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  1. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Biz is a free agent   

    Don't have room for another stretch big perhaps...but no room for a rim protector?
    Screw logic I guess.
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  2. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Hornets Forum Revival...   

    I vote to lock down the Golden State trolls and their "Seahawk" like superiority complex...
    ...*Looks at the 800 pound Montsta in the room*...
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  3. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Biz is a free agent   

    On top of it...how can a "defensive coach" not use this guy. Unbelievable. I would have rather jettisoned Clifford and his love for subbing players out right when they get hot...
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  4. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Biz is a free agent   

    Terrible move.
    After a pretty solid offseason, this kind of ruins it for me.
    I just want to make sure I have this straight..
    We draft Biz at 18 years of age, knowing he is a project with high upside, then let him walk at the end of his rookie deal...
    How foolish. Waste of a draft pick then.
    Why draft a project before he reaches the age where he starts putting things together?
    In Biz, I saw a player that really came into his own, particularly when called upon to start when Al was hurt. He is one of the better post defenders in the league and blocks everything in the lane.
    I honesty do not see us replacing him with an equivalent player, let alone one that is as affordable.
    I'm about as butt hurt as someone can be about this. Very disappointed.
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  5. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Greg Monroe meeting with Hornets...   

    So who is going to take care of the blue balls this thread just caused...?
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  6. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: The Reason we didnt trade with Boston   

    I would have done that first trade as well. I like Sully, and Hunter would have been picked up by us with one of those two 1st's this year.
    That said, I really like the look of our team, as long as we sign Biz back. 
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  7. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Positions of need/change?   

    SG and SF are about as interchangeable as SS and FS. 
    I don't see an issue with Batum at the 2.
    Keep in mind that his size gives him a clear advantage over a lot of 2's tasked with guarding him.
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  8. Wundrbread33 added a comment on a blog entry: A case for Bismack Biyombo   

    Great read Omega. I appreciate the time you spent on this. I agree that Biz is a player worth keeping, particularly because he is a rim protector and one of the best at that task in the league, despite any offensive limitations. 
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  9. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    He put it on the deck against WCS.
    WCS might be the most agile big in the NBA now.
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  10. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Are We Done Dealing?   

    I'm the same way Carl. I respect Al's post game. It really is fun to watch him work the post; love when he takes superior athletes to school with his finesse and skill, but his lack of effort on D, and the way the team played better without him on the floor shows me that we need to move on.
    Perhaps injuries really did just take a toll on Al last season and he can bounce back. 
    We shall see I suppose.
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  11. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Are We Done Dealing?   

    Proudiddy, turns out I took what Cho said out of context, which I am glad I did.
    I watched the presser, and sometimes when watching the presser, we can't hear the questions.
    When Cho answered that we had 5 bigs and did not include Biz, he was answering a direct question about Biz and where we were regarding resigning/extending him. He said they were evaluating things and then listed the bigs that were currently under contract besides Biz, but he did not show his hand in regard to Biz and any contract talks which is typically standard talk.
    Seeing the manuscript with the questions typed up helped clarify things.
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  12. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Expectation of Batum..   

    I think 16 points, 6 boards, and 5 assists would be fantastic.
    I would hope we could keep him for more than one year, but if not, there will be plenty of money to spend on what should be a nice free agent class next year.
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  13. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    I read your comment as a slight against Laettner. Laettner was still a good player, so when you compared Frank's situation to Laettner's, you failed to slam Frank.
    Sure, I would rather have Webber than Laettner; I would also take Oak or Towns over Frank, but we weren't in a situation to draft them were we?
    All Frank did was go out there and beast every big he played against. Everyone knew they needed to stop him, but they couldn't. Sure Oak and Towns were freshmen, but they are both highly touted prospects, and Frank took care of them. 
    Let's not forget that he had the foot speed and ability to win his matchup against WCS too...last time I checked, he wasn't a freshman, and he is projected as a premier post defender in the NBA.
    Since we drafted Frank, I rewatched both the Kentucky and Duke games, and against quality NBA bigs, with length, Frank won with an arsenal of post moves, outside shooting, and quick cuts to the basket. 
    He might not be a perennial all star, but he will be able to play in this league. High floor is what I see, and unlike Cody, Frank does not lack confidence and aggression. 
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  14. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    Laettner had a few years where he was an 18/8 guy, with a few assists. Long time starter in the league. If Frank can do that I'll be perfectly content.
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  15. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Feelings on the Lakers pick?   

    I figured Frank was your pick for ROY cb... ;)
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