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  1. Approximately 7:45 pm when I finish teaching my last lesson for the day and walk to the pub next door for open mic night and Panthers game.
  2. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    What the hell? I just got home from work and the Hornets are blacked out? In Greenville, NC? They never have been before. That's bullshit.
  3. To the Cord Cutting Panther Fans

    Damn it. Not available here in the middle of nowhere (Greenville, NC).
  4. Garret Gilbert

    1. Cam 2. Webb 3. Gilbert DA had a decent run but he played terrible last year and this preseason. Time to retire and count his money.
  5. Along the Sidelines - Colts at Panthers

    Shared on facebook. Excellent as always.
  6. How many seasons in a row does Ron have to learn to not be conservative?
  7. Do you want more Huddle Hornets content?

    I would enjoy more Hornets content.
  8. Huddle Blogs?

    While I'm not interested in having a blog myself I am interested in reading blogs by some of the more intelligent posters here.
  9. jstew

    I don't think he's soft or lazy. I just don't think his body can handle an NFL beating anymore. He's always injured. Even his first few seasons when he played every game he was always hurt. I hope he holds up because when healthy he's a beast.
  10. My son was hit by a car last night

    Don't be a dick. No charges.
  11. NBA Playoffs are here!

    I had so much fun watching him get his ass kicked.
  12. I'll be 29 this coming July and the Panthers are the only team I've ever claimed. I was born in Presbyterian Hospital in 1986 and my parents had a house off Johnston Rd (before it extended all the way to Ballantyne). Before the Panthers the only team I was into was the Charlotte Hornets. My dad grew up a Falcons fan. I watched the 49ers/Chargers super bowl before our first season. My dad pulled for the 9ers so I did too.
  13. Round 4 Open Thread

    On the clock. Gettemagic.
  14. I know it's been said earlier in the thread but this really should be an article on the front page.