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  1. No holiday season is complete without...

    As a Canton good ole' boy at work would say: " I'll take to crap in and the other to bury it in".
  2. The Carolina Panthers are the worst team in the entire history of the the AFL, CFL, the Arena league and the woman's lingerie league. We just plain suck.
  3. Wes Horton's roster spot?

    They just cut the long snapper they signed last week, so there is the open spot.     
  4. I never said full time 'slot' guy. My mistake, S.M said he would start out at nickel. you are correct. Unless they plan on starting Jones again and letting Brees carve him up, then they really don't have much choice. Brees will go for the weakest link....which is Jones.
  5. Starting at Nickel looks like...guess it's Bene and Josh at corners.
  6. Looks like they are throwing him right in the mix against N. O. Dude won't even have time to lace up his cleats, three days practice at best. Jones stunk it up so bad at nickel, that  a guy coming right off the couch will start. Jones is a ST's ace and back up, let's keep him there. This will be quite interesting Sunday.
  7. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    He is an asshole on the field, but he is our asshole now. Between him and Norman, it will be like the UFC without paying the fifty bucks pay per view.
  8. Week 13 Power Rankings...prepare for it

    The more they shat on them, the more rage and motivation they give them. Rank us 3rd and keep the "worst undefeated narrative" going you gonads.
  9. Rest when they get the first round bye in the playoffs....untill then they kick ass and take MORE names
  10. When they are NFC champs......don't put the cart before the horse.
  11. Brenton Bersin needs a TD

    The dude does what they pay him to do. Be clutch and catch the ball when his number is called. That is a valuable player on any team.
  12. Rosenthal is correct for once, they are built like that team.  Very stout defense, punishing running game, and a QB that didn't have to throw for three hundred yards every game to win. Of course Cam adds to the carnage on the ground (Csonka  and Kick where bulldozers), and his Lazer beam arm is far stronger then Griese's. We win the way they did back in the day and teams these days aren't build to stop it. Having Shula's son is just ironic and seeing him being successful this year (for the most part), is encouraging. I wonder if it does come down to it, Don would come and talk to the team if R.R requested it.  Seahawks have used the same basic formula with success. The NFL has become a passing league and the defenses aren't build to deal with that kind of team.
  13. He has nothing to be bitter about. The organization didn't fug him over, he did it to himself. If he had kept out of trouble and been reasonable in his contract demands, he would still be here.  I'm sure the fact that he made those comments about us is really frosting the Dallas fan base asses.......which makes me smile.
  14. Per J.Jones on Twitter. Take into account that this franchise is only 20 years old. Every grandma, grandpa, dog, and red headed step child saw this beatdown. Not good for Jerry's circus, great for almighty Panthers.   ***Confirmed by NFL on CBS via Twitter
  15. Saints game flexed

    Yes we do.  That's what Saturday services are for.