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  1. Every GM Drafting rankings over thier tenure

    So far this is the best thread of the off season. There is something satisfying about a grown man crying when things don’t go his way.
  2. Rank 'Em

    Safeties and OT are becoming the toughest positions to find in the NFL. You have to draft them or pay Kalil or Remmers 40+ mil. There is a reason 52 year old Mike Adams started for us last year.
  3. Panthers Mock w/Trade Down Scenario

    It’s not worth doing that because of the 5th year option. With the way it’s set up the only thing that makes sense for teams is moving further back in the first.
  4. Matt Miller's full 7 round mock

    He’s a weird bodied guy. Toothpick legs with bad flexibility
  5. Matt Miller's full 7 round mock

    We wouldn’t pass on McGlinchey
  6. This league is not driven by receiver play. The two best receivers in the modern era, Moss and TO weren’t battling for the Super Bowl every year. Foles rode a record into the playoffs and played a pussy ass Falcons team and an overmatched team with no QB in NFCCG. The motherfuger stumbled into the game. Other than that, y’all know this is a QB driven league. Receivers don’t win Lombardi’s.
  7. How scandalous. I wonder if Raye knew?
  8. Panthers didn't even contact Ryan Cowden

    Fired 6 games after adding the best player in franchise history. 1 year removed from drafting Superman Cam Newton. Whose coattails we rode into the playoffs
  9. Panthers didn't even contact Ryan Cowden

    Y’all are some really sad folks right now. Dave Gettleman rode Marty’s coattail. Marty made 3 huge mistakes while GM. Brown trade, Deangelo deal, and Delhomme extension. I think he’s learned from those mistakes
  10. Of course this happened

    Really only Luke Kuechly takes 3 weeks. Davante didn’t miss any met time than Gronk on both of his this year
  11. You seem angry. Tina Becker doesn’t have to do interviews if she doesn’t want to. You, me, the media, everyone feels entitled to answers. The reality is that she doesn’t owe anyone poo.
  12. Who cares if he was getting yelled at for being lazy. He was a solid player, the fact that he was lazy held him back, but he was no scrub. Randy Moss and Prime are 2 Historically great players that were lazy.
  13. Far fetched for that guy to be there in this draft. I think the kid from SMU could be an Alshon type, but it’s too much like Funchess. Ridley of course is a baller. Everyone else just screams mediocre in this draft. So I think you look elsewhere in the draft, like Safety and OL which have atrocious FA markets and have for 5 years now. If no Ridley and try to go with Moncrief or whomever.
  14. Real simple. Make a list of additions that Gettleman made to the team to make us competitive long term, real, impact players. Let’s just say if Hurney busted on Cam and Luke this years team goes 0-16. Hurney has faults. Deangelo extension, Delhomme Extension, and the Brown trade being the biggest. The standout players on this team remain, 4 years later. Cam, Luke, Davis, Kalil and Olsen. Hurney guys. If Gettleman was worth a poo, there would be a new group coming into their own.