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  1. To the people still wondering about how you go from SB to not making the playoffs, did you miss the NFL letting DEF players tee off on Cams head all season? Or the fact Panthers had Denver beat if Gono makes a easy FG, also TB game lost on a turnover in endzone. Still dont know how they lost to KC after being up so late. Carolina 6-10 that year 9-7 made the playoffs. Could have been 9-7 or better easy that year. Also lost to TB by 1 week 17. To the OP yea Cam draft was wore you shold get the 1st pick righ but all other round picks where high in there rounds also not the 31st pick of there round.
  2. NCBlu

    Final Panthers Cuts

    If Wegher is cut NE will grab him quick( yall know NE wants all the white RBs.. j/k kinda) and that 81 guy didnt look to bad for all the huddle talking so down on him. Him and Funch kinda play the same to me.