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  1. Guys proven to be a real bunghole....abusive to woman and just an overall POS. Who needs that headache.
  2. Well they beat us three times in the same season... they where a better team last year then us. No excuses.
  3. With a new owner wanting to mold this team into a Steelers type organization and probably wishing to bring in his own people, Hurney has only one chance to save his job and continue on. I have never been a Hurney fan at all. This team needs to really show out strong this year for any hope of Hurney hanging around (also RR may have to look over his shoulder if they sh%t the bed). Opiniions: Will Hurney hang on if the team does well or is he gone regardless of the 2018 season results
  4. Who the hell knows.....only know what is written about him. If you pay 2.2 billions for anything, then be sure you will have total control.
  5. Ur right.....sorry guys Fixed
  6. So let's see if they drop the dime for one of them....both aren't all that, but pickings getting thin on FA safeties worrh a damn at this point.
  7. Clarification: appears he will refuse .....per Newton tweet. So take that for what its worrh.
  8. Per David Newton on Twitter......bye bye Mr.Shepard......probably gone regardless of pay cut or not
  9. If Amini is the front runner, then everyone else must really suck....RR blind in one eye, can't see out the other.
  10. They need to sign him long term mid season if he works out.....not just one year and walk.
  11. When was the last time anyone in Carolina can say that with certainty....just having Cam to throw in the mix running the ball will be headaches for all opposing defenses. Times they b a changing on the offense.
  12. Better veteran.....never go backwards
  13. How about a vet safety then....yea or nay?
  14. One down (C.J).....a guard next on the list?
  15. You know who I speak of.....safety, running back, and guard. One of each in no particular order. Hopefully before pre-season. I hope they are not waiting for June cuts just to pick up a bunch of jags. Still a few FA that would certainly help this team. What u got?