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  1. BREAKING: a player ive heard of before was released

    He's got grit, but is also a locker room cancer. Gritty cancer.
  2. We are missing

    ... a stud Right Tackle.
  3. Realistically, she wants a life that doesn't involve living/working in Charlotte. Whatever her dream was went off the rails at some point. But that's her problem - no need to take it out on the Panthers or Charlotte Schools.
  4. Don't click on any of her articles. This seems to mostly be an attention grab. Going on about how awful it is to spend money on Panthers shirts. Then in the next tweet berating NC folkswho haven't been trekking though the cities of Europe and Asia and think the buildings in Charlotte look nice. Piece of work.
  5. Panthers Week 1 PFF Grades - Offense

    Ed Dickson 2nd best eh? Noted and hopefully a trend.
  6. Final Panthers Cuts

    I remember Fozzy de cleatingChandler Jones on a block in the Patriots game. There are worse things than him being on the team over Wegher. It's a great problem to have - not worth too much worry. Theoffensive line should get more for the credit for our backs blowing up in preseason.
  7. Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread
  8. Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread

    Even the Pittsburgh broadcast is talking about Bryant getting lit the fug up by Mayo
  9. Mayo wrecked that dude edit: yikes and now he's hurt
  10. We don't have a single guy besides Olsen who can catch the ball reliably in the endzone. fug
  11. Buh bye Stephen Hill

  12. Junior Galette in trouble again

    lol @1:12 - the chick that kept wanting to brawl gets a bottle of liquor poured on her. e: maybe right after she gets hit with said bottle, actually