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  1. Draft or Hornets?

    Hornets on tv. I'll see who the Panthers draft when they're up though.
  2. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Miami has the momentum going into the locker room. We've gotta stay strong on D to steal it.
  3. Malice in Your Heart: New England vs Denver

    I haven't rewatched Super Bowl 50 and I probably won't for a long time. But Denver beat the poo out of us. Complain about refs all you want but they were better that day. New England has a culture of cheating and dirty tactics. No comparison. I never have and likely never will have ill feelings towards Denver.
  4. Hornets at Cavs Gameday Thread

    You're not the only one watching but I'm not a frequent poster. Need some stops and made shots in the second half.
  5. This is a very long article about the drama between the NFL owners when talking about a move to Los Angeles.http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/14752649/the-real-story-nfl-owners-battle-bring-football-back-los-angeles
  6. Thanks for this. The '95 article is excellent. I look forward to the rest.
  7. 2003 vs 2015 Panthers

    To be fair the 2004 Panthers lost a key player to IR damn near every game. They would have been a playoff team had that not happened. Still I'll take 2015 over 2003 too.
  8. Lol. No he's not. Stephen Curry has just won an NBA Championship and was named the MVP of the league. Why would you leave all that and come play for what is basically the worst franchise in the entire history of the NBA? I could maybe see it if he thought he had a chance to win here but let's be honest about that. The Buzz Cats very best seasons have each seen them swept out of the 1st round of the playoffs. I see no chance.
  9. Along the Sidelines - Colts at Panthers

    Shared on facebook. Excellent as always.
  10. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    How many seasons in a row does Ron have to learn to not be conservative?
  11. Do you want more Huddle Hornets content?

    I would enjoy more Hornets content.
  12. Huddle Blogs?

    While I'm not interested in having a blog myself I am interested in reading blogs by some of the more intelligent posters here.
  13. If you can read but cannot post....

  14. jstew

    I don't think he's soft or lazy. I just don't think his body can handle an NFL beating anymore. He's always injured. Even his first few seasons when he played every game he was always hurt. I hope he holds up because when healthy he's a beast.
  15. My son was hit by a car last night

    Don't be a dick. No charges.