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  1. Don't Sleep on Dean Marlowe

    I like Marlowe as well. He and Boston I see both improving and making strides.

    Boehringer getting drafted to the Vikings is awesome. Seeing the whole sequence on NFL Network was cool. Mayock seems like a good dude too.
  3. Panthers Select CB James Bradberry in the second round

    Thanks for the video! Good to see Gamble. I still remember being so excited when we selected him.
  4. He didn't throw her on a pile of guns, and guns are inherently evil because Obama says so. Right?
  5. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    So you make an argument, then say it doesn't really matter? Well this is much ado about nothing.
  6. Game 6 vs. Heat

    Lin is just not right tonight.
  7. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    I see more of a repeat of last year. Trade a few later picks and our 2nd to move up. I don't see Dave trading away future high picks. Wouldn't make sense.
  8. Skip (the master troll) Bayless is leaving ESPN in August

    Hilarious that some take everything he says seriously, andcan't grasp that he is just an entertainer.
  9. So, Steve Kerr won Coach of the year? WTF?

    Well I don't know all the history...but typically the head coach picks his assistants, and the readiness of those assistants to step in and perform is a reflection of the head coach. He (and his staff) coached a team with the most wins in history. Nuff said.
  10. First Round - Game 4 - Heat @ Hornets

    Seriously...where the hell is @Promethean Forerunner?
  11. Feel Like It Is Time To Get Out The Broom

    Forerunner is the Heat fan though right? Trolling our Hornets board with Heat homerism because he "lives here."
  12. Lulz at people saying our defense is going to suck...

    Why join this discussion then?
  13. Feel Like It Is Time To Get Out The Broom

    Where is Forerunner talking the talk after game 3?
  14. "The offense better step up because we are going to give up points!" "Bene is our best corner? Remember him getting burnt repeatedlylast year?" L U L Z Rivera is our HC TD, Luke, Short, Johnson, Coleman, etc. And offense?...Cam and co. say don't worry about it. "Did you really need to start a thread about this?" Yes
  15. Hornets/Heat Game 2

    I mean ultimately we can't even get mad when these guys are hitting contested jumpers and 3's all game. There is only so much you can do. The first game pissed me off because of the lack of intensity and leaving Whiteside open. Game 2? What the hell can you do?