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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    The food coma is strong right now. 20 minutes to get it together. 
  2. Seems more likely that he will get cut again in order for the team to sign another Guard than for him to come back and play in Atlanta.
  3. Silatolu out - CJ will take his roster spot

    Will Norwell be healthy for Thursday? If not, we will be rolling with 7 O-Linemen on Thursday. 
  4. Don't underestimate anyone in this league. The Giants just took the Patriots to the brink on Sunday. They are a good team. Especially in NY. A lot of these teams are playing with nothing to lose, which is dangerous. 
  5. PFF: Week 9 Worst of the Worst

    Jared Allen and Kurt Coleman are the men in question for those that don't want to click and read through.
  6. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Might have a heart attack before this season ends. Way to keep pounding!
  7. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    We can't leave points on the board. Should have 7 more right now. Gotta make it impossible to come back.
  8. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Haha, Cam ripping Packers signs off the wall. Love it. Keep Pounding!
  9. Anyone here have advice for how to watch the ACCT and NCAAT while in another country? I'll be in Poland during the ACCT and first week of NCAAT. Will WatchESPN work?
  10.   From the guy who is a fan of the team that would use the 4-corners "offense" to hold on to the ball once they had a lead, which caused the implementation of the shot clock in college basketball.
  11. Very happy with the win today, but we can't rest on our laurels and be satisfied with this win. Gotta bring it on Wednesday against the Cheats.
  12.   The only logical explanation I can think of here is that if you step out of bounds you can't be the next person to touch the ball. If that is a rule though that is pretty stupid. He definitely reestablished in bounds.
  13. Kenpom currently has NC State at 53 and Purdue at 36. Winning at Purdue would be a big win for us, especially since it is one of only two games played away from PNC until ACC play begins in January. The other being in NY against West Virginia who is currently 25 according to kenpom.
  14. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    PantherKing has convinced me that Auction is the way to go here so I'll vote for that and I will be at the draft.
  15. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

      While I understand the points you are making here an auction draft doesn't really work well unless all of the league show up for the draft.