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  1. Pretty sure it’s entirely possible to excel excel at both football and something else without compromising your performance. These guys deserve outlets and the right to do other things with their free time too they’ll only play football for so long.
  2. I’ve got a dog in this fight since I’m pretty cool with E so I’ll just say I really hope we sign him.
  3. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    http://m.panthers.com/news/article-2/Transcript-Torrey-Smith-Conference-Call/67e941e6-e176-4aab-ac3c-fed3d286515d Dude just sound like a Panther. Seriously read this article and if you’re not a bigger fan afterwards idk what to tell you. He came in with Cam, has worked out with Cam, considers Steve Smith a big brother and really just wants to win. Heck of a pick up I can really see Ted Ginn with the Panthers numbers from him this year.
  4. He’s faster than Dickson and their blocking might be fairly comparable. Hurney said he wanted to get more speed in our skill positions and now here we have a faster backup te visiting. Hurndog 2.0 is attempting to make good on his word if nothing else
  5. Hurney Is Killing It SoFar!!!

    Hurney has made good moves so far imo. I know the jury is still out on Smith’s impact but minus Gano over Butker I’ve agreed with all of his decisions so far. Hoping Hurndog 2.0 doesn’t make me regret my faith in him.
  6. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    And since both Byrd and Samuel have injury issues you need some one who is a little more reliable no? If Byrd and Samuel can stay healthy that just make it that much sweeter and easier on Cam but so far we can’t rely on them to stay healthy. I really hope they can next season though.
  7. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    I disagree and think he would have gotten something like a one or two year 8 million dollar deal personally.
  8. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    ....but we actually needed a deep threat who can take the top off of defenses.
  9. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    It’s still hilarious that people ridiculed Hurndog 2.0 for the trade for Smith. Him in the open market would have definitely been more than 5 million we have an absolute bargain at this point. If Worley becomes a competent corner and Smith is an absolute flop then yeah the haters were right but I really don’t think that’s going to happen.
  10. Ron Parker Wants to Come Back Home

    If the money is right absolutely. Above average speed for position...above average coverage ability for position...average/below average tackling...Above average/average play recognition. If we bring him in and still draft a safety earlier as others have noted, he could be a good stop gap and potential full year starter. He’d also likely be a little more motivated playing for his home team. I’m in.
  11. If he’s trying to free Meek I’m trying to make him an owner. Young aggressive owner who relates well to players? I’m all in
  12. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Most people just want to complain. We’ve now got a proven winner who can stretch the field and is a great locker room guy. We did take on his salary and trade away a young (struggling) cb but if Gettelman made this trade most of the ones complaining would be lauding him for being so keen on spotting talent, but since it’s Hurney it has to be a bad trade.
  13. Unfortunately I actually care about UNC Football.
  14. The Rams have acquired Aqib Talib....

    My bad I don’t follow it as closely....we can delete this thread if necessary!
  15. Thats now Peters and Talib on the same team. Hurndog 2.0 now HAS to find a WR or two otherwise we’re not making it out the NFC. *didnt mean to misspell his name*