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  1. Those players make to much money to play a game. All they do is put there body's and long term health on the line. The commissioner should make 50 mil and get a jet to watch over the game, right? JK, he's not even that good at his job. You would think getting booed all the time at drafts and at games he would be a little happier just to still be commissioner and take a normal pay raise.
  2. DG in retrospect

    The draft is not everything, spending habit, FA and overall attitude play a big part in a GM as well.
  3. Observations from today

    We run the bootleg play so few times it's open Everytime we run it it seems. On that last drive was was hoping a bootleg or naked boot just to end the game but only seen 1 all gm. Every running team should run lots of bootleg passes all gm, it would keep D of balance some. IMO
  4. Alot of our run plays are are trying to trick the other team. If it works it looks good , but if the D stay home or in there lane the play is dead. ( see read op, revs, pa dubble screens, lots of shotgun run plays) l dont thnk the RBs are being set up to succeed.
  5. It was a short week, and i really think this staff is Good at game planing a head of time. If we played that gm on Sun at 1 i think things may have played different .
  6. Ed Dickson

    Only thing that stop Dickson was our OC. Had his best game in the 1st, was not even looked at in the 2nd half. I never understood the heat he would get, looks like a nice fill in.
  7. Lol somehow phone change treads for the Shula one...
  8. I don't need other to tell me what to think. I have watched the Panthers since the start and from what I see from other teams and what I see from my favorite team makes me not like our OC. Call it what you will.
  9. Good, didn't want him on the roster and I think Gman just took a flier on him. His rookie season when he said he would eat candy before games ( In college ) and wasn't really a workout guy I knew he would be trash.
  10. Panthers v patriots in madden. Gg EA

    LoL that Pep face hair thing is weird, its not there at start of game but hit someone and there it is... SMH wonder how long it will take EA 2 fix (If they care 2)
  11. Zack Sanchez Released

    Sorry he was not that good to begin with. Him and Teddy Williams need to go.
  12. RR has not been to good with teams he has no tape on early in a season. Hard to game plan against. Car should win but it just may be a gm.
  13. Final Panthers Cuts

    If Wegher is cut NE will grab him quick( yall know NE wants all the white RBs.. j/k kinda) and that 81 guy didnt look to bad for all the huddle talking so down on him. Him and Funch kinda play the same to me.
  14. Thomas Davis on NFLN

    4-3 OLBs get no love. Got to be a 3-4 OLB with i lot of sacks to get in now. I think 3-4 backers should have there own thing or put them in more with 4-3 DE..