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  1. Going to be a lot of this on Thursday...

    I actually had a good experience and was around a ton of Eagles fans. The Panthers fans around me were actually worse surprisingly.
  2. At a bar downtown Wilmington with some other Panthers fans and begrudgingly a few Pats fans.
  3. As a proud member of a military family, I'm happy to see so many players taking a social stand (kneel) towards injustice. Most of the people complaining about how "disrespectful" it is either haven't been affected by it, or have never served a day in their lives. And stop telling players to "stick to sports". I and they damn sure don't care if you look to them to distract you from your crappy life Sundays. When their families/loved ones/friends are the ones being effected the most they have every right to speak out and demonstrate against it. They don't tell you to stick to being a fry cook when you comment 24/7 about their performances, why should they have to be muzzled to appease you?
  4. Steve Wilks Presser Is A Must Watch

    If we decide to let Ron go, I really really hope Wilks is our next head coach. He just has that "it" factor.
  5. Bersin's final.goodbye

    I still don't get the Bersin hate. Guy busted his butt and gave all he had for a team we love so much, yet received so much undo criticism outside of the catching punts debacle....that was very warranted. I'm glad we're seeing what else we have don't get me wrong, but I respect the heck out of him for even making it this far.
  6. Funch I can agree with but I think teams have respect for KB. We did call an extremely conservative game though so the jury is still out imo. Hopefully Funch breaks out this year (it's so weird I feel like I've said that before).
  7. Me when we're on offense and CMC is on the field. Also you know you've got a great player when it seems like special attention is being paid to him by other teams. Nevermind he's a rookie and I know it's just San Fran but these guys are still paid professionals. You can tell their coaches had it in their minds to not let CMC beat them. Huge sign of respect.
  8. Respect is earned never given (unless you're Andrew Luck for some reason I still haven't gotten). When we're tearing up the NFL....again we'll be ranked much higher.
  9. These quotes scare me

    Are y'all honestly expecting him to say anything different? You honestly think he's gonna come out and say "well we're holding out hope to trade one..." that would destroy any leverage he has and would be a very poor business decision. And I'm definitely a fan of Joe Webb but I remember his woeful showing he had for the Vikings the last time he had to quarterback versus a first team defense. DA isn't MUCH better but at least he's been there and had some (very, very, very) moderate success here as first team qb. Some of y'all just want to find a reason to hate Hurney when imo he's actually done some good things since he's been here.
  10. Olsen Contract Tweaked

    For a bandaid I think we could do much, much worse. Now if he's hired long term I'll have my pitchforks storming Mint St with every one else....
  11. Olsen Contract Tweaked

    Maybe....juuuuust maybe Hurney won't be the awful hire many believe he will be. I still want a new GM at the end of the season though.
  12. Well that drive certainly didn't suck.
  13. When Luke got cleared from concussion protocol I almost fapped. Is that adoration enough? @nostrathomas2
  14. Yeah.....I'm not opposed to Wegher over Fozzy.
  15. Cameron Artis-Payne Update

    Thanks man I can see that by how patient they say CAP is and while not a burner does have speed. Fug the Redskins but Alfred Morris is like the one likable player on their team.