. No way I could have rooted for Cam in the 2010-2011 season. That was our year!
  12. The Top 10 Panther Players of all Time

    Steve Smith is the #1 Panther of all time. Cam is making an argument and could overtake him by bringing a super bowl to the Carolinas next week. But for now, no one has meant more to this team for as long as Smitty. For a long time, he was the only recognizable name on the roster. There is a ton of talent on this team now.  Jake Delhomme is not a top 10 Panther. He is a Panther Great. But not a top 10.  And any list without Peppers can't be taken seriously. 
  13. TD having surgery this morning

    Agree he'll still play at an elite level. Just concerned about the man, not the player. Those ACLs will be felt when he's older. Those dislocated fingers will hurt when he's older. Playing 2 weeks after breaking his forearm, especially as physical as he plays, will hurt when he's older.
  14. Ron was a stereotypical defensive head coach. Run the ball, play conservative offense, and let the defense win the game. He's matured into his role as much as anyone on the team. He even just learned last night how to stay aggressive on both sides of the ball, with a big lead. I think he's willing to go outside of his comfort zone, and he's getting better because of it.
  15. TD having surgery this morning

    TD really needs to start thinking about life after football. This man will have pains on top of pains.