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  1. Trying my hardest to not allow this teams bullshat and incompetence bother me. This whole damn circus they have going on and now playing everyone as fools with this Hurney fiasco is just another kick in the balls. No other franchise would bring back a fired GM that set the team back years except this one.
  2. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    He isn't going anywhere. Dog and pony show. The hell with this whole fiasco of a franchise. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  3. A potential businessman from SC who is very wealthy is interested in the team and has no Nascar ties. Claim he was told this by a Jourdan Rodriquez. Just passing along some Twitter fodder from Person. Didnt mention any names.....bullshat or not....who knows.
  4. If ur going to clean house.......clean the whole house.
  5. There is no guarantee that this team will be here long term. If someone buys this team and wants it moved, then it will go. We wouldn t be the first state to get a kick in the groin and lose a team. Money talks and the hell with the fan base. If a new owner gets a sweet deal from someplace else with a new stadium thrown in.what do you think would happen?
  6. Its obvious that this organisation is going through the biggest overhaul that it has ever seen has since its inception. In fact. I can't recall any franchise that has gone through what is happening here. What do you see for next season? Can the players come together and focus or will all this have taken it's toll? Opinions please....
  7. I don't believe Hurney is going anywhere. Interviews are just smoke and mirrors. These out of town offers scare me a bit, no real connections to this area is there? No one knows who they are actually.
  8. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    My work partner is a licensed surveyor for thirty years. Working Madison county on duckett top mountain near spring creek area, a huge black cat jumped from a oak tree right in front of him and bolted. He also worked for the forest service for a while. Avid outdoorsman. I believe him.
  9. Hopefully the NE run is over.....Karma be a bitch.
  10. Maybe not so obvious, but there are ways to influence a game outcome in various ways. The refs can make or break any game with one or two suspect calls at the right time, injuries that may or may not be valid, bogus plays on the field, etc. With viewership being down and interest starting to drop, they need to keep the biggest teams in the spotlight. Very hard to prove, but I feel that something is going on
  11. Fug the Patriots...Fug the Eagles....Fug the Superbowl....and the NFL also. Lost all interest in this hyped up BS. Time to get a life and move on.
  12. They have a great defense and a decent enough offense to do it. Hope they beat the crap out of NE tomorrow. Whatever happens after that is fine by me.
  13. So according to many talking heads, we had a good defense. I would classify it as mediocre at best. Anyone who has watched this team knows what I mean. Is it the personal, the scheme, coaching, or a combination of the above?
  14. Fug that. I want to beat them at full strength. No excuses of not having Thomas for the game.
  15. If they succeed and win, why would new ownership want to break up the band? If they shittz the bed, then c ya. Don"t fix what isn't broken....time shall tell.