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  1. Any chance Tepper's connection with Steelers could yield Josh Dobbs?
  2. RevJ

    LG Brendan Mahon

    Man, I'm with you on Amini - but lighten up on Canton. They have invested a lot to clean that town up and it does not deserve to be populated with bullied NFL players,
  3. RevJ

    No minority partners

    I see what you did there but I doubt much excitement occurred. You see, "minority" is a four syllable word. IMHO, most racists, (and most radicals for that matter), rarely process words over two syllables, and it is highly unlikely that they would click on any topic with any words with even three syllables.
  4. No shortage of confidence. Think he'll ask Cam to give him the #1 jersey?
  5. RevJ

    This years Thielen?

    Because a four down receiver can convert the fake punt we run once every other year . . .
  6. It has to be Matt Willig. If you don't believe me, check the link. Matt Willig Can't miss for the Hall Of Fame
  7. Nothing wrong with chewing Bubble Tape, but pretty sure that's a yo-yo to keep self entertained in between plays.
  8. Not sure I get the hate. Great LB name. Led TSU in tackles against teams no one has heard of. Runner up for prom queen. Toothpaste model. Championship!
  9. RevJ

    Greg Hardy making new friends

    That's right, not anywhere near the four tackles Hardy had for 2014. Especially when you count the half dozen or so tackles Hardy had on Holder in one outing. However, Coleman's salary was only $280,000 per tackle - Hardy clocks in at $3,275,000 per tackle - unless you count his take downs of Holder, which would cut the rate to $1,310,000 per tackle.
  10. RevJ

    Kurt Coleman Info

    Loved his work on "Diff'rent Strokes" but seems a little short to play safety.
  11. I see what you did there - trying to trick us into thinking we actually had beat writers.