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  1. Jeremy, you always do such a good job reporting on TC. Looking for add to your coverage again this year!!
  2. Welcome to the vortex
  3. CBDellinger

    The Richardson Rule

    The NFL isn’t going to ban a key component of civil litigation settlements. Nor should they. As a settlement that involves an NDA, and a lot of them do, does not equal guilt. Sometimes the smarter play both financially and from a PR perspective is to make the situation go away. That’s why they exisit.
  4. KB is a clown. Cams shoulder injury was his fault. He gave up on the route, gave up on tackling the defender on the int and Cam got hurt diving trying to prevent the touchdown. And it wasn’t the first time he quit. In short... F^CK THAT DUDE!
  5. Biggest FA acquisition of the year... Norv Turner. Its not not every day you get to pick up a HOF caliber coach to run the offense. This will be the best Cam we’ve ever seen.
  6. CBDellinger

    Slow day but rumor is.....

    Bill is trying to be smart and build the roster for years to come... Brady is pitching a fit b/c he wants to protect his golden years / legacy... Kraft is holding onto the past and siding with Brady... We his will not end well unless several helpings of pride are swallowed.
  7. Last year CMC caught 80 balls out of the backfield as a rookie and C.J. BAMderson ran for a k... and we finally have a legit OC. For the first time in his career Cam doesn’t HAVE to run. Holy shizzznit this is gonna be fun to watch.
  8. Norv Turner has boatloads more experience looking at college prospects than the OP will ever have. Prob more than all of us combined tbh. Ill trust Norv on this one. We wouldnt have picked him unless he was very high on Moore.
  9. Rum ham at the concessions stands!!
  10. Offensive game plan was a joke. No new wrinkles.
  11. The psl contract is very clear. You don’t get anything beyond the right to buy the tickets and a few other silly perks (like that stinky flag). It even details what happens if the team moves. It’s iron clad. Psl owners get nothing. It’d be cool if JR peeled off 500 mil but pretty lol to think he would.
  12. Start an online petition... that will show em.
  13. Y’all... the internet is serious business.
  14. CBDellinger

    Dez Bryant

    Dez is terrible. Last thing Cam needs is slow wr that can’t separate in his ear saying GET ME UP ME BALL!! we got rid of the last wr we had like that and the offense opened up. Why try it again? Cam needs guys that can stretch the field. We already have guys that can work the underneath and actually... you know.. get open. Let dez ruin ruin some other team.
  15. Deep drops ehh.... oh boy.