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  1. One of the biggest changes I’d like to see is more play action on 2nd and short. Of course there are no guarantees but I think it makes all the sense in the world to take a shot deep on a 2nd and 1 or 2 and if we don’t pick it up try running it on 3rd.
  2. CashNewton22

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    On behalf of other Tar Heel fans this man speaks for himself and is in no way a representation of the rest of us.
  3. CashNewton22

    Don't discount Bug Howard out of hand

    I love Bug but I see him as a practice player at best on this roster. We do need another big target in the wings in case of injury so imo best case scenario is Bug plays well and doesn’t get signed by another team and we can stash and develop him on the practice squad.
  4. Good! I wish him all the best but I never saw the value that Ron and the coaching staff did.
  5. CashNewton22

    The team under Tepper

    I DEFINITELY wanted Navarro but the only concern as far as team movement I currently have is moving it from Uptown Charlotte to the NC/SC border...not because I think he’s overly loyal but because I think he’s all about his money. But as for people assuming he’s gonna want to run the Panthers exactly like the Steelers....I think most of us have worked somewhere for some one else and have seen how certain things are done thinking it could be done different and/or better than the way thing are currently done wishing we could change it. Football is likely the same...the Steelers quite obviously do a lot of things good but I gotta believe it’s just gonna be human nature for Tepper to also deviate a little and do things his way as well. Was hoping for Navarro but now that it’s Tepper I’m wishing him the best of luck and hopefully ushers in a golden age for Panthers football and win us some Super Bowls.
  6. CashNewton22

    The team under Tepper

    Keep in mind these are all educated guesses as to how he’s gonna want to run the Panthers. For all any one knows he could be very aggressive in free agency and retain Hurney. A lot of people are just putting their opinions out there and phrasing it so it sounds like a probability when at this point until we hear from Tepper himself and see how his first few months with the team are like and can get a decent feel for him.
  7. CashNewton22

    Fozzy Whittaker tore his ACL (placed on IR)

    The roster is wide open for either Hood Bonnafon or some one else not on the roster to step in as the 4th rb. Here’s to hoping we find a young hungry gem somewhere whether we already have him on the roster or not.
  8. CashNewton22

    Compensatory picks are in

    ::Rubs hands Birdmanlike::
  9. CashNewton22

    JStew is good people

    He really is a great guy. I remember when he came to Wilmington and was checking out a few bars and one door guy was dumb enough to turn him away because he was wearing a tank top. He came to the bar I work at instead and never said a bad word about the bar that turned him away over nonsense. Instead he was super nice a chill and if not for his tree trunk sized legs you might not even know he was a professional football player. He really is a down to earth dude.
  10. CashNewton22

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Hurndog 2.0 at it again. I’m a fan of this signing.
  11. CashNewton22

    Does DJ Moore mean we cut Russell Shepard??

    If I could pie this twice I would.
  12. Idk man I know you’ve been on point with pretty much any article relative to the sale but I genuinely don’t believe Gantt ever knew as much as he let on. Appreciate you keeping us up to date though.
  13. Maybe this means Darin Gantt knows a lot less than he’s been pretending to but idk I’m just spitballing here
  14. CashNewton22

    Official Marty Hurney pre-draft presser thread

    I think y’all are reading waaaay too much into this press conference. These guys aren’t gonna show their hands a few days out from the draft. I don’t know how any one takes away anything from this honestly. I swear some of y’all love to complain just to complain....I can’t wait for the draft to see who the next great Panther will be personally!
  15. CashNewton22

    1st day of offseason program

    That’s my QB too but he’d be foolish not to report for an easy 500k lol