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  1. I'm just glad our LT didn't get hurt on that play, but yea 65 sucks..
  2. NCBlu

    Midfield Logo Watch

    Its been on Madden for like a week or so now. Maybe the NFL let EA know ahead of time.
  3. No one gets bumped there was always going to be 3 TEs. If you run 2TE sets you need a backup, our FB is a true FB that can block but should focus on his main job.
  4. Should you tip the pizza delivery guy if there is a delivery charge added to the pizza? Just wondering, seems like the best place to ask.
  5. NCBlu

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    He sounded really happy a OC change happened. He must have watched games from the last few seasons lol
  6. NCBlu

    Final Panthers Cuts

    If Wegher is cut NE will grab him quick( yall know NE wants all the white RBs.. j/k kinda) and that 81 guy didnt look to bad for all the huddle talking so down on him. Him and Funch kinda play the same to me.