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  1. Problem is....have to score to win. Unless you expect the defense to do that also. They better get this offense moving or it won't matter. The best teams can score on any defense.
  2. Rivera Press Conference @ 12:40p

    Just paste some presser quotes from last season and we b good.
  3. So 9-17 points per game will be the norm from now on. Dixon is okay, just not G.O.
  4. Would you trade for Jimmy Graham?

    No. Bring in Barnage and line him up for 6-8 weeks and c what he can do. No brainer
  5. And the worst offense to go with the best defense
  6. What do you think? Same problem as Remmers...speed rushers take his lunch money every time. So have to start keeping a back in to help him out ......on an offense that already sucks? Now what?
  7. Goodnight Greg olsen

    Broken foot ot
  8. U can't make the playoffs with this offense and this Oline.
  9. So the Oline still sux. Wonderful team. Cam getting crap beat out of him again
  10. Shula has to get fired

    Deja vue all over again....been hearing this for years.
  11. Well, as it turns out...

    Now we know why they traded for Ealy. Desperate for a pass rush of any kind.
  12. Well, as it turns out...

    Evetything changes.....whats great yesterday can be average today.
  13. Reason #4: They aren't that good.