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  1. CashNewton22 added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    I've caught Luke in there twice while visiting Charlotte. Dude is super chill. You can almost tell while he appreciates people knowing him and their well wishes, he prefers anonymity.Guess that's what makes Luke Luke. 
    And yes, I go to chipotle that much where I've visited Charlotte and randomly seen him twice. Yes I'm aware I have a problem. But it's so good.
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  2. CashNewton22 added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson $21M/year but Wilson wants more   

  3. CashNewton22 added a post in a topic Atlanta's "the falcoholic" writer gives props to the Panthers.   

    Fugg Peter King.....oh wait never mind this was a positive article by some one who actually probably watched the Panthers play more than 2 times. Crazy how that works.
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