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  1. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    You nailed it with that comment, he is in the process of falling and catching on a lot of the deep balls. I've noticed quite a few seemingly unnecessary jumps too, hope he sheds that. I've also heard about the speed competition and that he is the fastest guy on the team. I think he is deceptively fast, two plays before his 86 yard TD in the NFCCG he blew by the defender for a sure TD but Cam missed him. He's got the speed, and he sure has the fire. He's always talking it up on the field. Good luck Philly, hope recovery goes well.
  2. That is my pick as well. I knew it was just a matter of time before he ripped off a long one for a TD. Hope he gets more targets!
  3. Wow, what an idiot pretty funny though. This same guy wrote several paragraphs about the field conditions vs Seahawks game last week in the comments section on NFL. Com, sorry don't have a link.