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  1. GaCatFan

    Upgrades by Tepper

    I understand both sides of the digital ticket issue, but I am not a fan of them. Electronic devices can crash. I had a previous smartphone do so. I would be highly upset if it happened and I lost access to my tickets. I would rather have a printed ticket.
  2. GaCatFan

    NFL Turning Point

    The Falcons had that game. Easy. All they had to do was run the ball in the second half. Glad they didn't.
  3. I hope whoever plays on the O-line does well, and maybe we have a diamond in the rough with one or two of them like we had in Norwell when he first started. I hope to see no injuries and clean play by the Pats (one can hope). If they go after Cam, we need to go after Tommy boy. I hope our D-line can stop the run better this time.
  4. Our D needs to rough up Tommy boy a little bit.
  5. GaCatFan

    The midfield logo reveal

    I read somewhere a few years ago (no links) they have a different kind of paint that does not hurt the grass.
  6. I saw a guy in an Eagles jersey Friday.
  7. GaCatFan

    Camp parking question

    Lots A and B are pretty close to the practice fields, but you have to get there early. The others are further out. We parked in lot D Thursday. It is a pretty good walk across part of the campus to the practice fields. I just had my knee scoped about 3 weeks ago, so the walk was rough over uneven terrain. We could have parked much closer in A or B, but this was my first time attending training camp and I really didn't know where to go. We just ducked in the first lot we saw. Friday, we parked in lot A on the third row, but we got there 3 hours before practice started. There, you just cross the street, and go down the walkway to the fields. We did have to wait until the gates opened an hour before practice started.
  8. GaCatFan

    Who is going to training camp?

    I am planning to go the first 2 days. Never been. But, I may not go, though. I can't deal with the heat like I could when I was younger. I DID just get tickets for FanFest, though.
  9. I have been to FanFest several times, but never been to training camp. I have always wanted to go, so, I am planning for a couple of days this year. .
  10. GaCatFan

    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Very nice. I think our TopCats look just as good.
  11. Great pics, as always. Thanks.
  12. Disagree. I shared it on my Facebook.
  13. Once again, great pics.
  14. Thanks for the pics. Another great job. Really like this feature after the games.
  15. But, Gronkowski, Edelmann, LaFell, and some others did not play if I remember correctly. Gronkowski is Crybrady's go-to guy, especially on 3rd downs.