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  1. J.Jones.... Karma is a bitch

    Yeah, can't agree with you. Hardy showed up for plenty of big games and was really liked in the locker room. Other than the one major issue, he was never really a distraction.
  2. Norman on Dez Bryant
  3. Game Day Menu:

    Brussels sprouts are criminally underrated. 
  4. The NFC East pretty much has the most annoying fan bases, but the most annoying fans are the ones of teams in NC who have yet to convert to the Panthers and have lived here their entire lives. So the list goes:   1. Steelers 2. Washington Racial Slurs 3. Cowboys 4. Eagles (because they are scum of people) 5. Saints
  5. It's very sad seeing people that still think calling Cam, " Newton", is clever.  Poor bastards. 
  6. Redskin fans lately

    Their message board is quite confident, like the other 9 teams we've faced. 
  7. Titans Report message board

    That Bink guy is welcomed to become a Panthers fan at any time.  The dumb commenters are always the loudest and they have a fair share of racist, mouth-breathing idiots on that board, but they also seem to have some very reasonable folks. 
  8. We've left too many points on the field today. Gotta do better in the redzone; both players and coaches. 
  9. Terrible run blocking by Oher. Where's the effort? 
  10. Jeremy Lin signs with hornets

    Lol insecure much?
  11. Hornets offseason

    Our only chance of excitement this offseason is getting lucky in the lottery and getting a top player in the draft.

      Oh, for sure. 

    I know they don't want to D up too much, but this is kind of ridiculous.  
  14. Pistons @ Hornets 2/10

        Obviously it was exaggeration, asshole.    right guys right right right. 
  15. Pistons @ Hornets 2/10

    We suck. At this point with Kemba hurt I don't even want to make the playoffs.    Trade away everyone for future picks or good players that would sign a long term deal here.