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  1. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    I assume you're use of "you" in your response isn't directly referring to me, since I haven't done most of those things.
    I believe there are too many factors that we don't have access to that keep any of us from being "correct" about our front office and their evaluation of Snead.
    The way you downplay the "system" argument is interesting though. Very well documented how important being in the right system is.
    Overall, this whole thread comes off as an "I'm right and if you say otherwise then you're stupid," thread.
    You can have your opinions (which is what they are; not "correct" or "fact"), but so can everyone else. 
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  2. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    So if I believe we have one of the best GM's in the NFL, and that his talent evaluation is top notch...
    ...I am a "short sniffer"?
    I think a few things need to be touched here:
    The "wide receiver friendly" offense ran in New Orleans matters, and is a valid argument.We have given opportunity to many young players since Gettleman has been here, perhaps mainly for financial reasons, but we still have nonetheless.Let's see how Snead and his team do the remainder of the season before we care too much about this.You're a good poster Top Dawg, but some of your posts in this thread have been borderline "trollish".
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  3. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic I'm glad the Kraken is gone   

    One loved the money...
    The other loved crazy hoes...
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  4. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic Did you know? Cam Newton the pescatarian.   

    A couple issues with this. 
    I would reference the site you pulled this from, which is http://www.celestialhealing.net/physicalveg3.htmThis source is not exactly "unbiased." They certainly have an agenda to promote a plant life diet.Aside from that, all the above comparisons pose an argument, but do not necessarily prove anything.
    My great grandmother prepared and ate meat everyday for 94 years on this earth. So if we were not designed to digest meat, how would you (or your source) explain this?
    I myself have cut back on a lot of meat because I feel better eating more fruits and vegetables, but my improved perception of my health can be attributed just as much to the increase in vitamins and minerals as it can to a reduction of meat.
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  5. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic Norwell... lol...   

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  6. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    Well obviously any defensive end that doesn't get two sacks a game is a bust.
    Did I do that right?
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  7. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic Delaire Article   

    His first step is amazing and he already showed great use of his hands. I feel like he will be much more than a one hit wonder for us.
    Violent hands.
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  8. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic Expectations for this season?   

    7th or 8th seed. Lose to Cleveland in 5. This time we actually beat Lebron once.
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  9. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic Skinny Al?   

    Getting mad at Biz for seeing his family for a few weeks in the offseason. Lol. 
    I mean Biz has family IN AFRICA. It's not like he can drive to their house and see them like the majority on the team can. Silly getting mad at him for using the only opportunity he would have all year to go see them.
    I could totally see Clifford doing that too. He just looks like a asshole. 
    I would take Biz over a lot of bigs, because he gives his all on the court and brings a rare type of energy.
    I wonder if Pop treats his foreign Spurs players like that. I'm willing to believe that organization has better relations internationally.
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  10. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic If You Are Unsure What Carolina is Getting With Jared Allen...   

    Best motor of any defensive lineman over the past decade. Arguably the best DE over that period.
    An overachieving football player that loves the game and never quits. 
    Could you imagine Allen's heart inside Peppers body back in the day? I mean damn.
    I'm so pumped that he is a Panther.
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  11. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic Panthers PFF Grades - Defense   

    So far Ealy really hasn't looked that bad against the run, but he really is having trouble getting free on a pass rush, and when he finally does, there seems to be a second blocker there to clean him up.
    Slow start to the year for him but hopefully he can pick it up because we need him. If Addison wasn't such a liability against the run, Ealy's development wouldn't be an issue, but we need him to round out his pass rushing skills to take that next step.
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  12. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic For those that didnt watch the game on TV, Rhonde...   

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  13. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic Funchess getting pushed around still   

    Yeah, he only had one catch.
    But it was a boss ass catch. He got drilled over the middle; took that poo like a man and held onto the ball, and there was an additional 15 yards tacked on.
    He showed more on that play than any other WR has this season.
    NOW does anyone want to say that "no one" is worried about Funchess?
    I normally like OP's threads but this one is awful.
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  14. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic Bias Confirmed   

    Cam gets penalized for being too big, strong, and fast. They treat him like a running back.
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  15. Wundrbread33 added a post in a topic I literally cannot remember a single time our D has looked this bad..   

    Remember George Seifert era much?
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