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  1. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    All I know is that S.M threw the rookie to the dogs and he has five interceptions in the first half. Good way to destroy confidence and beat him down. Not so easy being 'the man' calling the shots after all.
  2. Alex Armah

    What ever they are doing that's igniting the running game (Cam running again is a big part of it), they need to keep it going. Armah is a nice piece to add to it.
  3. Really just a hologram.....he never really exsisted.
  4. Larson stepping up and doing the job. Much better then might have been expected.
  5. Marty Hurney Crow thread

    Hurney is still a buffoon. He shouldn't be inside the building as 'interm GM' regardless if you like the KB move or not. His track record with bad contracts, bad draft trades, and cap issues speaks for itself.
  6. Time for the D to go limo now......we get 7 and the D goes to sleep
  7. But.....but......wasted pick....dont ya know?
  8. Who is the bald guy in the booth? We get the c team tonight I guess. Game sucks and they knew it would.
  9. No way this team can beat the Saints with this sh#tty offense. The defense holds this whole team together.
  10. Gettlemagic?

    D.G didn't deserve getting the boot. He got this franchise out of cap hell and added some real talent. I wish that he had paid more attention to the offensive line, no one is perfect. I dread what may be ahead with Hurney back.
  11. Any Bersin Love Out There?

    I say he stays. Good hands, not scared to block, has good instincts, will go over the middle. The punt fiasco was the coaches doing, shouldn't have been there. He is a good role player and is an asset to this team.
  12. Make no mistake about it, this is his team. He carried this team yesterday on offense (CMC also very impressive), but Cam forced his will on that Falcon defense and was not going to be denied. He laid down the law with RR with the fourth down call, no one was going to stop him from getting that first down (or the leaping TD). For the people who think he isn't the man on offense, think again. He showed leadership yestetday.
  13. Stewart needs a stout line that has push to run behind. This Oline cannot get much push at all. He is not build for speed, but smash. Getting bottled up and stuck behind these guys asses on every running play is a waste of a down. Sending him wide is a waste of a down also. This is just not a good Oline and that fact is highlighted by Stew getting stuffed on every power running play. CMC is small, fast and shifty enough to slip throigh the smallest gap. Unfortunately, Stew is not that guy.
  14. Wide open......if he had coverage he would have caught it. That level of bad is just bad....both suck.