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  1. Swaggasaurus

    DJ working out. Lookin good

    But you literally said you can’t gain weight but become more explosive. Even Ridley, who you keep coming back to can gain 10lbs and be more explosive and faster with his frame. I’m guessing you were not on the debate team, or the football team, and probably didn’t fair too well in science class either.
  2. Swaggasaurus

    DJ working out. Lookin good

    If that were the case Jonathan Stewart would now run a 4.3 at 30 years old and 240lbs He got older and grew. Get you some learning boy.
  3. Swaggasaurus

    DJ working out. Lookin good

    This is dumb. 8th grade running back runs a 4.7 at a skinny 145. That same person as a senior in high school weighs 210 and runs a 4.5. That same person comes out of college running a 4.4 at 225 This is the dumbest thing ever posted on this site, re-evaluate your life.
  4. Swaggasaurus

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Searcy nor Gaulden will be on PS. It’s fine to disagree, but no need to sensationalize. Searcy and Adams maybe be our starting safeties week 1. Out of necessity these guys will be on the 53 because we don’t have anyone to push them out
  5. I don’t know that we do anything at S. I see us going with Gaulden, Adams, Scearcy, and Jones. If we add someone via FA or cuts more likely it will be Fozzy Whitaker’s replacement at RB. Having CAP and Samuel means Fozzy isn’t needed.
  6. I was at the game. He blew up the Center Parker Collins on a regular basis
  7. Jacobs, Gachkar, Norris. Carter and Smith are better than those guys. I don’t see how anyone who has ever watched football can’t see that. I don’t give a poo if they were UDFA. Smith was the best defender for UNC in 2016. Carter is a leader and a tackling machine.
  8. Swaggasaurus

    Cam and Some of the Offense Out Bowling

    Byrd, terrible bowler
  9. You can’t put too much stock into high school. See Jimmy Clausen and Tyler Brayton. Alabama’s front 7 wins them championships but are not a direct scheme fit for us and they do not overpower NFL OL like they did at bama. We just drafted an LSU corner. I’m sure we’d draft Ferrell from Clemson in 19’ given the opportunity. The best WR in the league went to Central Michigan, best QB Michigan, best RB Michigan St, best TE Arizona, best DT Pittsburgh, best LB Boston College, etc. they all come from different teams
  10. Norton is a player. I’m a Miami fan, watched all his games, he’s going to push Love for a spot
  11. All of them. The LB’s replace Jacobs and Norris. Norton replaces a 31 year old Kyle Love. Really the one I think has the least chance is Haynes.
  12. The Gaulden pick was a head scratcher, but with him, Jackson, Smith and Norton being picked I see that they wanted to target aggressive, chippy, emotional players for a defense that was lacking that Edit: Looking back at the Gaulden pick, I know they saw that the safeties that were left were stiff and weren’t rangy guys who could roam. We don’t play with a true high safety and move ours around a lot. So getting a guy who has made plays all over the field, sure tackler and not a real center field player might be what we needed.
  13. Swaggasaurus

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Let’s get some C or RB here folks