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  1. They certainly didn't have a problem throwing in penalties of our replays before.
  2. Considering OBJ shouldn't be playing in the 4th quarter, I'd say the NFL has kept their team in the game.
  3. Funny how the media works. They were able to convince everyone that it was a frivolous lawsuit.
  4. So what will be the media spin on this game? Rodgers was hurt? Nelson is that important to the offense? There's always some spin to make it seem like the Panthers aren't that good of a team.
  5. If the Panthers were to win the Super Bowl, I think the media would implode.
  6. Fox is on a roll. They just put up the Kap-Cam stat comparison. Geez.
  7. Bradshaw just said the Panthers can't make a run in the playoffs because we only have Cam, Olsen, and Stewart.
  8. I'm with SIGCHI222. I wasn't extremely happy with the pick but, wow, what a monster he's become. Hope I win! Twitter handle: @trh98