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  1. google larry davis added a post in a topic The GOP will not win another election.   

    you both are simply fishing for ad hominem ammunition, as rodeo previously noted. it's very transparent. your profession, from where you draw a paycheck, is in fact relevant to your stupid ideology. you have somehow managed to safely compartmentalize your career as a tax man away from your hate boner for taxes and the services which they fund. you on the other hand have decided i am a prostitute because idk, it makes you feel better about yourself? is this a normal response to cognitive dissonance? maybe so. it seems like many austrians find themselves on the dole, from politicians like rand paul to "academics" (using this term very loosely) at universities that are funded by the public both directly and through heavily subsidized federal loans. funny, isn't it?
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  2. google larry davis added a post in a topic The GOP will not win another election.   

    dear dumbass,
    im not attacking his profession. im attacking a baby brained ideology that somehow allows a person to compare universal healthcare to slavery but to also literally be the tax man. imo we need tax men for all sorts of government services and it's a good thing that the profession exists. how you could confuse the position from which i argue with "attacking others professions" is beyond me. it all sounds very, very stupid. given who im replying to, it sounds about right. please, please stop wasting my time by cheerleading for idiots. put away the pom poms.
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  3. google larry davis added a post in a topic Ashley Madison scam: only 12000 of 5.5 million female profiles were real   

    a friend of a friend used ashley madison to get men to pay for her college and bills. it sounded pretty unbelievable at the time but knowing now that she may have had the only active profile in north carolina, im sold
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  4. google larry davis added a post in a topic Should Bernie throw in the towel?   

    bernie is running an issues campaign so his electability is immaterial
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  5. google larry davis added a post in a topic G. Edward Griffin - The Collectivists Conspiracy   

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  6. google larry davis added a post in a topic Ben Carson just blasted "Black Lives Matter"   

    why are these "b-b-but where are the fathers???" arguments only invoked when we talk about poor outcomes in minority communities? what about white dads? why do white people consistently see better outcomes across a wide spectrum of variables? do white dads just value family more? or are white families less likely to fall victim to a cuckolding government? you're talking about culture and dressing it up in a way to fit your preferred social and political ends. good day sir
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  7. google larry davis added a post in a topic Ben Carson just blasted "Black Lives Matter"   

    no that's not at all what im saying
    idk, but that is certainly an argument that is advanced not only here but on the national stage. for example:

    the problem im hoping to address is that many people appeal to the supposed inferiority of minority groups by crying "personal responsibility", as if the disparity between outcomes can be attributed to the individual. thus, when a group of these "irresponsible" individuals suffers poor outcomes, the group is inferior. they don't value family. they don't think about the harmful effects of prison. they just want to be cool, with their drug dealing hip hop culture.
    why do i reference communism? this is the state of american politics. any attempt to address an unequal system will be met with cries of "communism", likely because any intervention is a reminder that the free market only exists and functions well inside college classrooms
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  8. google larry davis added a post in a topic Ben Carson just blasted "Black Lives Matter"   

    i've been thinking about this and i don't want to set up some sort of false trilemma but i think when we look at poor outcomes in groups of people relative to others, we are forced to choose from the following explanations (individually or a combination):
    1) random chance. no need to bother with discussions re: "systems" (do you like the scare quotes here?) or personal responsibility. it's just a weird statistical anomaly. move along, nothing to see here, just a quirky little coincidence here in our utopian meritocratic society
    2) inferiority. some groups of people are just inferior, be it mentally, physically, or culturally. no "systems" at play here; just good old fashioned social darwinism. the culturally inferior must take responsibility for their failures or face unending punishment. meanwhile the genetically inferior groups are the burden of their betters. some groups are simply superior, naturally achieve higher outcomes, and those groups must secure the existence of their people and a future for their children
    3) people are equal, but impacted and shaped greatly by prevailing power structures. this is frightening, as it contradicts the very foundation of capitalist society as we know it. knowing this, we must relentlessly oppose this line of thought at every opportunity for fear of communism
    do you think are there any arguments out there that don't boil down to one or a combination of these 3 explanations? it would be helpful in my unending quest to force liberals and conservatives to directly address what they believe to be the cause of disparities in outcomes between groups of people
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  9. google larry davis added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    the news says he wrote about the shooting in charleston, sexual harassment, and the voices in his head (he calls these voices "jehovah" of course). also he targeted his former place of work. there seem to be quite a few angles to take this on yet for some reason, surely an innocent one, breitbart goes full on race war. they know their audience.
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  10. google larry davis added a post in a topic The GOP will not win another election.   

    this of course coming from some dumbass austrian school "economist" (but i repeat myself) who is also on the dole lolllll
    keep in mind that there is no reason to believe i am a prostitute. your accusation is unfounded; a wild, aimless "attack" (being generous here). mine on the other hand? known fact. lol. tell me more about universal healthcare being literal slavery, mr bureaucrat. hahaha
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  11. google larry davis added a post in a topic The GOP will not win another election.   

    understand that you're not arguing against my words at this point. no, you're arguing against known huckster rand paul. that was a direct quote. i provided the context. the best part is knowing that in all likelihood you have donated to paul at some point. now it's a sunk cost and you're just trying to weather the storm, hoping that someday rand ascends to the office of the president and reveals himself to be libertarian superman. too bad that's only a fantasy. fundraising and grandstanding is his job. he is a grifter. it's the family business.
    oh and why do the pauls surround themselves with crooks and white supremacists? could it be that they too are crooks and white supremacists?
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  12. google larry davis added a post in a topic Give this man access to nuclear weapons   

    whoa whoa whoa why are these national SOCIALISTS endorsing a republican???? don't these national SOCIALISTS know about bernie?? 
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  13. google larry davis added a post in a topic Lincoln-Douglas debate for Paul and Sanders   

    bernie owned rand on healthcare which was cool but bernie is actually relevant these days and would actually be doing rand a huge favor by participating in this type of thing. i can't see him agreeing to this unless he can figure out a way write it off on his taxes and im not sure if "breathing life into a baby-brained libertarian's dying presidential campaign" qualifies as charity
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  14. google larry davis added a post in a topic Ben Carson just blasted "Black Lives Matter"   

    this is a shitty thread about a dumb guy so im just going to see what's going on in the comments of the video
    some future tinderbox superstars just wasting away in the youtube comments section
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