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  1. I gave the Dallas forums a look see to get a feel for the fan reaction. Seems that the #76 love fest is over. Doesn't show up for big games and is a problem child. Exact same thing when he was here. They are pissed that he was having an "ass grab" with his old teammates after the game. All say Jones was a fool for signing him and to let him walk next season. They blame Jones for forcing Romo back to early just to 'win'. Many feel that Romo is done after this injury. They feel that Garret is a 'puppet' and should have spoke up if he didn't think Romo was ready. Karma is a bitch. You reap what you sow. You deserve the ass beating you got yesterday. Romo was your sacrificial lamb.  
  2. Romo

    Jones will do anything to win. Play a player wIh a reoccurring serious injury before he is healed.....not suprised. Karma is a bitch old man....your team isn't winning anything.
  3. Props to Oher

    Didn't hear a peep from you know who. Good job big Mike. Total shutdown, only one pressure I can think of. Proud of this team.
  4. Romo looks like a decent guy, sucks he is stuck on that numb nuts team. Hope he didn't break it again.  By the way...don't fug with the Panthers.   Also.....Hardy who?????
  5. Have faith in the team.
  6. That's what great teams do......doesn't matter if the offense is down, the defense plays lights out. I'm happy that it's not been all on Cam this game. We can win either way it goes.
  7. Don't get this fanbase. Up by 20 and some piss and moan. No matter what this team does, not good enough.
  8. Some of you talking like we are 0-10. They didn't get here by accident.
  9. RR knows,that a 56 yd a long shot.....don't give them the ball on the 35
  10. I bet they give the call to them.....nice if they show the replay before dumbass commercials.
  11. Sleeping on the sofa or arguing with uncle Saul.
  12. The Dallas/Philly game last year garnered 32 millon viewers as the 4:30 prime time game. I would venture to guess that more than that will be watching this holiday. Never has there been a better opportunity for this team to make its mark. This game may leave a lasting impressing on all those watching and start the legacy of the Carolina Panthers across the nation. This is the biggest showcase (besides the Superbowl) that this team has ever had. For a relatively new franchuse by NFL standards, this is a defining game. Make the Carolinas proud and show the world what "keep pounding" really means.
  13. Congrats to new dad Kony Ealy

    He loves and takes care of his handicapped sister and now he has a new daughter of his own. A responsible and loving brother and now a father.....all the best to you and your family.
  14. Guy always showing his mom and two daughters and family on twitter, how much he cherishes them etc. Providing for his family with the millions to be made in the NFL would be the thing to do, not flushing it all down the drain. Talk is cheap Frank, you blew it.