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  1. Okay Greg....enough with the bogus account already
  2. Will Tepper have any influence or let RR and Hurney ride the rookie train at safety and play the same old mess? Two weeks to get it fixed. Brees will tear this crap in up if not.
  3. Wouldn't consider the Bengals a bad team....Dallas sucks
  4. Jmac

    Welcome to Wakanda

    Since a good percentage of Americans never read a book or have any interest in history or culture, I would agree.
  5. Very confusing...looked like a completely different bunch of players from last week. The suckage was huge with this group.....no pressure at all, tackling sucked etc. Was it the game plan or what?
  6. You have had a chance to see what is going on after two games in the conference. Rank the teams from first to worst and be honest....leave your bias behind on this one..what you got?
  7. They know you beat Ryan by pressure and planting his ass in the turf. Couldn't do it with a four man rush and never sent any blitzes. Very poor performance by the Dline in all phases. Better find it soon or it will be ugly.
  8. Not one sack today.....just bullcrap
  9. Moved up to the mountains and we are still going to get slammed...mother nature takes no prisoner's.
  10. Almost as much as your smart ass reply... keep it to your self
  11. I don't know what the hell they are going to do. I guess they will have to keep someone in on every play so Cam won't get destroyed and nickel and dime down the field. Really a drag on the offense which had such potential.
  12. Just a Android fugup...sorry
  13. RR won't start the rookie......doesn't make sense
  14. Jmac

    Cams Housewife Look

    When he comes out in a tutu, boa, and platform shoes, then I will be suprised.