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  1. Seahawk Frank Clark laying into Cam Newton

    Say it fo his face tough guy......never happen.
  2. Special team ace= player that excels at all aspects of special teams play Panthers special teams ace= player that excels at nothing in any aspect of special teams play.
  3. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    That's the way of the world. He may be this and that, but he is OUR this and that. Human nature.
  4. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Tag him or he closed.
  5. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    When they have 5 minutes of football and 15 minutes of commercials thru out the game. what do you expect. Fans don't need no stinking replays.....gotta sell doritos.
  6. The NFL won't allow that and Big Cat won't let that happen.
  7. Nope. Need a break from football for a while. Changed the preset on truck radio off of Sirius NFL channel. Resume listening in a few months. 
  8. Defensive end ..#1 need Oline....#2 need CB...#3 need WR....#4 need Gettleman will fiqure out how to get this done.  Hopefully a DE that can do the job. If we can get that dline up to out. A vet tackle to anchor the right side whIle Williams gets experience. CB and WR can be draft targets. McClain might just work out in the long run, he didn't play that bad actually.  
  9. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    We got our asses beat because of a inept offense, not the defense.  
  10. Ealy made Super Bowl History

    Vets will be gone....D.G will find the DE to compliment Ealy. Add Addison, Delaire and possibly a draft pick...we should be good to go. The two studs in the middle are going to be here for a while I believe.
  11. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    Just ban yourself. Take up paint by numbers or putting together model cars.....if you don't want to be here then don't.
  12. Agree that any big FA money would be spent on Oline or a DE. He likes hog mollies and will probably built the rest through the draft or 2nd tier FA's.
  13. The Browns are in the market to add to their fanbase and their QB zoo.....have fun.
  14. I hope DG learned something tonight

    One can't buy a BMW with Ford Focus money. He did the best he good while still resigning the core players. He still has a few more to go. If you never balanced a checkbook,  then I guess you wouldn't understand.