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  1. Playoff ticket thread.... GOOD LUCK to all

    Sorry, 4 tickets for me and the family and sold other 2 for face value to friends.
  2. Playoff ticket thread.... GOOD LUCK to all

    Got 6 together. Nothing short of a festivus miracle.   My method: ticketmaster.com Had two computers, each signed in as different users with CC information already saved.   On one computer, I chose to look for 2 tickets. On the other, I set it to look for 6.  About 30 seconds in (at literally 6:00:35) I found 2 seats together on the first computer. I almost pulled the trigger but was really gunning for 6 together, so I waited for the other computer to generate results, but the wait time increased from 1 to 4 to 6 to 8 minutes in about 30 seconds.  I (stupidly) cancelled the two that were found because I had REALLY wanted the 6... All the while, the request for 6 was still going. After about 7 more minutes of waiting, I was listless at this point because "wait time" flew up to over 30 minutes on the request for 2. The request for 6 was at about 8 minutes. I just knew that I had messed up because I was greedy and wanted 6 instead of just taking the 2.  BUT... the request for 6 finally went through at about 6:08... popped up with 6 together on the 45 yard line, north side. sweet mother of god.