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  1. CashNewton22

    Panthers on Mint event

    My Wilmington crew of 10 are gonna try and make it but it all depends on how rowdy we get Saturday night tbh....
  2. Darn man thanks for letting me know.
  3. It’s been well documented about Norv Tuners prowess on the offensive side of the ball....but what are the most noticeable chsnges from the previous OC vs the current OC do the offensive players see.
  4. CashNewton22

    Failcons Lost PIE thread!

    The Falcons playcalling in the red zone is shameful and I love it!
  5. Yeah step one should be mending fences with 89 as far as alumni affairs go. He definitely played a part as well but it’s a shame he’s not closer to this franchise. He put the entire franchise on his back for years (offensively at least) and I Really hope we can get it done. There should be NO question as to what jersey Smitty retires in. He’s a Panther for life and I hope he someday feels the same.
  6. I stopped reading after you lead me to your first point. Trash thread bro.
  7. Pie for how Swaggy you avi is
  8. “Lord have mercy” is right in regards to Seymour. My goodness he was a green light target all night. I know the Buffalo staff knows his game pretty well since they’re the ones who traded him to us but I just thought at some point he’d say enough and hold his water. I thought wrong for a game at least....he has to play a whole lot better if he wants to start. I have a full on man crush on DJ Moore now. I know it’s just one game and I don’t lose sight of the fact that he did a lot of damage to the 2nd and 3rd string of the Bills but man was he impressive. Pretty confident in saying barring injury it’s a matter of when not if for DJ this year.
  9. I dislike the saints as much as most Panther fans but I came away genuinely liking Kamara more after that article. It’s refreshing to read about some one comfortable in their own skin and he seems cut from the same cloth as Cam to a degree. Also I won’t fault him for being confident they’d beat Minnesota you want that in a player.
  10. Either Nails is Greg himself or his agent. There’s no way he’s not affiliated somehow.
  11. Yeah man The Athletic is very reputable and has some quality writing/writers. I’m honestly surprised you don’t know more about it considering how often you find links I didn’t know even existed. Pretty sure you can get a free 7 day trial I’d definitely check it out. *But fug KB*
  12. CashNewton22

    The Panthers Have Claimed OT Adam Bisnowaty

    I know we’re razor thin at tackle but his bio reads a lot like a guy who might excel a little more at guard. I’m definitely intrigued at seeing if we’ll try him out there and how he responds.
  13. CashNewton22

    If you weren't a Panthers fan....

    Green Bay. I actually liked them before the Panthers as a kid but as I got older/the Panthers were on more I just became a Panthers fan. I still root for Green Bay when we aren’t playing them though.
  14. CashNewton22

    Your most hated NFL team?

    The Redskins.
  15. CashNewton22

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Well I work in the service industry as a bartender at a high volume club and that’s just a dumb stereotype to have. I get crappy tips from young white kids and 100% plus tips from black guys and vice versa on the regular. You continuing to bring up this crap of a stereotype only helps perpetuate it. Fail of a post.