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  1. Not a professional when it comes to the trenches either but I have heard small concerns in the past about Larsen. When Larsen gets his hands on you the play is over, the DT or linebacker is done, but there were some rumblings he isn’t quite as good at run blocking because he can’t pull like Ryan Kalil can. I am hopeful now that Amini isn’t starting that all the guys get a fair shot.
  2. Beast_3000

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    Especially since KB and DWill were talking about our quarterback and sports org. It’s no different than Troy Aikman saying something about Cam that catches media attention. Should we not talk about it then ? He doesn’t have a valid point and probably shouldn’t respond.
  3. Beast_3000

    Training Camp - Day 4 Updates

    Agreed you just hope with enough practice reps he cuts down on his mental errors that he has never been able to avoid.
  4. Beast_3000

    Your most hated NFL team?

    1) Saints by far 2) Patriots
  5. Dameire Byrd, D Hall, Obada and the UDFA offensive lineman from Penn St.
  6. WOW I knew about the new rule but I didn’t know that the rule was that ambiguous
  7. Beast_3000

    McCaffery will breakout this year....

    As optimistic as I am I will be in agreement with you if they don’t take a step forward this year. I think Shaq is the most likely candidate to break out along with McCaffery
  8. Beast_3000

    McCaffery will breakout this year....

    We are due for 2 of these guys to really bust out in Probowl form. Cam and Luke spoiled us.
  9. I think Luke has adjusted his play. You won’t see him barrel down on a player anymore for that big hit. I wouldn’t say he struggled.
  10. Beast_3000

    Matt "Speed bump McGee" Kalil..

    I read something from Panthers.com I believe that said instead of rehabbing( hip issue from Viking days) he has been able to strictly hit the weight room this offseason. I am hoping that helps his run blocking. I am optimistic
  11. Beast_3000

    Top 6 WRs

    Lol I’m well aware. That’s what I just said when I said Rivera will not be play calling. In addition, I said his stamp which is highly conservative. You just expounded on what I said. “ taking his foot off the gas”
  12. Beast_3000

    Top 6 WRs

    Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not. If you took that as me saying Rivera calls plays you are waaaay off. Every head coach has a stamp on the team. Every head coach does. It’s why the Eagles or even the Aints stay aggressive regardless of the score. Rivera wants a balanced attack led with an even stronger running game . Norv’s is in agreement with that philosophy which is why he is here. Where Rivera can get in the way is taking his foot off the gas and asking theOC to play conservative with a lead. Hopefully now that we have an experienced play caller he steers clear of the offensive side of the ball as much as possible. Let Norv do his thing.
  13. Beast_3000

    Top 6 WRs

    I am hoping and praying you are right. He made it through an entire season at Ohio State as the focal point of that offense essentially as a dual threat offensive weapon so the proof and track record is definitely there.
  14. Beast_3000

    Top 6 WRs

    The slight of frame comment was directed more so to Damiere Byrd. He is 5’9” and probably 185. I’m assuming you are referencing to Samuel who last season had just as many injury concerns as Byrd. My point was for the team to be successful those guys have to stay healthy.
  15. Beast_3000

    Top 6 WRs

    I think half the board is high on Byrd the other half wasn’t as impressed with him due to the small sample size. I think Damiere just needs to stay healthy. If he has prepared for a rigorous season the way he should by possibly putting on a few pound of muscle/mass I am definitely on the we need to keep him train. He was to valuable in the games he played to cut him or let him walk. We saw the importance of needing depth last year. Since Samuel and Byrd are slight in frame I think keeping 6 guys is important but at the same time that’s why we have OTAs and training camp. All 6 should be able to show if they belong in Norvs offense. I just hope Rivera stays out of Norvs way. He needs to spend his time in the secondary meeting rooms.