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  1. Game etiquette

    I hate going to games. So uncomfortable, people are crazy. Both parties were likely crazy, one just a bit more.
  2. Coleman for ATL was blasting fools last night
  3. NFL season opener... Whatcha drinking?

    Miller Lite, not hip, but the carbonation is on point.
  4. This staff chose Remmera over Williams that's all that matters. That and SB50
  5. Kicking choice is "a fluid process"

    When you can't dress them all it really doesn't matter
  6. Any injury issues that Elder has need to fully heal. I loved Brandon Hogan coming out (still the coolest Panther I ever met) but his knee never got right and he'd practice 1-2 days and then be laid up for weeks, rinse and repeat until we cut him a couple years in. Let Corn's leg get right and don't rush it
  7. Really the only thing that makes no sense here is why we have two kickers and why Cole Luke is on the goddamn roster. Other than that, no complaints about Hurndawg. I like the Kaaya and Cox pickups. But Luke and Gano gotta go.

    Larsen is way too diesel to cut. He'd be able to play center or guard and we wouldn't lose too much. Having two quality backups in Larsen and...I think Moton has me more comfortable with line depth than I've ever been
  9. The other DE was Michael Sam. Kony Ealy is fuging trash and is wayyyy better than Sam ever was. Dodd should have had a better 3 cone if they participated
  10. LJ McCray or Southward. One or both could make it
  11. What in the Luke Staley, Sam Mcguffie, and Ryan Brewer is going on in here
  12. Norwell hired Rosenhaus

    Best case scenario for us. Drew and Marty work well together. The idea that Marty folds is stupid and just fuging lazy. Other than the Jake stuff and Deangelo Hurn dawgs deals haven't been too bad. Now draft day trades, yeah, talk poo