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  1. Plan to drive up to Charlotte EARLY Tuesday morning. Gotta see this.
  2. What are you going to buy if we win tomorrow?

    Probably won't be as much stuff here in my area, but I am planning a trip to Charlotte. Hopefully, there will be some items still available. I expect merchandise will fly off the shelves and racks. Definitely getting T-shirts and a hat or two.
  3. Official Super Bowl Program

    I found this one: Seems to be the nicest one I've seen.
  4. I know some hope we just win, but I'd love to see us do to Denver what we did to the Cards.
  5. Official Super Bowl Program

    Just ordered. Wanted to get one. Thanks. Y'all don't possibly have or can get any of the SB50 patches like the uniforms have on them? The ones on EBay are not very good quality.
  6. Dat Skyline

    I think Charlotte has a beautiful skyline. Everytime I go there, seems like something new is going up. I have almost run off the road several times over the years gazing at it from the car. One year we stopped in several locations in town and tried to get some photos. Time to do that again.
  7. When and Why to make Noise

    And DON'T do the stupid wave.
  8. I just talked with Gil Brandt

    Yes, I'd like to know that, too. Never saw it.
  9. NFC Championship tickets on sale- tonigh 7pm

    I know, that sucks.
  10. That apology had to be written by someone else. Sounds scripted. One game was not enough, IMO.
  11. They went after Cam's knees alot today.
  12. To the toughest SOB in the NFL

    Plus, that push off he did against Josh for his TD.
  13. OBJ Dabs on Cam Newton

    Me, too, and I'm an LSU fan. Disappointed in OBJ for being a punk.
  14. I doubt if any of our WRs are scared of Harrison, either. I never thought he was all that great, even in his prime. He just was good at grabbing jerseys cheap shots, and such.
  15. Off to NYC...

    Have a safe trip. Bring us back win #14.