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  1. Stewart hurt again.  Payne inactive. 
  2. Four minutes of football, ten minutes of other bullshat.....and these commercials suck so far.
  3. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    To be fair, he said the same about  Von Miller. These guys won't  worry about this today.  
  4. Deangelo Williams picks....

    Who the hell cares what he says about anything. Can't suckle at the Panthers teet no more for big bucks while giving a half hearted effort. 
  5. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Sorry Cwing. Been through the same thing with family passing the last five years. Try to keep it in perspective and enjoy every second of the life you have. We all only get one shot.
  6. To be fair. I don't mind Smith threads if he is being civil towards the Panthers and people aren't crying about letting him go. Keep it in perspective.
  7. Shula didn't hold him back...lack of talent as a passer did . Confucius said "don't blame others for your shortcomings".
  8. Magic like 'Houdini' ...or magic like Johnson. By the way, Dilfer  is a 'johnson'. 
  9. Media Fatigue...

    Just win the damn game and then I will buy the 2015/2016 World Champion season highlight video. I need a break after this final game for a while from football. This season has been a whirlwind and very stressfull. 
  10. Cam Newton disappointed me

    This 'cult of personality' stuff is absurd. Just tell your kids there is Cam and a few Panther players and leave it at that. Everyone has a right to their privacy and that should be respected. If he wanted to interact that evening he wouldn't be wearing a hoodie and trying to cover up.   Obvious that they just wanted to enjoy the town without being interrupted every five minutes.  Teaching kids about 'personal space' and when it is appropriate to approach someone is a valuable lesson.
  11. Per Pro Football Focus. Big reason why we are putting up explosive numbers in the last two games. Cam having all day to throw allowing the wideouts to seperate. They will be tested Sunday. Denver has two of the best edge rushers in the game. Put the icing on the cake boys and top off an excellent season for the oline 
  12. Not since Broadway Joe....

    Joe Namath will be at the SB as part of the 49 Superbowl MVP's to be honored. Would be something if Cam makes it #50.
  13. Yes..and early BOC was quite a band.