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  1. The black Cam jersey with the SB patch is the same as the game jersey except with a hard plastic SB patch with a hologram. It was however listed at 120 bucks. The special event ones that I have seen for far less is what I am guessing you got. I also ordered a white Olsen of those that has yet to ship.
  2. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    My love for the Panthers ... Hmmm... So my derrière being all over TV and the Internet doesn't show how much I love them? Lmao! Keep Pounding! Go Bené! Guess there's no sweet talking you out of the field passes tomorrow either ;)  Now if I could get logged back in to my account.
  3. Inside the NFL - Giants/ Panthers
  4. Final Panthers Cuts

    It was me that tweeted it out. Alverez and I know Dean's mom she just let us know he called and made the 53.
  5. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

      Here Here Pie just for this . Same goes for finding a decent slice that is in same league as NY.
  6. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    I will be tailgate crashing in the Matrix D lot which is the suite and handicap lot on South side of stadium . My family has the same people they tailgate with for the last 20 years . If you see crazy lady in a Kraken jersey stop by and say hi.
  7. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

      Will miss it this trip home ( have to be in Syracuse instead) but will be at the game Sunday .