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  1. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Drafting PF makes the most sense...   

    Chuck mentioned Johnson in another thread a month or so ago, and I was originally against it, but if he is there I think we have to take him. If he can consistently hit from the NBA three, he can be a player that can help us tremendously.
    He would contribute immediately defensively and won't have to develop physically like many wings in this draft.
    I still take Hezonja if he is there, but Johnson would be a great consolation prize if he isn't.
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  2. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Drafting PF makes the most sense...   

    ​Lyles is the player I want the least because I don't see him doing a single thing better than Vonleh.
    And what do you see in WCS that you project him developing into a better offensive player than Biz? At this point Biz sets the best screens on the team, rolls strong to the basket, and, although a poor shooter, has decent form on his shot.
    Every time I watched WCS, he looked completely lost and uncoordinated on offense. I question the BBIQ. He was more an athlete you told, "See that guy with the ball? Stay in front of him so he can't put the ball in the basket." Not much else.
    If we draft him, I hope I'm wrong.
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  3. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Drafting PF makes the most sense...   

    ​I actually like WCS as well, but he is redundant considering how we have another player the same age that does the same things in Biz. Biz is more of the rim protector where WCS can guard literally every position.
    If he is the best player available, then fine.
    My point with this thread is this: I have this gut feeling that one of the wing prospects we want is going to be there, who many would consider BPA as well...and we will pass for an underwhelming selection.
    Guess I just need to get rid of this negative draft mindset I am in...
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  4. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Drafting PF makes the most sense...   

    ...because it makes no sense. if I were a betting man, I'd bet we draft the same position three years running.
    I'm terrified there will be a BPA there that will fill a need like Hezonja, and we will pass on him for Kaminsky or Turner.
    Anyone else have this feeling in the pit of their stomach?
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  5. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic: Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    Depends on your definition of "athleticism".
    IMO skill should not be mentioned. 
    Focus on physical traits: size, strength, agility, accel, top line speed, leaping ability.
    Lebron is hard to beat. However what about a young Shaq? Now there is a player I don't think we see again. In his early years and his prime, we saw a guy would could run the floor with unique agility and play with power, while being 7'1" and between 300-330 pounds. 
    How incredible was that? 
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