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  1. Official Huddle 2016 Cargo Short Pledge

    Nothing but respect my brother. I feel like every one has their own swag and if your swag is cargos, rock them. It's not my swag but I've got no judgement on any ones fashion attire....unless they're wearing Saints or Redskins gear. Then I'll judge you.
  2. Official Huddle 2016 Cargo Short Pledge

    I'm from Wilmington too bro. I can cosign the board and 2 sides shorts but not flops and barefoot. And I bartend at one of our busier bars down here so I'm not some old dude wearing new balances. However I defintely know it's a way of life for many down here so no judgement keep doing you.
  3. Official Huddle 2016 Cargo Short Pledge

    Lol I can't get behind this movement gentlemen but I support and admire y'all resoluteness.
  4. Breaking - Charles Johnson Released

    I'm still in favor of a cheap Coples signing and IF Mario comes at a reasonable (by NFL standards) price signing. I'm a self admitted Tar Heel so I've watched both of these guys and I feel as though both would thrive in our system. They aren't 3-4 guys....they're hand in the dirt pass rushers. The exact same can be said about Jadeveon Clowney but that's for another time.
  5. When Luke got cleared from concussion protocol I almost fapped. Is that adoration enough? @nostrathomas2
  6. Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread

    Yeah.....I'm not opposed to Wegher over Fozzy.
  7. Favorite Panther player ever. I don't care what you say.
  8. Cameron Artis-Payne Update

    Thanks man I can see that by how patient they say CAP is and while not a burner does have speed. Fug the Redskins but Alfred Morris is like the one likable player on their team.
  9. Cameron Artis-Payne Update

    So me when I make myself on Madden as a running back. Fair enough.
  10. Cameron Artis-Payne Update

    I was thinking Frank Gore but hadn't seen him in person so I wasn't sure.
  11. Cameron Artis-Payne Update

    I know it's early and comparisons are hard to come by but who does he remind you of most that's currently playing in the league to any one who has seen him I person?
  12. Buh bye Stephen Hill

    Meanwhile Bersin is sitting in his living room like.....
  13. Carolina Panthers Offensive Line Depth Chart

    IF Oher can be solid-good could be the difference of 8/9 wins to 12+ wins. All the pieces are there imo with the question being LT....and JStews health of course.
  14. Panthers Sign Tight End

    I'm a Swole Bones fan but I like it. Competition brings out the best in most players, hopefully this is will motivate him to become better.