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  1. Very frustrating if offense isn’t his expertise bring someone in who know how. Thank goodness we have a strong offensive mind coming in. I just hope Turners prime hasn’t passed him by.
  2. Agreed I would say he is the most important signing this offseason followed by Star
  3. Cam and Olsen played really bad. I think it’s still possible but chances are under 40%
  4. Being optimistic. Cam rarely has bad games back to back. We are going to need to put up at least 28 to win next week.
  5. Well he denied knowing anything about Bountygate too, so this fits him well.
  6. We have a better candidate that has interviewed for GM positions on our roster in Gregory
  7. How do you know how much time he spends watching film? I believe you are assuming quite a bit. I haven’t seen a game where he looked like he didn’t know the plan or a play. I think we have all seen the play calling be inadequate which is an indictment on the offensive coordinator.
  8. Lol thanks for the clarification.
  9. Agreed. Allen may have a tad more upside if he can put a little weight on and retain his speed.
  10. Hey Stirs, Why do you say it is puzzling? Just curious of your comment. I think he could make the roster. He is fast and has nice wiggle for possible special team help. I think he could create mismatches in the slot. Most of our receivers now are big boys, so I think there is a place for him.
  11. Five Panthers Make ProBowl

    I guess I am a little selfish but Gano not making the pro bowl is probably good for us re-signing him. If he stayed at 100% in field goal percentage we may have run into trouble since he is one of our free agents next year.
  12. I personally like the fact that the media thinks our record is inflated by bad opponents. Every week we hear excuses why the other team lost not why the Panthers won. That alone should make the players hungry for more. We won our first 5 games because we played lackluster opponents per the media. We beat San Francisco because Kapernick is struggling and the 49ers have injuries........per the media We beat the Patriots because the officials helped us....... Yada ....Yada.....Yada....
  13. glad he is ok that was scary after seeing the replay
  14. sheesh he got hit in the temple....