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  1. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Media is setting Seattle up for beatdown   

    Wilson was straight trash against the lions. I didn't watch the whole game, but outside of 3-4 broken plays I don't think he had 50 yds. He also lost two fumbles, suprisingly being he fumbled nearly 15 times last season and didn't lose one. He was sacked like 6 times, but it shouldve been 9-12 sacks. If our d line is ready to wrap up and not allow those second chances much we will dominate him, those bs desperation throws 20 yds down the middle won't fly against us. Panthers win 20-10
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  2. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic I'm glad the Kraken is gone   

    Rachel Nichols is an idiot. End of story. Innocent until proven guilty, wasn't proven guilty so idgaf what he says about guns. And Tom Brady's wife is like the highest paid supermodel in the world, her job is to be attractive. If this poor excuse for an analyst wants to get upset about women being treated like objects or whatever else she's crying about she can look at the whole modeling industry, not a guy pointing out he wants to see attractive women.
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  3. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Yeah, after what I just witnessed   

    does analysis = sitting on your couch with a tub of ice cream and a bag of Doritos while half watching the game and half reading Fifty shades of gray? 
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  4. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Update on Girlfriend. please read.   

    Can we get a link to the gofundme page. I would love to help out. Praying for all of you involved.
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  5. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Fun Fact   

    Seattle has already lost twice ths season.
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  6. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Fun Fact   

    we have it. Believe we were tied with Dallas until their first loss 2 weeks ago.
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  7. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Last week...Luke met with the independent Dr. and not cleared   

    first off, all concussions are brain injuries. Secondly they take time, I've experienced TBI's in Iraq. Everyone responds differently, some guys would be back the next day, some a week or longer to return even though it was all a result of the same incident. The kid is worth 100 million dollars(assuming his next contract is equal or more than the current). Playing safe is the right call. I will agree if he's not back by Seattle something might be up. But until then just shut up, enjoy the ride our team is providing. We're 4-0 without our best defensive player(no offense to Norman) and without our best receiver outside of Olsen. Don't come back at me with the bullshit that we haven't played anyone. Everyone can beat everyone in the NFL. Kuechly will be fine, he's super smart, pretty damn athletic and his love for the game is up there with the likes of TD and Ray Lewis. He's not going anywhere anytime soon.
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  8. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Last week...Luke met with the independent Dr. and not cleared   

    Idk the rules on temporary bans or whatever, but I hope I meet you sometime so I can kick you in your vagina and drop some tissues for you while you whine in a puddle of your own misery.
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  9. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Mike Vick still sucks.   

    Not condoning what he did one bit by any means, but there's much worse in the nfl. 
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  10. TuckerMax25 added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Smith Sr vs M Mitchell
    So apparently Mitchell is on Smiths "lifetime hit list" after a play the injured smith in the third quarter of last nights game. Smith even said Mitchell was running his trap after the hit. The funny thing is, Mike Mitchell wasn't even around during the play, I looks like some dude named Blake initiated the hit and Timmons played clean up. Mitchell and Smith have very similar personas but Smith runs his mouth too much, especially here looking like a fool because Mitchell doesn't even hit him.
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  11. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic what are the panthers hiding from us about luke   

    investing is all about the future. As salary cap rises, players salaries will increase. The deal that was made was very good financially for us.
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  12. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Gettlemen only offered JNo 7 mill per season before the season started   

    At this rate, j no will easily be a 10-13 mil cb. Doubt we decide to pay that, but who knows. Dude is playing on a whole other level. 
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  13. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic First Home Game.....Nearly Perfect   

    nah, originally from New York. Army moved me to Texas. Became a panther fan because when I was younger my sperm donor of a "dad" sent me a hat and t shirt of the Panthers when I was younger and that was the first memorabilia I ever received of a team. Been a fan ever since.
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  14. TuckerMax25 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    First Home Game.....Nearly Perfect
    So me and my wife drove from Houston on Friday afternoon. Due to traffic we got her a little later than we wanted on Saturday but all in all an easy, yet boring drive. Saturday night we ate at Cowbell Burgers and Whiskey Bar on Tryon st. Pretty decent place, pretty loud but good price and good food. I hate sweet potatoes but their sweet potatoe tots are one of the best things I've ever had. After dinner, we went to a couple bars. Nothing really great, overly packed with the young crowd but a successful night nonetheless.
    Game Day. We got to the stadium a little before 9 to go to the team store. Was awesome, dropped a few hundred bucks real quick, but well worth it. Before the gates open we met a security guy who was pretty awesome, but also the reason the day wasn't 100% success(I'll explain later). Anyway, he told us to find him after the game and he'd get us into where the families went and see some players. Was really stoked about that because I just wanted to meet some and shake some hands. We sat in sec 130 row 5 which was pretty cool. I was nervous because we're loud, and didn't want some Debbie downers asking us to sit or shut up. Everyone around us was pretty cool. We yelled the whole time, cheering for the Def and all. 
    Post sh game we went out, the security guy got us through the one area to meet players where the families go, were super excited at this time....only to find out, he got us to the Saints side. once we realized we were on the wrong side, we walked around to our side and most of the players had left unfortunately but there was a saving grace. First we saw Gano which was pretty cool, wife thinks he's quite attractive. Shortly after Tolbert came out, and I was going to say anything because he was with his family, but some fans encouraged my wife to tell him we drove all the way from Houston. He happily obliged and came and took a picture with us. It's always awkward because I don't want to take away from their time with their families, but was pretty stoked to get a picture with him, as he's one of my favorites. 
    Side Notes- was really happy to see all the players interacting with fans way before the game time.Tillman, Gano,Nortman. Saw all of them give some kids high fives and hugs. Love seeing players do that stuff to "give back" and cheer up the little ones. Also, the stadium, is awesome. Layout is great, I love how it's indoor but also outdoor in the concourse, all the trees. Everything. Far and away the best stadium I've been to. Had a great time, will be attending the thanksgiving game and this trip may have solidified our near future move to Charlotte. Thank you for a great event. On to Tampa
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  15. TuckerMax25 added a post in a topic Kudos to the fans at the game   

    It was amazing. From Texas, this was my first home game and loved it. Sat lower bowl right next to replay booth. Very tempting to jump down and beat Ed down for his bs calls today. But great win and Norman is going to be a costly dude, but he's the real deal. 
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