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  1. Miracle

    confirm/deny: most forms of western christianity are influenced by prosperity theology, reassuring those lucky enough to practice their faith in developed countries while strongly enforcing feelings of ethnic and/or cultural superiority
  2. Last "big" Pub debate

  3. Last "big" Pub debate

    jesus christ rubio what the hell was that
  4. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    kt was a racist. hitler, however, had some good ideas
  5. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    hey zod rename the tinderbox to "hitler was right about a ton of social issues"
  6. Dem Debate - One on One, Bernie vs Hillary

    will you release the transcripts from your wall street bribe speaking engagements? "i'll look into it" lol
  7. what is political correctness and why is it bad?

    is "no, ALL lives matter" political correctness?
  8. what is political correctness and why is it bad?

    if through this book you can convince just one poster that racism isn't just "absolute hate toward another race" i will be forever in your debt anyway im not as qualified as you are to really speak on the subject imo, particularly from the perspective you will take, but if you want someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off of then whenever you get around to working on it you can pm me
  9. Zika

    there's a little something going on the news today have you heard about this? have you seen this? have you heard about this? oj....... *crowd audibly gasps with anticipation* .....simpson *crowd doubles over with laughter*
  10. what is political correctness and why is it bad?

    phillyb made a post in the main forum that made me wonder: is the restraint that cam shows re: racism in the nfl and sports media an example of political correctness? seems better than anything offered up in this thread tbh
  11. Rand is out

    ron paul was very consistent when it came to his idea of the constitution and his idea of liberty but in practice he was very much "liberty for me, none for thee"; in other words, he was a typical libertarian. couple that with his abhorrent social views and he was what he was: an irrelevant, hateful old man who railed against "career politicians" while making millions in his decades spent as a politician, bilking countless gullible, impotent white supremacists out of their retirement funds. pretty nice gig if you can get it. too bad his son was too incompetent to ascend ron's throne of poo. ron literally hates rand and it's hilarious lol
  12. Zika

    hey everybody, what's the deal with airline food????
  13. Rand is out

    rand wasn't any more serious about the presidency than his father. it's always been a money making scheme for the pauls. he may now be "out" but he was never actually "in" imo
  14. Zika

    zima was discontinued in the united states 8 years ago. very timely reference, pstall.
  15. what is political correctness and why is it bad?

    can you give a couple examples?