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  1. I think the ball is loose when his arm come forward
  2. Cam hasn’t thrown a single pass in target yet today. Wake the fug up people. Not saying he has a problem, he’s just simply thrown 5 high passes so far. No big deal, just don’t blame Funchess for that poo
  3. Y’all are blind. Cam needs to get his poo together
  4. Swaggasaurus

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    AB would be a shell of himself here. No dig at Cam, fit is everything
  5. fug these refs for real
  6. The read there was McCaffrey for the easy 1st. Cam never looked outside of Wright
  7. Swaggasaurus

    Official Panthers cuts thread

    That’s like 20 linebackers on the roster then
  8. Swaggasaurus

    Streaming Service

    YouTube tv is the way to go. I get all my locals and espn, espnu, fs1, basically everything I want except nfl network
  9. fuging DJ Moore got bodied on that target
  10. Swaggasaurus

    LG Brendan Mahon

    My god it’s so easy to see that we need to start Kalil-Larsen-Kalil-Turner-Moton. If Ryan Kalil gets hurt, put Van Roten in there. However I fully expect Amini to start.
  11. Has Kendrick Norton looked overmatched? Based on watching him at Miami, I think he’d be difficult to stash on the practice squad. I’ve heard good things about Carter and really liked the pick. I hope we can find a spot for him.
  12. Word. It was a shitty draft. Michael Thomas is nice. Hunter Henry hasn’t done much, Ifedi sucks, Yannick down in Jacksonville is a hell of a pass rusher, but wasn’t projected to go that high. Pretty much all of the top of that class has dissapointed
  13. Swaggasaurus

    Surprise veteran cut?

    Kyle Love would be the most likely only because he is 32 this year and Norton might be worth developing. Would Ben Jacobs be a surprise? 4 LB are locked in. Jacobs is battling Smith and Carter for a spot
  14. Swaggasaurus


    I think Sprinkle makes a team this year, just not ours. He needs a new agent, never should of came here. Norton and Sprinkle both have potential, but I doubt either beats love for the 4th DT spot. These interior O lineman. One will stick out and be a key depth guy.