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  1. No shortage of confidence. Think he'll ask Cam to give him the #1 jersey?
  2. RevJ

    This years Thielen?

    Because a four down receiver can convert the fake punt we run once every other year . . .
  3. RevJ

    Daryl Worley Officially Released

    New study out says passed out people lack clarity in decision making
  4. RevJ

    Panthers Mock w/Trades Scenario

    Sooo . . we could trade down to the 7th round and pick him up???
  5. Hoping he can cover someone while they are in the chair, didn't cover much when he was on the field.
  6. In our rural churches, Watkins would get the same reaction as someone who publicly shared a fondness for their neighbor's goat . . . "Umm, don't believe I'd a shared that brother . . ."
  7. RevJ

    Robert Ayers cut by Bucs

    Any cuts on his feet??
  8. Not sure how athletic she might be but my guess is there would not be too many defensive ends running past her when they could stop and chat..
  9. Not sure why you indefinitely suspend - firing would be a clearer signal. Obviously it is a legal step to cover their annoying little rear ends.
  10. It has to be Matt Willig. If you don't believe me, check the link. Matt Willig Can't miss for the Hall Of Fame
  11. Nothing wrong with chewing Bubble Tape, but pretty sure that's a yo-yo to keep self entertained in between plays.
  12. Not sure I get the hate. Great LB name. Led TSU in tackles against teams no one has heard of. Runner up for prom queen. Toothpaste model. Championship!