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  1. EA Access

    Amazing deal for anybody that likes EA games. $29.99 for a year. I already had Fifa and Dragons Age but have been playing Madden, UFC and just downloaded Battlefield. I really like that they have some good options in the vault. Unfortunately I don't have time to play a lot but I am enjoying it! Any other games yall recommend? I have a xbox one.
  2. It's ok for us as Panther fans to admit when a division team has good players. If we drafted him we would be talking about what a good move it is to lock up our core. Hell I really liked Brandon Cooks. Now in saying that, I hope he fails tremendously and leaves the Saints in a huge bind.
  3. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    Corners especially Bradberry bc I know nothing about him. Also interested to see how Cash looks and Garret on the offense.
  4. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    I don't watch much college ball, but he seems to have very good play recognition and is very explosive. He seems to have a great first step. I know they are highlights but he looks like he's playing at a different speed. Can't wait to see what hes got!
  5. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    It might come down to Norwood who we owe a pick next year for and Garrett. Very interested to see how this WR battle turns out.
  6. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    The 2 TE set worked amazing. Cam was very comfortable with some short passes, bootleg passes and some seams to Shockey and corners, seams and out patterns to Olsen. My memory sucks but I also don't believe we ran as much read option but we did pass it a lot more.
  7. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    I agree. I think he has done an amazing job finding diamonds in the rough. Hopefully that will continue. Overall after the entire draft and our UDFA pick ups I am very happy and excited about this draft. I do believe we will go heavy offense next draft
  8. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Way I look at it, DG just solidified the defense until 2019-2020. The only position we might need to address will be DE and S and that is only if some of the young guys aren't the answer. Look for next year to be a heavy heavy offensive draft.
  9. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    Or how about he is actually correct that we now have the ability to have consistency with that position. Bene: We have him until 2018 Trio Draft Picks: Until 2020 to grow together. This will be probably one starter, one nickle and a back up that we can rotate in as necessary. Now we have stability in: Dline: I have a feeling we resign Star and KK. So we have stability there for DT. We have Ealy until 2018 and if one of the other guys pan out like Delaire, Cox or Miley we have semi stability with the DE. LB: We have Luke and Shaq locked up for a while With this draft we have the potential to have locked in a top 5 defense for the next 4 - 5 years. Cocky or not Im down with his choices!!
  10. Falcons Produce UDFA Recruitment Video

    Cam and the fun that we have is our recruitment video. Every kid loved seeing us taking pics and having fun after almost every game.
  11. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    great game. So much fun. This series has been so up and down. I love it!! Go Hornets! We need to close them out at home!!
  12. Time To Let Rich Cho Go?

    Ok I actually wanted Barnes or Drummond in those drafts. Even with the injury issues I am holding out faith that MKG can come back. I also don't believe in Drummond. I know he is good, but I can't overlook the FT shooting. Guys like Drummond and Deandre Jordan can't be in at the end of a close game. So I still think MKG can be the 2nd best player in the draft. Great Picks: Kemba Good Picks: Zeller & Vonleh (netted us Batum) Ok Picks: Biz, Jeff Taylor, PJ (netted us Lee): Both played ok for us over the years until Taylors injury and tbh a lot of us wanted to resign Biz. I know I did Bad Picks: Trading away Tobias Harris for Biz, Incomplete: Frank because he is a rookie. MKG because of injuries
  13. 1st playoff win as a new franchise PIE!

    We didn't lose our first 2 games because of offense/Alfense. We lost because of defense. I agree with you that I liked that Clifford switched things up and started posting Frank. One great thing that I saw Cliff do was take out Al in the 4th for Cody and played a more defensive lineup when we were up big.
  14. 1st playoff win as a new franchise PIE!

    Great team win. Everyone played aggressive and intense. Loved what Frank, Lin and Zeller brought to the table. We are going to need them to continue to be aggressive. Oh and Im going to the next game!!!! Go Hornets!
  15. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Honestly I think the Panthers did Josh a favor so he could get this deal. Josh is set with his one big cash in which he deserved. Wish him the best, but not never against us! Also I am hoping that he doesn't start coming out and trashing our FO like some bitter ex players. We did him a solid and honestly we are most likely going to get a 3rd out of it next year. Not ideal but avoids drama,hold out possibilities, gives the player what he wants and we get an extra pick hopefully.