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  1. "oh you think im being a dumbass shill??????? looks like i must have struck a nerve!!!"
  2. lol imagine the calls mccrory is getting from the super rich right now urging him to stay strong so that they can swoop in and privatize the schools once they lose funding
  3. CCW Owner Gets in the Middle of a Domestic Dispute.... and Dies

    i imagine the person who wrote this article included the weird, unrelated crossfit detail to really drive home how dumb this guy was
  4. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    poker eh? pstall: straight flush! everyone else at the table: pstall you're holding an uno card and the card with the directions on it pstall: heh yeah i see you all have trouble reading people
  5. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

  6. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    sure pstall has old white man politics but it's really enjoyable watching him try to portray his politics as cutting edge and cool. never change pstall
  7. You guys need to watch more tape of guys before the draft.

    heh yeah these bozos don't get it. you can't just evaluate a prospect's smile through youtube videos. you gotta get up close and personal with it. in case im not being clear enough here for you, you defended known hack nolan nawrocki for years. you are in no position to criticize youtube highlight reel scouts. i mean yeah we can conclusively state that they know nothing but at least they're not appealing to racists in order to sell poo magazines.
  8. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    eat poo local economies. signed, the jobs party™
  9. Trump vs. Hillary

    *types out bad, two sentence argument* *makes clunky south park reference* *clicks "submit reply"* ~postin' on the internet~
  10. Trump vs. Hillary

    not a fuging chance i vote for him just to be clear
  11. Trump vs. Hillary

    william blum would vote for trump over clinton im gonna be honest here for a moment: i was getting p alarmed when republican debates would shift to foreign policy and trump would just eviscerate neocons on live television (on fox news even!) and i would find myself just nodding along with the bankrupt reality tv fascist man. he's unpredictable but imo trump is second to bernie on foreign policy, but it's a closer second than you might think. this is more of an indictment of the field than an endorsement but that's where im at right now
  12. "Keep Our State Straight"

    this is a good thing and i hope it will lead to more politicians and regular ppl revealing their true feelings re: sexuality and gender, race, religion, oligarchy, imperialism, and more. not to say i respect this particular politician in general but i respect him a whole hell of a lot more than the snakes who wouldn't dare speak the truth as they defended laws like hb2
  13. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

  14. Economic Freedom Zones

    absolutely nothing but understand this: what you're describing is a feature, not a bug.
  15. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    there is no greater argument against capitalist society than the fact that arsen thrives in it