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  1. Bojangles for lunch and other superstitions

    Unless I've gone to the game (Houston Philly Washington) I watch every game at Dig and Dive here in Wilmington. Best Panther bar in town by far.
  2. Ron snaps at Joe Person over Cam getting hit.

    The long drawn out ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhh was by far the funniest thing I've seen out of a presser in awhile. I love the edge this team has shown more and more of as of late and it all starts with Coach Rivera.    And Joe Person can eat a meat popsicle.
  3. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    His talent can't really be denied. A savvy veteran is a good thing. And our locker room is so incredibly strong that if he doesn't fall in line he'll likely get shown the door. Low risk high reward type deal for me
  4. Coming to my first Prime Time Game - Recommendations?

    I've got a crew from Wilmington rolling we're about to leave now. I was at the opener but I've never been to a Panthers night game. Gonna just take the risk and scalp tickets after hearing how many Eagles fans will be at the Dog House we decided to do our part. Fug the Eagles. 
  5. "Panthers are full of themselves"

  6. When Luke got cleared from concussion protocol I almost fapped. Is that adoration enough?   @nostrathomas2
  7. Cameron Artis-Payne Update

    Thanks man I can see that by how patient they say CAP is and while not a burner does have speed. Fug the Redskins but Alfred Morris is like the one likable player on their team. 
  8. Cameron Artis-Payne Update

    So me when I make myself on Madden as a running back. Fair enough.
  9. Cameron Artis-Payne Update

    I was thinking Frank Gore but hadn't seen him in person so I wasn't sure. 
  10. Cameron Artis-Payne Update

    I know it's early and comparisons are hard to come by but who does he remind you of most that's currently playing in the league to any one who has seen him I person?
  11. Carolina Panthers Offensive Line Depth Chart

    IF Oher can be solid-good could be the difference of 8/9 wins to 12+ wins. All the pieces are there imo with the question being LT....and JStews health of course.
  12. Panthers Sign Tight End

    I'm a Swole Bones fan but I like it. Competition brings out the best in most players, hopefully this is will motivate him to become better. 
  13. Panthers - Giants Illustrated

    Absolutely awesome of you to do this for the site.....thanks Zod.